Is this the real life, is it just fantasy?

OK, we’ve had far too much of me, and my job hunting, and apartment hunting of late, so lets do something different tonight?

I don’t generally game a lot, other than the odd silly game of 8, and 9 ball pool, on Miniclip, and thats about it. In the dim, distant past, early this century, I did do a little more, but even then, I dont think Tiger Woods Golf, or World Snooker games ever came close to the edge of cutting gaming. Maybe they do nowadays, I’ve no idea. If I say that the last Tiger Woods game I bought was 2005, much the same for any games in fact, and you get my drift.

But yes, as someone with great attraction to all things technical, and virtual, there has always been one thing of interest to me, that I’ve never tried, and thats those virtual reality gadgets. Me, I’m old enough to remember when it first came out, had all the hype going, even in a movie, but saw it pretty much die a death. Why? Possibly because of the cost, possibly because for ‘ordinary folk’, it wasnt available in many places, and where it was, it was horribly expensive, and as a ‘Good Yorkshire Lass’, I’ve never been one for spending money wildly. Oh, alright, in that sense at least! Anyway, the hype died down, VR pretty much disappeared, and I thought that was that.

However in the last few years, it seems to have been revived in a big way, and seemingly, in the near future, people will be able to enjoy a virtual world at home. Gaming lovers, celebrate, I’m sure it will be an amazing experience! No, I have no plans to get hooked on gaming in that sense, most of the games created for it, are pretty much not my thing. And besides, even if I was, its still probably an expense I couldnt justify for myself.

But at the same time, would I love to put on those goggles, put on a VR suit, and find out what life is like in the virtual world, you bet I would! Well, if they want to create an experience where a mad scientist transforms you into a robot, then that would be heaven, but anyway…not likely to happen, and besides, you might struggle to convince me to come back to the real world if that was on offer lol!

Yes, this is tactical planning. The likelihood of me getting the chance to enjoy the VR experience in Huddersfield, unless I buy it for myself, must be virtually nil. But why do I think that some designer, testing company or something similar would be in the LA area (there, pretty much all of October), and in the rash chance that they want to make my dream come true, then let me know, and let me discover what the virtual world is like, even if its only for a short time, please! In terms of what I get to enjoy, I dont care. If its a game situation, I probably wouldnt last long, but I guess it can always be reset, for a little longer?

Personally, if someone wants to devise a situation where I’m in a mad scientists lab, for whatever reason, then yes, would be heaven. Even more so, if something interesting virtually happened to my mind and body! But in all honesty, before I get too old, I just want to see what its like. So, if someone reading this can arrange it, or know someone that can, then please let me know. Only want it once, unless you want to offer more, in which case, I wont say no!

Right, the video. As can be gathered, there is a clue in the blog title. Its not the video though, its a live version, though the intricate middle section isnt performed live, as such. Oh, and another good reason for it, its Freddie Mercury’s birthday, he would have been 69 today, if alive. He was never going to make it this far though, lets face it.