Dinner companion

Its funny, I so often get the same reaction when I tell people I’m going to the US on holiday, they ask who I’m going with, and then look surprised when I say I’m going on my own! I mean, its not like I have a partner, I dont have that many close friends, so what do they expect? The amount of times I get that funny look, and the comment of ‘Oh, you’re brave’ is nobodys business! And I know its down to that, because last September, when teaming up with Kate again, no one even blinked at the idea of meeting up with someone I mainly knew through an Internet forum, and if they knew what it related to lol…

Alright, it was the second year running, but I got the same reaction the previous year, when I certainly didnt know who I was meeting up with, just amuses me. In fact that worked really well for me, I had a companion most of the time, but also got some private time, which was nice. Yes, people have to remember, I’m used to my own company most of the time, so on holiday, at times, its nice to have the same thing. To be honest, the first time, I wasnt sure how it would work out, being used to doing my own thing, but Kate and I worked well together, and when she suggested doing the same thing a year later, I jumped at the chance. And maybe in September, we will do it again, though not in New England, as regular readers know. And before anyone says anything, thats down to her work, and time issues, and nothing more. Indeed, she’s talked of coming up to Rochester for part of the week I’m there, though given the distance involved, I think she’s crazy if she does. But it would be lovely to see her all the same.

To be honest, there is only one period of time on holiday that I dont like being solo, and thats mealtimes, principally dinner. I know, I should be used to eating alone, and indeed am, but there is a difference between doing it at home, and eating out. Its just nice, at that point, to have someone to talk to about things, however inane, and just relax over a drink and a meal.

So, just saying, if anyone is in the area, or knows someone in the Rochester area, who wants to have a meal, and a chat with me while over there, then feel free to ask, it would be fun. No, I dont want a date, or for it to be treated as a date, just good conversation over a meal, even at Dennys, or Applebees or the like, I live on a budget remember! No, I dont promise to wear a posh dress, or high heels, but I will dress suitably, and hopefully be someone interesting to talk, and eat with, nothing more. No cost, other than your own meal, unless you’re offering lol!

Only thing to remember, for you, or anyone you suggest this to, I dont drive, so unless its on good public transport, or somewhere very close to the Airport (yes, I’m staying nearby), I will need a chauffeur! Given the area and things, I’d love to talk Louise Brooks with someone, but could happily chat on most things if pushed.

No, I wont wait to find a dinner companion lol, somehow.

The video, well it fits in slightly with this, and also as a reference point to Margaret Thatcher’s death this week, as the groups name is related to the unemployment crisis of that era