An old pair of new glasses

Ha, that fooled you, not giving away the video in the title! 😛

Yes, today I had my sight test, and after all the clever stuff, I went and selected 2 pairs of frames. Yes, with Specsavers, when you spend more than £69, you get two sets of frames, and lenses for the price of one. So yes, I got my very 30’s style cats eye’s glasses, in a blue frame, really lovely for a vintage loving lady like me. I also got a pair with silver/white frames, not quite as round, but very much in with the time, and look, all the same.

Absolutely thrilled, will get them in just over a week.

The thing I really noticed is how much the eye test has changed over nearly 50 years. Back when I first needed them, it was a lit screen at the optician, and you simply read down the list as far as you could. Nowadays there are multiple ways of doing things, and the letters can easily be changed, just so you dont know what they are. Of course, nowadays they have devices that look at the back of your eyes, test the pressure in your eyes, and several other things too.

And to be honest, today, including eye test, I paid less for 2 pairs of glasses, the eye test, and anti glare on both pairs than I was 10 years or so ago, for 1 pair! Just under £170 ($260) in fact.

Oh, and I finally got my hair done, but not at the usual place. My regular lady had to go to the doctor, so I went elsewhere, just around the corner in fact. Judging by reaction from everyone, including me, I will be sticking to going there! You want a look, oh fine. Thanks to Nicole this afternoon for taking this for me, not a strict selfie, but close enough. The curls have died down a bit since Thursday, but you can get the idea at least

Me with curls

There will be even more shortly, after the perm make up top up, I’m absolutely sure. Seriously, its getting to the point where I really do only need the Jean Harlow neural download, and she really could live again!

The video, a song from the year I first started wearing glasses, 1968, though this is a live ’69 version.

A pair of vintage glasses

Yes, I’ve finally done it, only about 15 months late, I’ve put in for an eye test! Needed doing for several reasons, in all honesty.

Firstly, I know my eyesight has deteriorated again, I’ve long since needed reading glasses for close up stuff, but my regular pair are getting less good, for slightly further afield, and lets face it, I’m getting old, and my eyes are going.

Secondly, the anti glare reflection stuff on these has well and truly worn off, leaving a bit of a smear on the glasses, so they need changing anyway, regardless of any sight issues.

So I gave in tonight, and booked it, even though it will not be until after pay day on Friday, I am that practical! Mind, there is also the fact that the only other day off I have before then, is Thursday, when I’m getting my hair done, and nails too. But, in the near future, new glasses.

And before you ask, no, the glasses, or the frames are not genuine vintage, just a modern take on them. Of course, the fun challenge was, finding a pair that look like they are from the 30’s though. And lets face it, Jean Harlow never wore glasses, did she?

Wrong, though this may have been an absolute one off, in a radio station studio

Jean in glasses

And so, when I found this pair at Specsavers…

Well, they make a pretty good match, dont you think?

As Specsavers do 2 for 1 at this price level, I might get a more modern second pair, or another vintage style look, I will have to wait and see.

The blessing today, over lenses back then, they are no longer glass! So yes, I might really look like a certain 30’s movie star when I hit Hollywood lol!

The video, what my optical look will be doing, going back in time

Irish cricket strikes again!

Yes, as regular readers will know, there are 3 sports I have plenty of time for, Baseball, American Football (both NFL and College), and the one that baffles most American folk, cricket! To be fair, I should point out that in fact its currently far from the number 1 sport in Ireland, but anyway…

World Cups in the past
2007 Both Pakistan, and Bangladesh were beaten down by the mighty Irish, and Zimbabwe escaped with a tie.
2011 Not so many good results, but by beating England, most didnt care!

And here we are, at the start of the 2015 World Cup, and we’ve already beaten one of the supposed ‘big names’, the West Indies.

The match started at 10.00 Sunday evening, my time, taking place in New Zealand. Conveniently, or otherwise, I was working until 10.00, so by the time the taxi got me home, the game was well under way. Ireland had made a good start, and it got better. Soon the West Indies were struggling at 87-5, and I was already beginning to celebrate. However, by the time I went to bed, about 12.30, they were 198-5, and things werent looking so good. And though I didnt know it, things got no better, and they scored over 300 in the end.

Too many for Ireland? You might have thought so, but no! In fact they won the game with over 4 overs to spare, a really impressive performance.

In the past, beating the West Indies would have been a cause for big celebration, but now, not so much. This is because we know how good we are, how far the once mighty West Indies have fallen, so all in all, we enjoyed the moment, but no more.

But yes, the Irish are back, to strike fear into the big cricket nations!

The video, a group who were born in England, but like me, have plenty of Irish ancestry, singing about how many fans felt after the game

Oh, and another feelgood moment. Who said chivalry is dead? This afternoon, I was the third person to the bus stop, behind 2 men. Me, happy to wait my turn, and all that. Oh no, both insist I get on the bus first, when it turned up. Really lovely of them, I must say. Somehow I dont expect the same at the railway station tomorrow!

