Its all coming back to me now!

Writing stories that is!

This weekend I’ve finally started on the first multi chapter story that I have written in absolutely ages! Its nice to know I can still do it with the time, and the inspiration, I always assumed it was still there, but you never really know until you try, I guess? It will get to the Archive in good time, but given Simon’s rules. it might have to wait until Chapter 2 is completed, and edited before I can do that. For members, Chapter 1 is posted at the Garden for now, though only the rough pre edit version.

Those from the Garden already know who has inspired it, anyone else probably doesnt have to be a genius to work out that a certain 20’s actress might have played her part as well. She hasnt been playing such a major part in my dreams of late, but maybe thats because she knows she has done enough already. I do swear I’m starting to get a few of the facial inflections shown in the Pandora’s Box video, so maybe her spirit is now within me, which is why I dont see her in my dreams anymore!

In case anyone reads it, and wonders where I got the names from, try looking at some film parts played by Ms Brooks. No, I didnt discover them all for myself, a wonderful woman called ‘Heather’ helped greatly with that. Even more so with her help, I know what Louise sounded like, a real nice thing for me to be able to do.

Before my dear editor (James, to those who dont know) gets too excited, the answer is no, I dont yet plan to get back to anything like full time writing again, mainly because of the lack of time. But I have to admit it, this has been fun, and its sparked my enjoyment of writing again, which has to be a good thing…for me at least! This will be 2, if not 3 chapters that will be lovely to write, and not a robot, Stephanie, or technically a Louise in sight lol!

The song, again the Garden folk have seen the video, but for those who havent…

The irony of the group name will appeal to some, but thats Jim Steinman’s fault, not mine lol!

Holding on for…

One of those tenuous blog entries related to the throwaway last line of my previous one.

As most on here know, most of my musical preferences are pretty much pure pop, and quite often of the sweeter side of that. Alright, you need to ignore Kraftwerk in that lol, but anyway…

There was always one song producer that totally confounded that theory, I just adored the big rock production numbers that he churned out, mainly care of Meatloaf and Bonnie Tyler, name of Jim Steinman. Mind, the videos created for his songs, especially the Meatloaf ones probably helped! Another producer who didnt believe in the 3 minute pop song lol! Rock anthems, rock ballads, call them what you liked, but they rarely came in small packages, thank goodness.

Irony of irony, given matters, it seems that Steinman’s own personal pop project was a group called Pandora’s Box! No idea where I’ve heard that name before lol! Not that I really know anything about them, judging by the Wikipedia comments, they never really made it this side of the pond, but I doubt they made a record about Louise Brooks!

Yes, the song is the obvious one, from the hint in the last blog, and the title of this one too. I suspect I will slip in some Meatloaf at some point as well. I might have to see if I can find any Pandora’s Box sometime on You Tube as well. My idea of a hero, well it might be more a Rotwang type scientist than what Bonnie Tyler wants, but each to their own I guess? So, whichever type of hero (or heroine) you hold out for, I hope you enjoy

The first female robot?

Yes, we are talking Maria in Metropolis, some are probably only surprised its taken me this long to get here! In a sense, so am I lol!

One thing is for certain, she wasnt the first to be described as a robot, Capek certainly mentions them several years beforehand in R.U.R (Czech play), though I suspect as they were factory workers, they were all male back then. Plus, thats used more as a derogatory term for workers, not strictly anyone turned into a robot per se.

But then again, when you think about it, Maria as such wasnt really turned into a robot either! To be strictly correct, Rotwang has created a metal robot (though the body was actually some form of wood), and its more a case of he mentally downloads Maria’s mind into the robot body, and it somehow transforms into a mirror image of her. Of course, as any film buff knows, it doesnt all go to plan from there as the robot ends up only causing more chaos amongst the lowly workers of Metropolis. But all the same, its generally regarded as a transformation, even though later in the film the real Maria appears intact, both mentally and physically, and helps to save the day, even confronting her robot self at one point.

So it could be said, that mentally Maria was the first robot, though it was more strictly replicant in all honesty than a true robot. But all the same, whether you call it robotisation, transformation, or just mental download, its an amazing scene, especially with the rings of electricity, given there was no CGI or anything back in those days! I suspect it wasnt real electricity, but I wouldnt put anything past Fritz Lang in all honesty.

