From Kansas (sorry, Manchester) to L.A

Yes, you remember that last blog, dont you? Well, as is my style, after looking at, and thinking about a place, especially Los Angeles, I decided to investigate the feasibility of going there. Well, to be honest, the public transport around there seems pretty fine to me! Now, whether that has dramatically improved in the last decade, or I was fed poor information, well, who knows? But then, that starts me looking at a possible trip to L.A, and all looks fine, travel wise at least. Yes, even getting to Glendale, where Harlow is interred, isnt that hard.

Now normally, when I do these solo trips, I stay near the airport. Convenient for quick arrival after the flight, easy for the flight back too, especially from the West Coast, where early starts are the norm. But, this is Los Angeles, and Hollywood is the target, so…I take a look at the hotels there instead. Some are stunning, some of them are even wonderfully old (with modern accommodation requirements), but they tend to be pricey! A couple of older looking budget hotels, but…the reviews were slightly off putting, it has to be said. But as we all know, reviews need to be investigated, so…I will do so, if it happens.

To be honest, a couple of the hotel chains I have cards for, have hotels in Hollywood, of a tasteful (ie fitting in with the Hollywood image) design, so they have to stand a good chance of my business, if things play out. Yes, it would be wonderful to stay at a 1930’s hotel (or stylised that way), but unless someone else is paying, or I’m offered a film contract (ha, ha), I cant afford them.

So what’s the snag, you might ask? Simple, me, or more strictly, my body. Unfortunately, my body nowadays is in less than perfect condition, stiff joints, and the like. So travel to the West Coast, from here, is pretty much of a strain on it, or was the last couple of times I did it. So my plan is to wait and see how September, to Kansas City goes before fully planning it. But fingers crossed…

Of course, both Brooks (via New York), and Harlow (more direct) went from Kansas (or KC at least) to Hollywood, so I can follow in their footsteps, especially if I do it next spring! To be honest, next September is more likely (recovery time purposes), but we shall see.

But Stevie going to Hollywood, quite possible! Any jobs going as a Harlow lookalike out there lol?

The video, more apt for Brooks, but anyway…