We’re the (LGBT) kids in America!

And now ‘we’ can get married in all 50 states! Yes, I know the news has been out a little while, but due to various matters, I havent had the chance to comment until now. And besides, on the anniversary of independence for the US, what could be more apt?

I guess the thing that has amused me the most about it, is the people threatening to move to Canada, because of the decision, the only thing being, Canada changed their rules about 10 years ago! Russia might welcome them…oh, maybe not? 😉

Personally, I have no plans to take up the offer, mainly because of my age, my total lack of interest in sex (hardly makes me a great romantic target, lets face it), and after all these years of independent living, living with someone else might be, err, fun, now!

Yes, there were a few states where same sex marriages were fine, but to say it was a jumbled mess, would be to put it mildly. Now, wherever you are in the US, go ahead and do it, if you want to! I only wish this had been the rules for a very long time, but such is life.

As far as the Golden Age of Hollywood goes, there were a few L’s and G’s about for sure, and more than a few B’s too. Most were discreetly hidden away, though by now, its a well known fact about the likes of Garbo, but anyway…

From all I’ve seen, and read, Jean never dabbled in the Sapphic stuff. Though supposedly there were a few Hollywood actresses, who ‘requested’ her presence in their beds, so who knows? However, its definitely fair to say that Jean preferred men, seemingly those older than herself, but anyway…Given that my 1 long term partner was much older than myself, anyway…mine was female though!

But yes, I’m delighted for all those of the same sex, who wanted to marry in America, now you can go out and do it! Maybe one day, someone will want me…nope, I doubt it!

Oh, and before I finish, happy 4th of July, America!

The video, well, it has got America in the title. And yes, there is a bit of a clue in the blog title!

Oh say can you see, ‘Jean Harlow’ arriving?

Well, 10 weeks from now, I’ll be getting ready to fly off to the US again, heading eventually to Kansas City on the Saturday, hopefully coiffed with Jean Harlow type blonde curls, even if I lack for a few other matters. I suspect that if Kate can find someone who can make me think that I am Jean Harlow (and look even more like her), quite literally, then a visit will be arranged lol! On a more serious note, I’m looking forward to seeing the city where she was born, and of course, Cherryvale too, where Louise Brooks was, will be one hell of a trip for me.

But today, in the US, is a different celebration, its the anniversary of the day when independence was declared from Great Britain, and America began its rise to the country it is today. What we would make of 1776 America, or they make of today, I dread to think!

Of course, today is the date on the declaration, but strictly, independence was achieved 2 days earlier. And of course, whether the declaration was actually signed on this date, well, who cares? It probably was, but…

So, to all my American friends who read this, have a wonderful day. I’ll see you for Thanksgiving, an event that has a whole lot more significant meaning for me, really looking forward to that. Fireworks, and the like, yes, maybe I’ll live without that, at least for now, but maybe some day…

Oh, the video, bit of an obvious one!

Independence Day

No, not the movie, just something I’m told that is celebrated on this day in the US. And yes, that comment is very tongue in cheek, just in case anyone was in any doubt about that. I just want to take this chance to wish all my American readers a wonderful 4th of July, whats left of it at least by now.

I admit it, its one day especially in the year when I wonder what might have been if my ancestors had sailed across the Atlantic, instead of the Irish Sea just over 100 years ago. Who knows, I might be celebrating today as well in all likelihood, just a matter of where? Kansas maybe? I doubt it, but makes for a fun thought all the same.

I know, didnt happen, maybe one day I will go over there again for more than a week, maybe a lot more, but as I’ve never been the luckiest person in the world, I wont hold my breath on that now, especially as age is beginning to count against me for working abroad etc at this point. But I can still dream at least…

No, I’ve never been there for either ‘today’ or Thanksgiving up to now, though I know one wonderful man who would love me to do so. But for me, both seem to be family events, and I’d hate to feel like I was butting into that. Also, holiday times makes July tricky while working, and November is not the best holiday weather of the year lol! But maybe one day soon…

Having already used the Star Spangled Banner as a music piece on this blog, lets go for the other obvious one, on this special day of the year. Maybe one day I can get to see the celebrations, either as a visitor, or dare I say it, as a resident. Hey, I’m entitled to dream…

Thanks America, for some great holidays in the past, and more to come, one very soon