As a concept, of transformation, mental download or whatever, I find it all very hot, and would love to replicate it sometime from within that magical box, tube or whatever that Maria is placed into. Its all the more incredible when you think this film was made about 85 years ago!

I’ve managed to find what is literally just the transformation scene on You Tube, which will cut down on the viewing time for some. To paraphrase a Bonnie Tyler song, ‘I’m holding out for a Rotwang’ lol! Would love to fond his ancestor! 😉

A change of direction

Given that its Thanksgiving Day tomorrow in the US, which relates back to the arrival of the first immigrants to the US from here, its time to throw in a piece of hypothetical thought.

Just over a century ago,  my ancestors left Ireland, and headed to England to look for a better life. What made them choose England over North America, Australia, or other places, well who knows? Maybe they didnt want to follow the larger crowd to North America, maybe my great grandfathers had job offers already, or otherwise, I can only surmise.

But its an interesting thought, how different might I, and my life had been if they had gone west, instead of east, as so many Irish people did. Of course, if one set had headed in one direction, and the other had remained on course, I might not even have been born! If that had happened I might not have been holidaying in Boston this year, but living there!

Would I be different as an American, or Canadian woman? I dont know, I’m sure attitudes have differed over the years, musical tastes certainly have, thats for sure. Top British groups have never made it over there, top US groups have never really made it over here, so I suspect my musical influences would be very different. Politically, work wise and other things, would I have been different going through their system. For example, over here, especially when I was a teen, going to university was a pretty exclusive thing. In the US, pretty much everyone gets to go to college, or so it seems to me from over here. Would I have bettered myself with a college education, who can tell?  I might even have been a cheerleader, but I doubt it!

One thing is for certain, I might be used to colder winters than we get here lol! Though I guess that would ultimately depend on where my ancestors eventually moved to in North America, big difference between Northern Alaska and Southern Florida!

I’ve never as yet been in the US for Thanksgiving, so have no real idea what the day is like over there. Well beyond the fact you fill yourself with food, and then settle down to watch football. Of course thats a different form of football to what you’d get over here. In fact, over here the soccer doesnt get played until Boxing Day! Maybe one day I will, hopefully if I’m still up to it when I retire, I might be able to plan travel that way a bit better. Assuming of course anyone will invite me to Thanksgiving dinner lol!

My best wishes to all my American friends for tomorrow, hope you all have a marvellous day, but do remember your brave ancestors who travelled across the ocean in the past, especially those first few, now unknown pilgrims who first celebrated this day nearly 400 years ago.

Music video, well who knows, I might have ended up as a

Though not looking like MM I suspect!

The Gardener I know the best.

I do wonder if she’s been pleased, or disappointed up till now by the fact I havent done a focus on her, but lets put that right now.

Now, I say she’s the one I know the best, but thats pretty much because we shared a wonderful week together (of sorts) very recently in, and around Boston. And got on so well together that we plan to repeat the experience next year. Yes Kate, or should I say kbug, your turn has come!

Its funny, until about this time last year I’d never really considered actually meeting anyone from the Forums, but then the idea of a trip to Boston became possible budget wise, due to considerable help from James in finding somewhere at a ‘price I could budget for’ to stay at in the area. Soon after, the idea of having a ‘companion’ for at least part of the week was suggested to me, and I decided to go for it. Has to be said, it was the best thing I’ve ever done on holiday. had a great time.

Kate is a redhead of Irish extraction, I’m currently a blonde of Irish extraction, so all in all…and yes, the craic was super, as you might suspect. And despite any self deprecation on her part, she neither looks, or is insane in any way, as James will also bear witness. Kate and I also have one other thing in common, a great ‘love’ of US Airways lol! Thankfully I mainly get to fly with American Airlines nowadays, cant think why!

Lets pick one wonderful day, you will see why when you get to the video. Normally I go to the baseball on my own, sit quietly in one of the cheaper (not the cheapest though) seats, enjoy the atmosphere, and then go back to the hotel. This time I went in luxury to Fenway Park with an avid baseball fan, and oh my, wasnt it fun! Pictures taken before the game, lunch in luxury, and then take our seats. It has to be said that some of the drops by Boston fielders, well, I think Kate or I would have fancied our chances of holding them. And yes, this was part of the by now infamous Red Sox September collapse, so you can guess the result.

But I had been told that Fenway Park was an amazing place to visit, and thats so true. And the fact that its set downtown just makes it even more so. Thanks for taking me there for such a great day, made me feel a right lady I must say.

