So what do you want?

I must admit that I used to have the patience of an ‘angel’, and you’d have to really wind me up to get any reaction out of me. Mind, when you did, it was a bit like the Incredible Hulk, and you didnt want to see me when I was angry.

Funny thing is, now its sort of turned around 180 degrees. Now whether this is because I’m just losing patience with youngsters who think they know everything, and dont necessarily do so, or whether its just because I’m getting old, and therefore getting grumpy, or maybe the pills I now have to take for all my ailments, no idea, but my fuse is definitely a lot shorter than it used to be. But at the same time, I dont explode like I used to, either.

To be honest, maybe I had a long fuse when I was younger, because it was diplomatic to do so. If you worked in Amateur Dramatics (or to a lesser degree, school dramatics), you would come across the diva types (both genders), who thought the whole production revolved around them, and no one else really mattered. So those of us not so inclined tended to just roll our eyes, and let them get on with it, and leave it to the producer/ director to try and keep things civil.

I’m sure the PC crowd seem determined to drive me to frustration too, but that could just be related to everything else. Yes, politics is driving me to distraction too, but until I’m officially medically retired, I need to be careful what I say on that front, especially concerning this country, and Europe. I’m shallow enough to admit that if Trump were to offer me a lifetime visa, or Green Card, then I might be less inclined to be nasty about him, but unless that very unlikely event happens (especially since becoming disabled), no chance.

My suspicion is that all the extra pain I now suffer, and now adding in the fact that there are times when my brain really doesnt want to work properly any more doesnt help. But is that the only issue, probably not? Add in a few people who seem determined to annoy me over various little issues online, and yes, I snap easier! Oh, you could toss in that now I dont get out very much, so lack for obvious blog subjects, and well… 😉

OK, tonights video song is nearly as old as me. I dont know if it still is, but for a long time, this was the shortest pop song to ever top the UK charts, at well under 2 minutes! And what are snappy, feisty old women likely to say?