Baby, its cold outside

I know that not all of my readers are NFL fans, but hopefully some of you are at least, and others might live in the area, or indeed, both.

Each Sunday, care of Sky Sports, we get 2 NFL matches live over here, one of the 6.00 games, and then one of the 9.XX games to follow. I know, its 1.00, and 4.XX Eastern time, but for now at least, I’m still in the UK, so…

This weekend, the early game was, yes, you’ve guessed it, the snow fest that was Detroit at Philadelphia. I have seen as much snow as that, but then again, it was crossing the Rockies in January, so…luckily enough I was on a warm train at the time! So in that sense, the 8 inches or so on the pitch at Philly, was nothing compared to the several feet of snow up there, but anyway…Lets just say that I’ve never seen a sports event played in anything like that.

The football, well, the first half, in the heart of the blizzard, pretty forgettable in all honesty. Hardly surprising though, is it? Thankfully the weather eased off, and the second half was better to watch, and provided a truly remarkable comeback by the Eagles. But one thing, not a single point (and there were plenty) was scored by a kicker. Indeed, only one extra point kick was even attempted, and despite much Detroit effort (on a time out) to clear a mark for the kicker, conditions still meant it was missed. First time since 1957 apparently when no point was scored by a kick, and that was only 6-0! This was 34-20!!! Funnily enough, that previous time, yes, Philadelphia was involved too, losing to Pittsburgh!

But do you know what? However much you admire the players for playing in that, you know the real heroes? Those fans who sat in the stands, and got buried in snow. Now thats dedication! But is that worse than watching in Green Bay (11F), or a night game in Chicago (7F) this weekend? No idea?

Summer baseball, much more fun!

The video, apologies. Its not a great version, but given the cage, the potion, and the cleavage reveal, I thought this might appeal. And for those so inclined, Tom Jones too!