Oh come let us adore him

Just in case some (especially James) thought that I might only go in for songs with a slightly jaded outlook on Christmas, I thought I’d better slip this one in here. Ironically, 2 videos tonight on my blogs, and not one word of English in either of the songs! And this one in one of the older languages of the world, thats for sure. Funny thing is, its the same singer for both, and both are Christmas carols.

Its fair to say my religous background is an interesting one, my father being of Irish Catholic stock, my mother being Protestant, though she changed religions on marriage, as you had to back then, I have no idea if thats still true today though? So yes, I started off as a good catholic girl, though when my parents split up when I was 9, I quickly went protestant in beliefs, and church going. To me, Christmas crosses all religous barriers anyway, and is something both sides should worship, and enjoy equally. Today I simply call myself a non church going Christian, and leave it at that.

Why, a simple reason. When I was in Seattle in 2003, and staying for a brief while in a ladies mission hall (money didnt quite last 6 months lol) for a few nights before flying back, I got invited to a church related to where I was staying on the Sunday for a service. Even then I hadnt been in years, mainly because my work tended to involve Sunday working, so I couldnt fit in by then, even if I wanted to. I used to go to a Christmas service when in Dorset, but that was it, and when I left there…

Trouble was, this service I got took to was one of those ‘fire and brimstone’ type Christian preachers, very homophobic, a major put off for me of course. Ironically, not knowing what ‘type of girl’ I was, he offered to help me find work in the area, though I wasnt certain how, unless he had the power to override US labor laws at least, he might well have thought he did, mind!

Fortunately our paths never crossed again, as I flew back to the UK the following weekend.

I could say that I need to find a wonderful, open minded priest to put me back on the right Christian trail, but some would say I found him a few years back. Not that I really ever lost my Christian beliefs, it just jaded me for a long time to Christian preachers though. I hope one day to go to one of his services, but that date will have to be very TBA at present, all the same. But I know he’d welcome me in, and thats the main thing.

Anyway, no more about this man, he might blush! Who is he, no idea? 😉

I will do my traditional religous thing this Christmas, the BBC presentation of 9 carols and lessons from Kings College, Cambridge, and that will be it. For a non church goer, its one of my absolute Christmas traditions, and I wouldnt miss it for the world. Fortunately I’m not working Christmas Eve when it will be shown, which is handy.

Right, enough chat, lets get to the video, I’m sure thats all some come here for. Well Jo probably comes to see if I mention anything bondage related, but apart from that…lol!

The artist is Enya, the carol is in Latin, though the title of this blog might give away the English title of it. Hope you enjoy…


Irony, she’s Catholic, and if you believe the comments, its the Anglican cathedral in Dublin, and it certainly looks like it is to me too.