At this time of year

To the readers that I have over here, I just wanted to wish a Merry Christmas, and thanks for reading all the waffle I post here.

So getting light hearted here…

I did think about posting a ‘witty’ list of presents for people I know from the 2 Forums, and yes, it would have included lots of rope for Jo (and someone to tie her up in it), a picture of ‘his’ stadium for Fenway, a fully functional Mermaid outfit for Rosie, and a few other suitable items which I’m sure you can work out for others. The other Joe would be easy, anything relating to the Cardinals world series this year of course. Heather, currently a new body might be handy, no prizes for her ideal look lol. Mind, it might be one of mine too. There are 1 or 2 I wish for a new job, and happiness for as well. Bruno, a good female Domme would probably be quite apt.

Personally I think they gave the job of Red Sox GM to the wrong person, Kate would have been ideal, and given the players a massive wake up call after September, I’m sure of that! The other option would be head of US Airways, they could also do with a great wake up call too.

Tera, or Wonder Woman (for all she does for others), I’m not certain what would make a suitable present for such a wonderful and helpful person, so many owe her more than any simple gift could offer. Again, I need to offer too much gratitude to all who keep both Forums running so well.

James, something that makes him realise, and accept just how loved and regarded he is at the Garden. Rosie might suggest a kick up the backside, but I’d be more subtle than that. Maybe I just get him an Underdog outfit, to match the one on his avatar.

Apoogies to all those not mentioned, but I cant squeeze in every one on here. But the likes of Allister, CW, MCGuy, Geo and LisaTeez, all of you I like so much. But thats it, all the rest will just have to settle for a big group huggles.

Oh, oops, look what I’ve done? 😉

So, to the last Christmas music video, for this year at least. If this is still going by next year, there will be more, and probably a few repeats! An update of an absolute classic, that was actually first released the year I was born, 1958! Probably why I cant find any original film of it lol. So instead we get an updated version of this Brenda Lee classic, complete with film of a famous Christmas movie.

Happy new christmas to all my friends at both the Garden, and the Forum, and just in case, anyone else who reads this, though how you found it in the first place, I dont know