Ah, the mention of the word Fenway! Some might think the park is the most famous thing with that name, but I know a dog that would disagree. Sadly I never got to meet the famous doggie this time around, but hopefully thats another thing I can put right next year. ‘His’ emails are entertaining, the spelling is interesting, but all things considered, not bad for a doggie lol! Mind, there are rumours that ‘Mommie’ helps him write them, but I’m sure she would deny that? 😉

I’m so glad I went ahead and met Kate, she is a lovely person on the Garden, even nicer in real life. And yes, I’m really looking forward to meeting her again next autumn, and watching the Bills beat the Pats in New England. Well, alright, maybe not win, but… 😉

The video, well its Fenway (or is that Fenway’s) Park, though not for Baseball, couldnt find a musical piece for that. Its the NHL  Classic game last year, a group singing ‘I’m shipping up to Boston’, something I plan to do again next year, and really looking forward to it.

I’m so saying nothing about the name of the group performing!

A week off work

Yes, just a couple more days to go, then I’ve got a week off work, something to do with having to take all your holidays by March, and not having taken very much so far! Incredibly I’ve still got nearly 2 weeks to take on top of this before then as well. I pretty much always take ‘next week’ off, as it coincides with someone’s birthday here, and that ensures I’m around to celebrate it. Also, it gives me time to go shopping for his birthday present as well. And yes, alright, to do the Christmas shopping as well, not that there is too much of that nowadays.

Sadly, as far as I know, I wont be getting brainwashed, robotised, or anything else interesting next week, but hopefully something might pop up, but wont be holding my breath lol! I am booked in for a massage session on my back though, probably more important at present! Its down to a more mild pain now, but will still be glad to get it worked on all the same.

Beyond a trip to Manchester (the UK one, as James pointed out elsewhere) to do the shopping, I havent much planned in advance, but thats nothing new with me. I’m hoping (weather permitting) to fit in at least a couple more days out somewhere during the week, but no fixed plans where. I also want to try and get some writing done, if I get the chance, but that will depend on events I guess?

Ironically, it might not be mind control stuff, well not directly at least, but that seems a direction I seem to be heading more towards, judging by the last 2 serious efforts I made. I suspect I’ve been watching the OMD video of Pandora’s Box too much of late, because I’m getting a 20’s thing in my head. The video is probably also to blame for Louise Brooks appearing in some of my dreams of late too. So yes, I want to try and write something set then, I suspect the ‘flapper’ look will definitely get worked into it. Ms Brooks, well maybe she will, though if she does, I suspect the name might be changed just ever so slightly, Ms Crooks maybe? 😉 Do wish my hair was longer, and stronger at the front, I’d probably give the bob look a try too, I’m sure she’s influencing/mind controlling me in some way lol!

The video, with much gratitude to Jo, I’m going to post one she put up on the Garden for me, and Heather to enjoy. I know its poaching, but I havent got time for a video hunt at present before work!

New body please!

Yes, every so often I find a problem of being over 50, the body starts to hamd out aches and pains, and I start wishing I could either get a new one, or at least have the current one upgraded a bit. Sadly, fembot bodies are not yet readily available,  and replacement backs arent exactly yet available medically either!

Yes, yet again my back is playing me up badly, I ‘cleverly’ managed to step on an uneven surface on Sunday and jarred it up. I know, my own fault, but thats not really a consolation at present. I suspect the fact that my knees have also been playing me up today is probably related to it, the fact that I’m adjusting my stance to compensate for the back and all that! So yes, today I’m feeling my age, even if people keep telling me I dont look like I’m approaching my mid fifties!

So if there is anyone out there who could cybernetically enhance my back, let me know! Obviously the full fembot makeover would be even better, but as I say…not in my lifetime I suspect?

Or maybe a mind swap into a new female body, now that might be fun! Clearly can be done lol, you only have to look at the following video to see that! And yes, I wouldnt mind doing a mind swop with the blonde in the video, as she was then at least! 😉 I have no idea what film this is from, no clue from You Tube as to the answer to that.  But lets face it, this fits most of my fantasies very nicely, the helmets look great, and the process would certainly appeal too. Does seem the scientist concerned might be looking for some humans to try his machine out on, just need to know how to contact him!

