A little bit of life, and a guest blogger

OK, firstly the boring bit, its now official, I’m out of a job. I know, I packed up over 4 weeks ago, but the payment of my notice period has now come to an end, so as I havent yet found a new job, I went and signed on to get unemployment benefits today. Yes, I knew it wouldnt be easy, especially at my age, but even so…I was hoping it wouldnt come to this, but the deed has now been done.

Officially, I have 13 weeks in which I only ‘have’ to look for job options in my fields of experience (which pretty much means call centres/customer service nowadays), but after that, I have to look at all reasonable options. Luckily for some, that doesnt include working in the escort field, so men are safe from my charms lol!

Equally (but perhaps sadly), it does mean they wont send me off to turn me into a mindless, obedient robot just yet either. Ah well, cant have everything, I guess? 😉 Fingers crossed that I will find something long before the end of July anyway.

But if anyone wants to make an old lady happy, with a nice, decent job offer, then feel free to do so. Equally, if anyone wants me to be their Marion Davies, while they play my William Hearst (check Google, if you dont know), then feel free to say so!

If anyone seriously knows how to turn me into a robot, send messages urgently! 🙂

Oh, tomorrow, you get a guest blogger on here. Well, strictly I will be posting it (on both boards), but on behalf of a stunning blonde, who died a few years ago. The answer to this mystery, you’ll find out tomorrow! Lets just say, this video involves a very cryptic clue! 😉

I promise to only use my hypnotic powers for good

Well, maybe? 😉

Yes, in the fiction posted over at the EMCSA site, men, and women use fictional hypnotic powers for all sorts of wicked deeds, mostly involving them having sex with other people. Given my lack of interest in sex, I have no plans to do that to anyone, but, bending someone to totally obey my will, oh, I wish! Just as well its all fiction, isnt it?

But little me, using hypnosis to actually benefit people, why not? Well, assuming I’m as good on that side of the matter as I am at falling into a deep trance when the need arises. Or some would say, given how easily I go under in person, maybe I dont even need to go that far!

Yes, in my search for a new job, under the file of looking for something different to call centre work, or data inputting, I signed up today to do a beginners course on Hypnotherapy, in May, in Huddersfield. It should be interesting, it will definitely be something new, and exciting, thats for sure. Whether I prove to be any good at it, we will have to wait and see!

I know how much good hypnotherapy has done me, and if I can help somebody in the same way, wouldnt that be wonderful?

Oh, fine, if it doesnt work out as a life career, and I need to do a job interview, well, I might ‘convince’ someone to give me a job lol! But otherwise…angel…

The only other news of note, given the lack of job by April, I’ve decided to extend my trip to Hollywood to 10 days. I’m currently in the middle of trying to sort out the hotel arrangements, already booked for 7 days, so I can extend them. Should be fine, but only snag is the class of room I’ve booked for the week, isnt available all the extra 3 nights, and ideally, I want 1 room for the 10 days. Hopefully Choice Hotels, and I can sort something amicably about this, as I’m happy to pay the extra. It was a non cancellable booking, or I could just cancel, and book the other room for 10 days, but as I say, that doesnt work here!

Oh, and the other luxury, not quite Harlow class, but an upgrade on economy, will be my flight. No, without a job to come back to, I cant fly business class, I might need the money, but premium economy, oh yes! So, by my standards, I will be flying in luxury with Virgin Atlantic, and Delta. As someone who has never flown anything other than economy, it should be quite interesting, and I’m sure my creaky joints will enjoy the extra space, and luxury.

Oh, and the video, what my poor hypnotic ‘victims’ will do, look into my big blue eyes, and do everything I tell them lol

To Bid You Farewell

To those who know both blogs, unless you want a different video, you only need to read one, bar a few edits to cover the video change, they’re identical.

I know, its been a week since I last posted, and I’m sorry. But today has been my first day off for 10 days, and beyond something exceptional, like last Saturday, I tend to only have time for these when I’m off. But anyway, enough talk…

Talk about a depressing week for anniversaries, mind! The first I want to mention happened on Tuesday, 52 years since the day that Marilyn Monroe died, at the age of 36. Yes, the video is Candle in the wind, quite an easy choice really. To be honest, I dont know an awful lot about her, other than when tragic blonde actresses get mentioned, the 2 most popular names are of course, Jean Harlow, and Monroe.

Whereas we all know what Harlow died of, her kidneys failed, officially due to Scarlet Fever in her teens, but lets face it, all the smoking, drinking, and the like (and maybe, just very maybe, all that bleach on her hair) didnt help her kidney’s to function, lets face it, and thats what killed her. Back then, no dialysis, no replacement organs, so it was fatal.

