You can call me on Beechwood 45789 and make a date

No, seriously no, please dont. Besides, that wont be my phone number. But it fits in with the video, and that fits in (of sorts) with the location, so…

Yes, you’re right, the search is over. For better or worse, for crazy or totally insane, or whatever, the sanity break is officially settled, booked, and everything else. And no, not Plan B either! Which is why I can use the location connected video tonight. OK, the story, before the headline stuff.

I finally heard from Plan A man, apparently he no longer owns said cottage, but for whatever reason, the website wont let him delete his advert. Funnily enough, by the time I heard from him, I was booked! Plan B lady also had an interest for a 3 month stay, that would have overrun with mine, so decided to pass on me. I hope she doesnt end up with mud on her face over that, but anyway, not my concern now, really.

So, head to Plan C. 2 options, slightly further out from the centre of things, but very nice places. One, the current renter had just extended their stay, but yes, the other was free! And yes, its not free now! Thats right, however sane an idea it is, and I’m still not thoroughly convinced myself on that front, the deed is done, apartment and flight booked, for a 4 week stay in Hollywood. No one amazingly has yet told me what a daft idea this all is. Now whether thats because it isnt, or whether its because no one is just prepared to say it to my face, no idea! Too late now, either way! If nothing else, the air fare is booked, and thats non refundable!

Whats that? You want a look? Oh fine… should take you through to have a look. Nice, isnt it? Well, you werent expecting a Harlow mansion on my budget lol? 😉 But its got everything I should need though, for my sanity break, and everything else. The oven (and microwave) gives me the option to buy cheap meals, and eat in, at least to some degree, probably wise under the circumstances, as well as eating out sometimes.

Plans, apart from the crazy one of attracting the eye of someone from a movie, or TV studio, and getting employed by them (which may have worked in the 20’s or 30’s, but not now), are simple. Hopefully get to see some of the sights I didnt get to see in April (and there are plenty), see some again (including a return visit to Forest Lawn), and hopefully get some useful things, like writing done. And fine, should I see a suitable job opening while there, I might just have a go. Not going to happen, unless they are really keen on me, but hey, who knows? Would be wonderful though, but I’m being realistic. I’m sure there will be a couple of “silly”, more expensive excursions (Dodgers are at home my first weekend, end of season) as well, but on the whole, I will have to be practical on such matters.

Of course, I might get wined and dined by someone romancing me, but I suspect thats as likely as becoming a movie actress! If someone offers to buy me a coffee, I suspect that will be quite something! But hey, I’ll be in the home of romantic movies, so…no, not really!

Fine, yes, and not just in case someone at the Job Centre is reading this, I’m still job hunting. But clearly, I’m now looking for something starting at the beginning of November. Christmas season might provide some temporary work at least, if nothing else. So fine, now you know.

Miss Harlean Carpenter (I might have been, if I could have fitted the name change in, between trips) will be taking up residence in a private apartment in Hollywood for the month of October (close enough, 30/9 to 28/10), and open to all offers in that period

I will have to wait until I get back from the trip to arrange that, but I’ve left the money in the secure Paypal account until I’m ready. Thank you to 2 people for at least paying part of the cost of that. Anyone else that is still inclined to help, just ask, and I’ll pass you my Paypal account details. And yes, the idea of a major change, and going with Harlean Stephanie as my name is definitely winning out at the moment.

OK, finally, the video. Its a slightly different spelling, and definitely will not be my phone number while there (that will be a modern AT&T cell phone number), but its close enough

Answer me…please!

Oh fine, to the shock of no one, I didnt get that job. And yes, the number of unshocked people does include myself. I even got that classic line again, about having done really well, but not getting the position. So having screamed, beaten my head against my laptop (I may be exaggerating here), and everything else, I decided that I was going to get that sanity break after all. So yes, I checked all the figures again, and 4 weeks would work, or should do, as much as I can tell with pen and paper. In reality, we will see, but the deed is done, I’m going! And that was the moment that the next frustrating snag kicked in.

I had looked at apartments, and had found one, at a reasonable price, that fitted my needs. Fine, it wasnt in Hollywood, but it wasnt that far away, so I enquired. Yes, fine, even pre approved for my booking, when I was ready. Snag was, by the time I got to try and book it, someone had beaten me to it. Still, not to be defeated, I had somewhere else in mind. Just on the edge of Hollywood, a nicer cottage in fact, but a bit more pricey, and I was trying to keep costs down, but anyway…I applied. Now, according to Airbnb, this guy had a 100% reply rate (which could be 1 of 1, of course), within a day. Approaching a day and a half, I’ve had no reply. No fine, no, I dont want you, just nothing. So therefore, after 24 hours, my request expired. I have dropped him an email, in case he’s been away, or busy, or something, to keep up my interest, but still not a word.

So I looked again! New renter, even nicer apartment than his place, so I’ve applied. 4 hours later, I’m still waiting to hear! Still, hopefully before her 24 hours are up, I will! And yes, I spotted a couple of others that would be nice, a bit further out of town, but not drastically so, and made note. If need be, one of those will be next, but I hope it doesnt come to that!

