I am your automatic lover!

No, seriously, I’m not, and you wouldnt want me as that either, not in my current human form at least. Yes, among other things, I’m 59, and if you want a fantasy sexbot, she’s going to look a lot younger than that! But fine, something happened today, that… well…I might get to find out what life as one is like! Oh fine, I wish!

Earlier this week, on Fembot Central, a request appeared from a TV company making a documentary about the current upgrades in sex dolls, and the challenge of creating a robot, that is almost human enough to be a partner for someone. In truth, I know most of the people there (to some degree, I dont blame them) treat anything like this with deep suspicion, and avoid talking to these people. Me, well, in my current human self, have no interest in sex, or emotions, but hey, anything fembot related, I’ll try to help.

So I have, and did. I spoke to the lady dealing with this research on the phone this morning, and in fact got a whole positive vibe to the whole thing. We spent about 40 minutes talking, and lets face it, I’m not seeking to ever have sex with a robot. Sex as a robot, now that might be fun, but with one, no, I think my days of sex, of my own volition are long gone!

Anyway, the chat continued, and it seems the company working on this development are based in San Diego. So I mentioned that I wouldnt mind seeing their place, and work, if possible when in California in May. So, said lady is going to check with the film unit working out of LA, and the company in San Diego, and I might be part of the action! No, I dont expect to be genuinely turned into a sexbot, but a woman can hope! Might get a makeover, just maybe, and then I could act the part, but…?

Oh fine, if they want to experiment on turning a human into a robot, I wont say no, mind! I suspect more likely the unit might let someone experience what life as a sexbot would be like (without the sex), that would be interesting in itself. To be fair to them, currently its in the very early stages of upgrading sex dolls, to sexbots.

So no, for now at least, I’m not going to say I’ve got that big US filming break just yet, but maybe, just maybe? And related to robots, pure heaven! I know, this is me, but…fingers crossed!

Right, video. This is a recent remix of a 70’s disco style song, and given I put up the original before, albeit about 6 years ago, lets roll with this. No, not sure which outfit I’d rather wear lol!


Just to add, if anyone reading this wants to help, or get involved themselves in anyway…

Raw TV are making a documentary looking at the evolving emotional and physical relationships between humans and robots. We are interested in speaking to people who have experienced genuine feelings towards robots, either emotional or sexual. Please get in touch with Carla on robots@raw.co.uk mid-April 2017. There’s no obligation to take part and all information will be kept confidential. Thank you. (Over 18s only)

Mind Control is only fiction. Right?

I think its fair to siuspect that most, if not all my readers here know me through either the 2 MC Forums, the EMCSA, or both. There might be a few who click links who dont, but…

Lets face it, in many senses of the idea, its just as well that the ability to control other peoples minds, as in the stories as at the EMCSA is pure fiction. Can you imagine just how crazy the world would be, if horny, undersexed folk could control some unsuspecting person into being their sex slave, temporarily or otherwise? And of course you can throw  in the power mad type of both sexes as well, who might only want obedient slaves, but anyway…. As Simon states,  anyone who thinks its real really should taske a breath, have a think, and…

As I’ve said before, the idea of being turned into a robot appeals to me, hey, thats hardly groundbreaking news around here! But equally as I’ve said before, whether I would feel the same way about it as it was just about to happen, well, who knows? The same theory with those girls who want to be turned into airheaded, big boobed bimbos, would they fancy it as much if it could really happen? I suspect some would still say yes, but a good deal less I suspect somehow?

But as a fantasy, yes, its great fun isnt it…? 😉

As far as I know, mind control is still pure fiction at present. There are rumours of various experiments that have taken place, MK-Ultra (US), and various Russian, Chinese and the like, with talk of brainwashing and mind control, but no real concrete evidence. I suspect that in 25-50 years time, with technological advancements that the situation might be different, but for now at least, nope!

I think its fair to say that most writers of MC Fiction arent thinking about this kind of ‘automatic lover’ when they write their stories, but anyway…those of a nervous disposition towards 70’s disco music may not want to click the link, or at least kill the sound before clicking it.


I have to admit it, I do love her outfit though!