A major milestone

Sometime late yesterday evening, UK time at least, this little blog hit what I would call a major milestone. I knew I was approaching 30,000 views earlier this week, and assumed I’d hit the landmark at some point this weekend, but then I got a bit of a rush of views, and hit it yesterday instead. Wow!

The funny thing is, this is actually my second blog that I started, but the other, my ‘real life’ self one, which actually started several months before, hasnt even reached 17,000 views yet! Its probably fair to say that this one gets more publicity, because its linked to several mind control forums, and because of what I write about, when people put in searches, for robots, brainwashing, and the like, then seemingly it comes up often in Google, judging by the most popular threads at least, and the related subject matter. Why do I think they’re linked to searches? Because they are about 4 or 5 years old! So no, you’re hardly like to just find them otherwise, lol!

I guess its fair to assume that the number of people who have found this blog, are far, far less than that. Thats because a lot of people look each time, when I advertise the new blogs on Facebook, Twitter, and the like. But even so, to me, and I know its been a few years, its still an amazing number.

Sadly, I know hardly any of my readers, as it seems the number of people who actually comment at all, are barely any at all. So who reads them, not really any idea, which I see as a shame. Seemingly, by a vast majority, the largest number are in the USA, whereas my personal one is dominated by the UK, where I live, most of the time.

But yes, to any of you who actually read this, thanks for doing so, and making it all worthwhile.

Oh fine, lets slip in a bit of pre-publicity, I’ve been writing a book this week, the last free time before I start my new, hopefully forever job on Monday. I know, there’s been a couple of false alarms along the way, but hopefully, this is it. Some might say the subject matter is a bit controversial, seeing its about ECT treatments, but hey, it makes a change to write something a little darker. It will be going to the editor this weekend, and then, when I finally get paid next Friday, hopefully I’ll be in a position to buy a cover, and get it posted up, and hopefully sell a few copies. I know, the money isnt much, but sales are always nice to see.

OK, video. You could say, this is what I am, by so many viewers

A Sat-Nav wearable?

Oh please, that would be wonderful, though I have no idea how you would keep it charged, but anyway…

Seemingly part of the ‘entertainment’ of job interviews, is finding the place where the interview is being held. No, I dont mean in the sense of not being given an address, and having to guess where it is, just that its so well camouflaged that you can get within 100 yards of the place, and not see it.

And of course, given I’m the one person in the world who doesnt believe in owning a mobile phone, I cant just ring up, and ask for directions. I do tend to check these things out before I leave home, but doing that, and trying to find some places in person…rolls eyes.

Yes, its getting such an issue I’m seriously thinking of getting a mobile phone, not to make calls, but to use the map apps! Its a bit of a Catch 22 thing, I dont want to spend money on a phone while not working, and of course, once I have a job, I’ll know where I’m going!

But yes, fine, I’d love a wearable device that gave me directions, or even better, an internal chip that did the job for me! Ah well…

Given that both of the places that were impossible to find dealt with cars, either in an insurance sense, or a recovery sense, this seemed apt. Even more so considering Sir Paul is 73 today!

I’ve got the job application bug!

Its ironic, isnt it? I go all these years (oh fine, 5) without seriously applying for jobs, then I clock up the second attempt at a new one, within a few months. Who knows, but at my age, I wont hold my breath.

Funny thing is, this would suit me nicely, as it would be working from home, which wouldnt cut down the hours, but would cut out all that commuting, and the respective costs. Its pretty much a role that would suit me down to the ground, as its pretty much data work, and customer relations stuff, within the sports betting industry, so… and all at a wage, pretty much matching what I’m getting now, but without the travel expenses, and perhaps more critically at my age, the time related to all that travelling.

No, I’m not telling you where, the less opposition the better! 😉

So fine, I wont get it! 😛 It would make a nice present for the New Year though, to go with the new look I’ll be getting! Or the new Jean Harlow look, anyway! Well yes, Christmas first, which will be fun, even if I only actually get 1 day off over the Festive period.

OK, here’s a sneak preview of me waking up on Christmas Day lol

getting out of bed

Working tomorrow, and Wednesday, day off Tuesday, so yes, one more blog before the big day. Important thing to remember, the true meaning of Christmas, just saying.

The video, well, this event happened 100 years ago Thursday, or so we’re told. So yes, it could only be Paul McCartney

The deed is done

Yes, I finally, finally got around to getting the 2 stories posted up at Smashwords, and through another site, they will soon be available at several other good online bookstores as well.

What’s that? Some links? Oh well, if you insist, and even if you dont…



Will take you to them.

So far the samples have been downloaded a few times (alright, only 4, but they’ve only been up about 9 hours), but no one has bought the full works yet, a moment I look forward to, when and if it happens. And whats more, Ms Brooks now has her own Facebook account as well, though I suspect it will be mainly for publicity, and not much else. Its hard enough keeping up with my own Facebook account, but lets see what happens.

I’m sure the rumour that JK Rowling is quaking in her boots at the news, is totally false lol!

Will there be more? I dont know, these are the 2 I wanted to get an audience for, but there is one archive story that fits in with her style, so if these take off, I might post that as well. Beyond that, unless its an overwhelming success, then time to write might be the snag. But who knows?

The video, well, I know these are ebooks, not actual books, but I just couldnt resist plumping for this one, all the same