Brass in pocket?

Yes, as promised, by the time I get to post again here, I’m not in work any more. Strictly, I am, as William Hill are actually paying me for my 5 week notice period, without actually having to go into work. So officially, I’m still employed until the 3rd May, so that I guess is my deadline to find something new, and not lose out in the slightest.

I had a lovely evening yesterday, after work, having a couple of drinks with ex colleagues, ex both in the sense of having been made redundant too, or still being there, for now. A picture of me, from that event…

Me, and a glass of wine

So yes, today has been spent doing some job hunting, attempting to set something up for when I get back, on the 26th April. Most of which were call centre related, after all, its what my CV screams I can do, though as I’ve mentioned before, I wouldnt mind doing something new. Ironically, one of those applications was for a rival betting firm based in Leeds, on a part time basis!

The one different role I’ve done today, would certainly be something new. One of these companies that sells foreign currency to people travelling abroad has several openings available in West Yorkshire, so I’ve applied for those. I’ve also (in good time) got the hypnotherapy course, and it would be fun if I could get to combine these in some way. Oh, and hopefully a little bit of writing too.

No, unsurprisingly, no offers of work as a Jean Harlow lookalike yet. Equally, no offers to be turned into a robot as of yet either. But if anyone is just waiting, on either…

The video, something I wont be short of, for a while at least, once I get paid by the company on the 10th, all that they owe me.

Maybe I’m just getting old?

Normally when it comes to getting up early, and going to bed late, I’m pretty tough. All work shift related, I might add, nothing more exciting than that. But this morning was a little difference, hopefully I was just a little under the weather as well, but maybe I’m just getting old?

Either way, for only the 15th time, in over 40 years of work, I didnt do my full shift. In all honesty, I probably should never have gone in, in the first place, but anyway…I did!

Actually, compared to some nights of late, just over 5 hours sleep, was quite a decent amount. Not enough for me, as evidence showed, but anyway…

I should have taken the hint, when I got out of bed, and did my best new born foal impersonation, by almost collapsing on to the floor. Coffee wasnt working, not the early morning one at home, or the two I tackled at work, in a valiant attempt to maintain a decent state of health at work. I suspect it wasnt just weariness, hopefully a bug as well, but anyway…

Finally, about 10.45, quite literally feeling like death warmed up, I gave up the fight, announced I was going home ill, and somehow or other, stayed awake long enough to get home by train and bus. Straight to bed, and about 4 hours later, I awake, feeling hungry. Hardly surprising, it was 10 hours since I last ate before then!

Better, yes. Right, no, not quite, but anyway…I’ve survived since then, though the appetite isnt great, and I’m beginning to fade again now. Thankfully, the next 2 nights, I have no excuse for not getting a good nights sleep, so hopefully that will help. But then, on Wednesday, I’m on a late again, ah well…

The video, what I did earlier today

Getting colder day by day

Hopefully that might throw most off the scent of the video, though some might recognise it all the same, without clicking on the link, or cheating by looking at the categories lol! 😛

Of course its been getting colder now for a while, but today, stood waiting for the bus to bring me back into Huddersfield, I really noticed it. No, not a big trip out, just some beauty work being done, try to make me at least semi decent for the works dinner next week. Facial is booked for Saturday morning (dry skin, due to cold weather), and the hair is booked for colour and cut next Tuesday as well, all done today. No call on whether I bob the hair to any degree as yet, suspect I’ll still be deciding on that shortly before heading to the hairdressers on Tuesday lol! I know that a good Flapper should have a bob, but surely not everyone of them did? I cant make myself look too boyish anyway, I can manage that without assistance as the photos posted here in the past prove!

The irony is, I notice it getting colder when the temperature dips below 40 daytime. Nome in Alaska (yes, one of my weather channel landmarks, cant think why) is already lucky to reach 14 daytime at present! In the past, I used to use this as an excuse to start making decisions on my next holiday, and booking it, as something to get me through the winter months, but of late, the holidays have been planned out well in advance, indeed the next 3 (2 April/1 September) are all sorted out, and just need booking. So why not book next April, you ask? Because there is a possibility of a tweaking to the itinerary, and I need to wait till the New Year before doing anything on that. It will be Wichita, it might just be a little more as well, thats all. 😉

Its hard to believe, in 4 weeks time, Christmas Day will be over! And I’m working Boxing Day too! Such is life…I suspect we will soon get all the requests for prices for a White Christmas at work, especially if the snow forecast for some places should actually fall over the weekend, hope it stays away from here!

The video. For me, this is one of those Christmas songs that seems to sail under the radar, so lets give it a boost