Anyway, now you know!

Right, the video. I would dearly have loved to have found a live version of the original David Whitfield version, but given that was 1953, not surprisingly, I hit a blank. Still, it must be said that Barbara Dickson did a pretty good cover version of it.

Something good is surely about to happen?

OK, fine, first part of the duty is done, I did the interview earlier today. For me, it went fine, but then again, I’ve thought that before, and not even got a message of rejection from the company/agency involved. Hey, half the agencies (or more) that required me to register, so they could put me forward for a job, never heard from them again, post registration. I suspect they got their KPI target by doing the registration, and that was that. Some of the time, thinking especially of a couple of agencies, I’m not even sure the job ever existed in the first place. One at least I’m sure was just getting people to go on a course, to claim money from the government. Given I never even got the course certificate I was meant to get from that course, I’m pretty sure of that.

No, I havent booked the flight, and accommodation yet, not quite sure why? I suppose there is something at the back of my head saying that I’ll get a call, telling me I’ve got the job on Friday, but given its 1 position, I doubt it. So, should I wait, or should I book? Are 2 midweek flights likely to increase in price before Friday, I doubt it? The choice of apartment is made, and I’ve been approved, so just a matter of transferring money on to my card, and paying now.

Alright, in the end, its not a Hollywood address, though its not too far away, just a little way south, towards the centre of the city. Yes, its practicality, and reality, its about £200 cheaper for the month than the Hollywood one which had taken my eye. But then again, part of my thought behind this was to see more of L.A itself than I did before, so its hardly critical. And I can see the sign on a fair day, so definitely not that far away. But it looks nice, its a 20’s building, so it works in that sense. And besides, Jean lived in Beverly Hills, so living outside the movie capital isnt cheating in that sense? 😉

I know, part of me thinks I’m taking the easy way out with this, and I’ll almost certainly still need to find something when I get back, though I will still be job hunting for something that starts when I get back, while I’m here. There is also the logic that 3 (or even maybe just 2) weeks might be enough to work out the mental knots that have formed, but I suspect that by now, I’ve got that 4 week trip in my head…and its going to happen…unless? No, realistically, its just whether I book it tomorrow, or wait formally until Friday, then do it.

Right, so to the video. Given the drought situation in Southern California, they’d probably love a machine that could do this. Preferably not while I’m there, though for the odd day, in 4 weeks, might be fun? And besides, its a brilliant song

At home in Hollywood

Alright, its not actually booked yet, I’ll tell you why in a moment, but if you asked my opinion on matters, then yes, you might as well say I’ll be a Hollywood resident, for 4 weeks at least. Oh, wouldnt it be wonderful if it turned into a much longer stay, but I think those sort of Hollywood dreams stopped happening a while back! But…

Yesterday afternoon, I got the news I’d heard a few times before. Yes, you did really well at the interview, but… you havent got a job! Apparently I impressed (again), but I was up against people who had done that sort of council work before, and I narrowly lost out. So fine, get on with it, check the finances (they look like they can cope with 4 weeks, btw), and get it booked, you say. And I would, but for 1 thing. Yes, another interview. I know, shouldnt have agreed to it, but it was before I knew I hadnt got the other job, so…I said yes! its not even full time, but at 28 hours a week (with chances to work more), I could get by on it. Even more so if I found something for at least 1 more day a week. But…

I know, I know. When they discover about my holiday in 2 and a half weeks, they’re going to give it to someone more readily available. But I’m not sure how soon they want someone to start, given it took them a complete calendar month to get back to me after application. And over 2 weeks after the job officially closed. But another month, from now, I doubt it. But fine, I’m going to wait until Tuesday, or Wednesday before booking, just because…

The good news, I’m prepped. Flights selected, and worked out, for 2, 3, or the much preferred 4 week stay. If its 4, I need to fly out on 29th Sept, as return flight prices shoot up for the Thursday (over £200), and there is nothing for the weekend, but the lesser options, I would fly out on the 1st October. And I’ve got a 1-2-3 list of residences sorted out too. So all I need, is the confirmation to book, and California, here I come!

And yes, thats the video. A 1928 orchestra version, I resisted Al Jolson.

The way its going to be?