Thanks, guys, though I guess you’ll never see this

I promise to only use my hypnotic powers for good

Well, maybe? 😉

Yes, in the fiction posted over at the EMCSA site, men, and women use fictional hypnotic powers for all sorts of wicked deeds, mostly involving them having sex with other people. Given my lack of interest in sex, I have no plans to do that to anyone, but, bending someone to totally obey my will, oh, I wish! Just as well its all fiction, isnt it?

But little me, using hypnosis to actually benefit people, why not? Well, assuming I’m as good on that side of the matter as I am at falling into a deep trance when the need arises. Or some would say, given how easily I go under in person, maybe I dont even need to go that far!

Yes, in my search for a new job, under the file of looking for something different to call centre work, or data inputting, I signed up today to do a beginners course on Hypnotherapy, in May, in Huddersfield. It should be interesting, it will definitely be something new, and exciting, thats for sure. Whether I prove to be any good at it, we will have to wait and see!

I know how much good hypnotherapy has done me, and if I can help somebody in the same way, wouldnt that be wonderful?

Oh, fine, if it doesnt work out as a life career, and I need to do a job interview, well, I might ‘convince’ someone to give me a job lol! But otherwise…angel…

The only other news of note, given the lack of job by April, I’ve decided to extend my trip to Hollywood to 10 days. I’m currently in the middle of trying to sort out the hotel arrangements, already booked for 7 days, so I can extend them. Should be fine, but only snag is the class of room I’ve booked for the week, isnt available all the extra 3 nights, and ideally, I want 1 room for the 10 days. Hopefully Choice Hotels, and I can sort something amicably about this, as I’m happy to pay the extra. It was a non cancellable booking, or I could just cancel, and book the other room for 10 days, but as I say, that doesnt work here!

Oh, and the other luxury, not quite Harlow class, but an upgrade on economy, will be my flight. No, without a job to come back to, I cant fly business class, I might need the money, but premium economy, oh yes! So, by my standards, I will be flying in luxury with Virgin Atlantic, and Delta. As someone who has never flown anything other than economy, it should be quite interesting, and I’m sure my creaky joints will enjoy the extra space, and luxury.

Oh, and the video, what my poor hypnotic ‘victims’ will do, look into my big blue eyes, and do everything I tell them lol

Could I be the one for you?

OK, fine, to the few of you who read both blogs, this is a double post, so dont concern yourselves too much with running to the other, whichever that may be?

And yes, some of this may relate to today’s date lol!

But firstly…

Last night, thanks to some wonderful people at Bradford Cathedral, I got the chance to see Clara Bow on a big screen. Well, yes, anything bigger than a laptop monitor would be something, but anyway…

Lets say that its not hard to see why Clara was a silent movie star. She has a wonderfully expressive face, and good acting skills. Of the male stars, Charles Rogers (Jack) impressed me too with his skills, but Richard Arlen (David) came over less well, to be honest. But the film, especially the flight sequences really are quite something.

The staff at the Cathedral were wonderful, the organist was very good (both musically, and in person), and they even provided us with wine and nibbles too! All in all, a wonderful evening.

OK, to the silly bit, as yes, it is February 14th, after all! Well, at this point, I’m assuming all my Valentine cards have gone to my work address, as none have arrived here. Right, fine, I’m not really expecting any at work either, but a girl can dream. Probably why I’m doing a late shift tonight, was never considered as a likely to be being wined, and dined!

I know, I know, I’m not the type to throw myself at men, or women (yes, bi), or indeed show inclinations to romance, but I dont remember that ever stopping the likes of Gable in the past!

No, I cant remember the last time I got a Valentine card, nor do I realistically expect to get one in the near future, but as I say, a girl can dream.

Ah well…You might get a shock when I next post on Monday, but dont hold your breath!

Fine, lastly, the video. If I said the name, Donna Lewis, one song generally comes to mind. But there is so much more to her music career, and this is a much more recent number. As I say, for someone, I could be the one?

A beau, to see Miss Bow

No, seriously, even on Valentine weekend, I dont expect that to happen, but you never know! Hey, I dont even expect to be wined, and dined, and if I am, I’d split the bill! But company, at the movie might be fun. Not that I will be on my own, I suspect there will be a good number of people at Bradford Cathedral, to see the first Oscar winning movie, ‘Wings’, which as you guessed, includes a certain Miss Clara Bow.


Its going to be a rare delight, accompanied by the Cathedral organ (Yes, its the only silent movie to win the best movie Oscar), in the incredible setting of Bradford Cathedral.

Its probably one of the 2 movies that Clara Bow is best remembered for, the other being ‘It!’, as in the ‘It Girl’ of the time. For many years, ‘Wings’ was thought to be one of those lost movies, that there are so many of from the silent era, but then a copy was found in France, and we all get the chance to see her at work. Many of her films sadly still are, and probably always will be lost, a hazard of the methods used to store film back then, plus many of the studios thought no one would want to see silent movies, once talkies started up, and just destroyed them!

Many of Louise Brooks’s films met the same fate, and indeed the first movie of a certain Harlean Harlow Carpenter (uncredited), Honour Bound met the same fate. Thankfully, she went on to make a number of talkies in the 30’s, under her better known name today, Jean Harlow!

