Thanks for the memory, P.T.I!

As I usually do, this morning I watched yesterday’s P.T.I. (Pardon The Interruption) while getting ready for work. Yes America, we get to see it the next morning, our time, which does mean it loses some effect when talking about that nights sport, but its the best we can do, seeing it goes out at 10.30 in the evening, our time, in its late afternoon (East coast)/early afternoon (West Coast) slot over there. We also get Around The Horn, on the same delay, but sorry, Tony Reali, this isnt about you!

What they reminded me, on their anniversary segment, was that 1 year ago yesterday (27th), was the first game of the World Series between the Royals, and the Mets, and I watched it live. It started at 5 in the afternoon, LA time, and it was gone 10 before it finished, 14 innings later! Yes, the Royals won, went on to win the World Series, and make me very happy.

After that, very soon, I went to bed, because I had an early start the next morning, to fly back to England. Hopefully some day I will add to my live WS games, maybe in the stadium, but I doubt that, given the prices of tickets!

That, my friends, was the last time I flew anywhere, and on this night, I crossed the Atlantic, for what, in all likelihood, until May at least, will be the last time. Funnily enough, if things go to plan, then, I will be flying back to LA with a new name! In a sense, it was my name then, but I couldnt change the paperwork until I got back, so…One lovely friend insisted on calling me Harlean, even then. Looking forward to meeting her again in May too!

Today, an event that wont make PTI, I finished my training course at work. Yes, I start on my official hours on Monday, which means I can be slightly later up of a morning, which will be nice. Well, apart from Saturday’s, but 4 days of the week… 🙂 Scheduling of blogs will change, to Tuesday, and Sunday in future, I guess?

So thanks, Tony Kornheiser, and Mike Wilbon, for reminding me about a special event that happened a year, and a day ago! Oh, I’ve tweeted, asking for a shout out today, but doubt it will happen! If it does, let me know, as we only have 1 showing tomorrow, and as thats following a live college football game, it might not be shown! 😦

The video, which I suspect may have been filmed in LA (Fallon normally films there), seems apt for what I was doing this time last year.