OK, fine, I wish I could tell you, as planned, whether I was in work, starting next week, or whether I was looking forward to booking my stay in Hollywood for several weeks in October. Thing is, I wish I could, but I dont know! Yes, I know, they expect me to be ready to start work on Monday morning, and yet I dont know now if I’ve got a job or not, crazy! And even worse, I wont know until late tomorrow (Friday) afternoon, but be expected to drop everything, and be ready to start work, at some yet to be specified hour on Monday morning! I mean, in most senses its fine, apart from the fact that my nails need doing, and because I was supposed to have lots of interviews this week (so far one, plus a registering of interest), I havent been able to get it done. If I’m working Monday to Friday from next week, heaven knows! Seriously, when you feel that you’d almost prefer the answer to be no, then you know that the world has gone crazy, and my sanity is fast going out the window. Yes, the incentive of several weeks in Hollywood is a good reason to feel towards the ‘No’ vote, but even so…

Yes, we should have known today, but then they decided to interview us in 3 groups of 6, rather than 2 groups of 9 (or in theory, 1 of 18, though the room wasnt big enough for that imo), which means they will still be interviewing up until late tomorrow lunchtime, and then make decisions after that. Fine, if we had a week say, to get ourselves, our lives, and our paperwork together, but no, we will be expected to start on Monday morning, all ready to go, despite not knowing until Friday teatime if we’re in, or not. And all this, for 4 months work! Yes, thats right, even if I get it, in all likelihood, I’ve got a job only until the end of December! And people might wonder why I’d prefer not to get the job, and have that sanity break in Hollywood! Just at this moment, thats my preferred option!

Fine, rant over, I’ll let you know tomorrow, or Saturday (at latest) what the outcome is. Just at the moment, I’m hoping for Hollywood, which is wrong, but I feel its what my sanity needs at present!

The video, a bit of Oasis, with a line mentioning something I wish I knew, but dont!

If I get a job this week, should I go wild?

I know, stop laughing, but stranger things have happened in life, and besides, wouldnt it be more of a blow, having set myself up for a residence in Hollywood, if it wasnt to happen? Despite one or two agencies telling me that the jobs start a week today, and everything else, I havent heard from them today. And given that one has done nothing but mess me about up till now, I’ve no great expectations of them coming through at least. I have got an agency visit to register tomorrow (applied for today, need to keep up efforts till after Job Centre on Friday, at least), and the Council, group assessment one on Wednesday, so maybe it will finally happen, but anyway…This is about a couple of crazy options if I do get that job…I know, I’m laughing too!

First one is this weekend, an Adult exhibition being held over in Manchester. Here’s the link

I know, I have no interest in sex, at my age I’m not going to become a burlesque artist, or adult dancer or anything, but it might be fun. Indeed, it almost certainly would be fun to do, for nothing else, looking at the latex clothing, and other fashion delights! Mind, if I got there, and someone wanted to make me think I was sexy, at my age, lol! But yes, practically, if I’m going to Hollywood to live for a while, I wont be doing this, silly to spend extra money. But if I’m not…I might think about it, then finally decide on Saturday morning that I’m not going!

Maybe I should, might spice my life up, but anyway…

Second one would be even more fun, the weekend after, but far more expensive, so unless I am working, definitely out! Put it this way, I dont think I’ll be trying fund raising again, even if there are some strange folk who might enjoy photos of me in latex clothing. At my age, seriously? Yes, the studio in Leeds where I’ve done my 2 shoots are having a latex clothing photo shoot, which would be fun to do. At least then I’d know what its like to wear, probably the only way I will! But remember, I’m 57, and the words ‘Mutton dressed as lamb’ do come to mind. I’d love to do it, it will be done in a highly professional way, but £300…no chance without a good paying job, ah well…

More realistically, unless things happen, Saturday, I’ll be sorting out the booking for Hollywood, flights and apartment, just a matter of deciding for how long. But you never know, I might be going to Sexhibition…stop laughing!

The video, no idea why this came to mind. It is the censored version, but even so…be warned! Not my music, but it could hardly be ignored

Running up that hill in personal life

Yes, as I mentioned not so long ago, its got to the point where the job hunting thing has got to me, and turned into a battle that I need a break from. Well, at least now, all my plans are seemingly sorted out, just have to see which way the wind blows over the next week.

I had an interview on Wednesday, for a job in a travel company call centre I’d love to get. Snag, it does involve some up selling, and I havent sold anything for 6 years, so I suspect I’m running up a metaphysical hill, in hoping to get that one, but fingers crossed. A couple of other agencies (one after a couple of weeks, another after a couple of months!) seem to have interviews potentially coming up very soon in the next week too. On top of that, a couple of possible council openings in call centres, so we will see. The one thing all of these have in common, they want me to start on Monday week, the 24th August. So I’ll need to know whats happening by the end of next week…presumably? And a week today, in the morning, is signing on at the Job Centre. There will be another, a fortnight later, but given that my contact knows I’ll be going on holiday less than a week later, well, I can hardly look while abroad, bit hard to contact me lol.

So, all in all, its settled. If I have nothing positive by next Friday lunchtime (stop laughing!), I’ll be booking that stay in Hollywood, providing prices dont go totally against me in that time. Only question now, in that sense, is how many weeks? I’m still tempted to make it 4, but reality might kick in, and I’ll cut it back to a fortnight. But for now, yes, I’m planning on 4. Cant be any harder finding a job lol! Yes, flights selected, preferred apartment selected, so now its just waiting a week, and seeing, and…

Ideal world, I get a job offer starting mid October, or early November, and the matter solves itself, but that would be way too easy!

Right the video, a real rare gem for you, Kate Bush live! The song, as so often, look at the blog title