However, when it comes to Monroe, in all honesty, we really dont know. Officially, its suicide, by barbiturate poisoning, but there are so many other theories to how she met her end, so who knows? One thing is for sure, who she was seeing/dating was giving concern to people in ‘high places’, so her death was handy for them. Or was it arranged? As I say, we will never know for sure.

The other whose death anniversary this week, is of far more significance to me. 29 years ago, yesterday, (Mary) Louise Brooks died, at the grand old age of 78. To be honest, given how much she smoked, how much she drunk, and how she lived her life, its amazing she lasted that long, but anyway…she did! Emphysema, a lot of it caused by her smoking, probably aided the inevitability of dying of a heart attack, but lets face it, she lived a long life, albeit a painful one at the end to some degree, so…

But the grimmest one, and the one with a round number occurred on Monday, 100 years on from Great Britain entering World War 1. Given my recent posting about this, and having given my feelings on those brave men who died, I’ll keep this part brief.

Yes, unoriginal choice, from Elton John

For those who would love to know, the other blog has Brothers in Arms, Dire Straits

Something about the way I look…in November

Fine, I admit it, there is one element of the whole Harlow look that doesn’t appeal to me, those eyebrows. I know they might have been the ‘thing’ in the 30’s, but seriously, I think they look scary! For example

jean harlow preen

But equally, if I truly want to be a Harlow lookalike, and a 30’s girl, well, you have to give them a try, I guess? So…I’m going to need a make up session in November, for someone’s birthday, just before I go across to the US. Well alright, his birthday is actually while I’m away, but we are doing the group dinner before I go. So, thats the day I will get my hair done, my body prepared, and yes, made up for the evening out.

When I went to Manchester, Abbi was quite keen on the idea of giving me those 30’s eyebrows for the evening, given how I was dressing, and what I was going to, but I declined. She wasnt going to strip me of my natural eyebrows, just totally conceal them, using concealer for the night. But even so…However, since then, I’ve been thinking about it, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I really ought to give them a try, once, as I can get my natural ones back later that night, if I so desire.

I might like them, but seriously, I cant see it! If I do, I know someone who does those permanent make up things, and I could get her to do them, I guess? But lets see, err, no? But hey, for one night, might as well do the whole Jean thing! Yes, even the eyebrows. So, I will definitely have to dress in a 30’s style dress, and heels that night, for sure!

But one night only, I’m sure, unless Jean’s ghost mind controls me to keep that look lol!

The video, well it might sum me up that night, who knows?

A bit of free time

Yes, the video tonight is pushing it a bit, but if you think about it, there is a connection.

Free time, thats right, already into an 11 day spell away from work, tomorrow will be day 3 in fact. Though tomorrow is the first day of actual holiday, the previous 2 having been my days off for the week.

Funny thing is, that tomorrow, I’m doing 2 things I swore to myself I would try to avoid doing again. One is flying with US Airways, the other is flying into Philadelphia! Thats right, I’m on the 11.00 flight to Philly tomorrow, landing at 13.50 their time! Ah well…

It comes down to this, I’m tall, almost 6 ft, and their seat space has never been as generous as some, including American Airlines, so I changed pretty much to them. But flying via Chicago, to get to Richmond, downright crazy lol! The other option was via Newark, but advised to avoid that place, so I closed my eyes, and booked up, and…I’ll let you know in the next few days! Philly, well the one time I transited through there before, was a bit of a nightmare. I got the plane, yes, but it was hard work, something I’ve never had to the same degree in Chicago!

Tomorrow, I have 1 hour, and 40 minutes or so between flights. Granted, it seems that generally the transatlantic flight lands very early, but whats the betting that the one day I want that to happen, aargh! It might all have improved, it was a few years ago, lets hope so! In all honesty, as long as I can top up with a decent cup of coffee between planes (sorry, plane coffee is rarely good), I should be fine!

So thats all folks, next posting from the other side of the pond, somewhere near Richmond, Virginia. Exactly where, depends on when I get the time to post. Looking forward to this, and meeting up with Kate again, and the break, so…

See you in Virginia

The video, well, I mentioned this place a little while back, one of Elton’s less known songs

I went to a fight…

…And a game of Ice Hockey broke out. Yes, I know, its an old joke, but for me at least, a pretty apt one, as the only 2 games I’ve seen live both included at least 1 fight!

Why do I mention this now, well, isnt it obvious, the NHL season finally gets under way tomorrow, almost as late as a Trans Pennine Express train, and a much reduced service, looks again at my ‘wonderful’ train company lol! In case you’re wondering, no this ranks no higher than a distant 3rd for me in the ‘big 4’ American Sports, only beating the NBA for me. Comes 2nd in terms of regular season matches watched though, but only with 2, a long, long way behind baseball!

