So alright, I’ll start by saying that a few might enjoy the ‘in joke’ in my video choice tonight! Those who dont get it, never mind…

Until about 5 and a half years ago, I’d never actually been hypnotised. A few had tried online, but it had never worked. Maybe the focus wasnt right, maybe the fact I had to type stopped me from going under, but anyway…

At that point, I got made redundant, and had to go job hunting again. Now, for those who have only known me since then, you might not believe I had major confidence issues at the time, even before being thrown back on the job hunting wagon! And given that real hypnotherapy is nothing like mind control stories (thought that, to a degree, might be fun), I decided to give it a try, and see what happened. To be honest, the results were remarkable, I sailed through the job interview, easiest one I’ve ever done. One more session, to heighten things a little, and I was feeling incredible.

To be honest, it was a while before I went under again, that famous session with Lex, when I discovered what life as a robot (interesting), and a young flapper girl (much more fun) was like. Indeed, she was so much fun, that ‘she’ was allowed to stay in charge to the next morning, when I woke, making the train trip back here far more fascinating than it might have been otherwise.

Since then I’ve discovered that providing I listen with headphones, and do nothing else, I will go under, proved it again tonight, when I listened to a piece by a friend.

Next up, possibly, in about 3 weeks, I might be doing a past life regression in the US, providing the two of us can find a mutual time, and location, given there will be about 200 miles between us, and I dont drive! Might then find out if that unlikely chance that I’m Jean Harlow reincarnate really is true! Mind, I wouldnt be surprised if he doesnt leave me thinking I’m Jean for a while anyway! I admit, that would be interesting!

If it doesnt, then hopefully one day I’ll find out anyway, would be nice to know. Logic says someone is, and it could just be me, I guess?

As I say, the video is quite apt, and one or two, as I say, might get the in joke here.