Oh, the last film I saw out, just 2 years younger, Pandora’s Box, at the Grand Theatre, Leeds, starring Louise Brooks. The last modern movie that I saw at a cinema, I think its ‘I, Robot’ in 2004!

So, if you’re in the area, and want to see a moment of history, in an amazing setting, get there. No, you dont have to sit anywhere near me, though I dont mind if you do. Oh, and if anyone asks, just say ‘Jean Harlow’ sent you. 😉

The video, given the movie, quite apt

One thing I wont miss about redundancy

Well, I guess that comment isnt strictly true, I’ll miss the monthly wage (until I find something new), and I’ll miss some people at work too. But equally, I wont miss the crazy early starts, the very late finishes, and…Trans Pennine Express!

Yes, I know, I might have to go to work again in Leeds, but mentally, and physically, I’m hoping I can find something nearer to home. Might be easier said than done, but we will see. Fingers crossed, and if there are any Yorkshire folk reading this, who know of call centre, data input, or similar openings in the Huddersfield area, especially those that dont appear on the main websites, please let me know. Happily start on 27th April, in all honesty. Could start before, but I’m going to Hollywood on the 18th April, regardless, just saying. Temp work in the meanwhile for March/early April would be good too. Yes, I dont finish until the 28th, so nothing before then!

Of course, if any Hollywood studio wants to sign me up to play a member of the Harlow family in a movie…even better!

OK, personal ad over, lets start on the one thing I really wont miss if I dont have to commute to Leeds, Trans Pennine Express.

I’d love to say they are the worst train company in the world, and I might not even be exaggerating. Fine, somewhere in deepest Africa, there is probably one worst, but in the UK, no contest! Overcrowded trains, which are regularly delayed, sometimes by minutes, often by a lot more, and overpriced fares are just a few of their bad points. I’d love to name some good ones, but cant think of any!

So yes, if my new job means I no longer have to commute with this truly incompetent company, I will not miss them in the slightest! To be honest, the best thing related to them, is a wonderful Twitter site @ notTPE, which is dedicated to their incompetencies, in a funny, and delightful way. Unsurprisingly, the real TPE are not fans, as he tells the truth, unlike their Customer Service Dept. Fine, some of it isnt true, but its closer to the mark than the TPE version.

As I say, there may be some things I miss when I leave the job, but Trans Pennine Express wont be one of them.

The video, a train journey, in Norway, with the ideal Abba song

What goes colour wise for job interviews?

Just a quick thought, as I get ready for another job interview tomorrow (yes, the internal one I’d like to get), is something more trivial than actually getting the job.

What colours are permitted as ‘proper’ for a dress, during a job interview? So far, my record in all my recent ones have been my one black dress. Which is fine, I like the dress, but…is it really the only colour a woman can be expected to wear on occasions like this?

I’m not suggesting a flouncy, Jean Harlow ‘special’ in white, or anything over the top like that, just wondering if its done to wear anything other than black? High heels, fine, even if you are 5ft 11, or the like, I can understand, though I wont be wearing them long on either side of my interview, but thats as much a joints, and balance thing, as anything else.

I know one thing, the taxi driver (I’m on a late tomorrow night) is going to get a surprise when I turn up in a dress, instead of top and trousers!

So what colour, if anything other than black, goes for a job interview? Answers would be appreciated, before 11.30 GMT tomorrow would be even better.

OK, the video tonight is very old, a touch of Cole Porter, in fact. The very original version of ‘Anything Goes’, which seems to not be the thing for ladies to wear to job interviews.

Oh, and lurkers, wishes of good luck are permitted.

Torn between job options

And no, sadly, I’m still waiting on that Hollywood one to play Jean, or her mother lol. Somehow, I’m certain that isnt going to happen!

So fine, I have got one option open at work, which I fancy, have applied for, and sat the test. Yes, it would be an interesting challenge, it would get me out of dealing directly with the shops, but I suspect there will be someone with better football (soccer) knowledge who beats me to it, even if I can knock them for 6 on Maths skills! Ah well…

There is one other, that the management would ‘like’ me to apply for, and have hinted so, but it holds no real appeal, but as a temporary salve (especially given that if I find anything in the month between, I can change, and still get the money), it might end up being the last port in a storm.

But nothing ventured, nothing gained, so I’ve had a swing on one of the major employment agency websites over here, to see whats around, and take a chance. I’ve seen a few, applied for them, but I accept that in my mid fifties, I’m not going to count as prime employable material, however good my knowledge, and experience is. But, you can never tell, so…I wont be putting the black dress away just yet!

Yes, you’re right, that redundancy money, with another job, could make a hell of a difference to me, just saying…

The video, you could say it sums up my attitude to playing off my job options

Oh, and a little amusing moment. I liked this picture of Jean, posted on Facebook earlier today.

Is it me or Jean

And shortly after, got asked if it was a picture of me! Highly flattering, to say the least. I think she was joking, but, when you see this,

photoshoot 8

I can sort of see her point.

And yes, all job applications have gone in, in my name, not as Ms Harlow!