I sort of follow (extremely loosely) the Buffalo Sabres, for my pains. Hey, its only because I was following the Bills, Buffalo had an ice hockey team, and so…Funnily enough, their ‘junior’ team in the AHL happens to be in Rochester, but guess what, their last home game (unless they make playoffs) is the Saturday I arrive in town, so no, I’m not likely to add to my collection. I assume even in the AHL that playoff games (should they make them?) sell out to regulars anyway? If not, I might add to my collection, but…There will also be an indoor football league game on the Sunday in Rochester, but its a few miles out of town, so not sure if I will be able to get there or not. If I can, that will be my sports fix for sure, though. Roc City Thunder, I’ll give them a shout, who knows where it might lead? Rochester Americans are the ice hockey team, being fair to one and all.

This weekend, there are also a couple of more important NFL games, not that sadly due to timing, and an early start back to work on Monday, that I shall see much of them. Well, one half of one, none of the other in fact! I suspect the parking at Patriot Place might be quite full on Sunday evening lol. Yes, despite being divisional rivals of my team, I’ll have to cheer for them, I’ve been to their place this year. Stood outside the stadium, visited their excellent display, and had my picture taken ‘wearing’ a Superbowl ring too. Oh, and saw the trophies too! No, I dont think Kate, or the Patriots brainwashed me to say that, I’d have enjoyed it far too much to forget that lol! Hopefully the 49ers as well, given thats the 2 cities I know and love that are left.

Right, the video, back to the ice hockey joke!

Step into Christmas

Yes, in theory I could post another blog tomorrow night, but taking no chances, lets get this out of way tonight. To be honest, over here at present you probably needs flippers, and scuba gear to step into Christmas, but anyway… Thankfully this isnt one of the badly flooded areas of the UK, but its been pretty wet out there all the same.

My Christmas break, a whole 3 days, and 2 of them are only because of the way my shifts split out lol! Yes, its back to work on Boxing Day for me! Ah well, rather used to it by now, so…I know, some have to work Christmas Day, and I truly admire them for doing so.

No, it wont be a big event for me, but that suits me fine, I’m no longer of an age when I can get terribly excited by Christmas, but anyway…

So basically, I’d just like to thank all my readers through the year for their diligence in following this, and wish them a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year, and offer them a favourite musical piece of mine from the past

Some may even remember I wrote a story inspired by this song


5 years ago now, my, doesnt time fly?

What I know about Basketball

Not a lot, if you really want to know, suspect it could be written on a small sheet of paper, thats for sure. Did once go to a Seattle Sonics (now Oklahoma City Thunder) game in the NBA, but thats really it, and I only did that because the opportunity was there, and it seemed to be a fun way to spend an evening. It wasnt bad, but not a sport I’d rush to watch again in all honesty.

NCAA Basketball, oh please, I didnt even go to university over here, let alone in the US, so…But yes, I’m following the basketball playoffs with a slight hint of bias. If I say that I started with 3 teams to follow, and I still have 1 left in the final four, and given the whole Louise Brooks thing, you may have gathered that’s Kansas. And yes, you’re right, I couldnt name a single player on the team without cheating by using a relevant website lol.

I even watched a bit of their game last night while finishing off on here, but only after the cricket finished, have to get my priorities right lol! But did it mean anything really to me, no, in all honesty. Doesnt mean I wont be looking out for their result next weekend though, I think I heard next Saturday mentioned as the date? But yes, I seem to be getting more into this whole college sports thing, funnily enough. I have wild, and unlogical affiliations, Washington, because I love Seattle, Yale, because they are the first team I saw (college football far too long ago), and now seemingly Kansas, though I have no actual idea if they are the nearest university to Cherryvale anyway! Oh, and Oklahoma State, because I have to stay in Kate’s good books, and besides, they arent that far over the state line from Cherryvale either!

I’m actually hoping to get up to Washington Uni next month, just to walk around the site, just because I love that sort of thing, and yes, despite the knees, I do love just walking, though it does pretty much have to be fairly flat, or well paved nowadays unfortunately. Can you get an unofficial college Alma Mater btw? I think most college sports are at the weekend unfortunately, so I doubt I will get to see any Husky team play though. Might try and find a website, I’m pretty sure there are several lol!

All the same, in spirit at least, I will be rooting for the Kansas Jayhawks next weekend, and yes, I did have to look the nickname up!

The music, an indirect link to Kansas if you think about it carefully,