A mind control film, what a delight to find. Only shame is its fiction, not a documentary! 😉

There is a wonderful guy…

Ideally I would have been able to post this yesterday, on his birthday, but work got in the way!

Everyone remembers the 11th November, mainly for some awful event that ended on that date in 1918. But something pretty important also happened on that day in 1962, a wonderful person named James was born. Garden readers at least who read this will know him as well, I suspect?

No, I cant do the whole ‘this is your life’ thing on him, I’ve only known him for a few years myself, so cant manage that I’m afraid. What I do know is that in those few years that I have known him, he has proven to be an absolutely wonderful gentleman, very kind, very caring, and lots of other wonderful things besides. I also know he’s determined to pick the worst NASCAR drivers possible for the contest, but…I do want to know how their cars never seem to get beyond 20 laps without falling apart for some reason or another, but anyway…

I was fortunate enough to meet this wonderful guy earlier this year in Boston, and the flesh version was just as lovely as the person I knew through all the words that have passed between us over the years. Indeed, but for James finding me a lovely place to stay in Boston at a ‘nice’ price, I probably couldnt have done it within budget in the first place. So thanks for that, as getting to meet both you and Kate because of that was a real delight.

A little while back, I also had the pleasure of doing a long running RP with James, which allowed both of us to have great fun, and lets say, be inventive!

I’d love to be able to say more about him, but as that might give away identity, I wont. But lets just say that he’s someone I’m really glad I got to know so well.

The video, well again, anyone from the Garden will get this instantly!

I especially like a moment about 2.30 in, cant think why, lol! 😉

The Weather Girl

Yes, its the latest in the series of little character pieces I do from time to time, well as much as I can gather from Forum stuff anyway. Some might not know the weather girl side of Jo as much as the MC writer, bondage lover, and mass forum poster, and yes, I’ve been told she has nearly as many postings on the weather forums as she does on the MC ones, I just dont know how she does it?

The amount of work Jo puts in at the Garden is amazing, but then there are all these other places she haunts as well. Throw in the writing, the reviews, and the time she is tied up on the computer (pardon the obvious play on words), and I have to say she amazes me. And apart from one or two minor tiffs over the years (mainly over my lousy grammar in stories), we have got on really well for a very long time. Most fun of all is that I have a pic of her on my laptop, not revealing facially, but…lets just say I have a slight idea of her figure lol! 😉

I know roughly where she lives, but no, she’s safe, its an area of northern NY state that its narrowed down to, and no more than that. Mind, I’ve got the feeling that she wouldnt mind me coming and tying her up, but anyway… Jo is great fun, taking teases and wind ups really well it has to be said, though I’m far from the main culprit at doing that. She’s also very dependable, and a really nice person to ‘know’ too.

Oh, one thing I dont have in common with Jo, her competitiveness in fun contests, something I really lack, but anyway…The main entertainment has to be the NASCAR pick threads, though the NFL ones can be ‘entertaining’ too at times. One related thing we do have in common, 2 Bills fans! 🙂

Like everyone on the Forums, I do respect her privacy as she wants it. That doesnt mean that I wouldnt love to see 2 visitors next year from Northern NY state on my trip to New England, and I’m sure Kate feels the same way. So yes Jo, you can take that as a hint! 😉 While hinting on  such matters, yes Heather, I could be talking about you lol! As Kirsty McColl said in ‘Walking Down Madison’, ‘its not that far’ for either party to travel, possibly easier for us at present, but…?

The song, well I did think about the Weather Girls, but given Jo’s preferences, ‘Its raining men’ didnt seem quite so apt. And I certainly was not going to post a certain Rush song, lol! So whats less subtle than a song called…

The song of a mind controller?

Bet that title gets one or two looking closely lol! And yes, this is definitely a case of fitting the blog to the video! 😉 More on the song later, lets just say its not the version most have heard, even if they know the song.

Mind, that is going along with the assumption that your ‘everyday’ mind controller has time for music of course, or whether they are too busy with the sex orgies to worry about things like that? I suspect that for some, I feel love by Donna Summer, or Touch me, I want to feel your body by Samantha Fox would be more applicable lol!

But this song has the ultimate MC line in it, I can look inside your head, and besides which, its more my era!

Though a good number of the controllers in the stories on the Archive are pretty straightforward, sex driven stuff, there are a number who dont fall into that category. Conrad in Max Cumming’s story ‘Such Stuff’ being a fine literary example of that, as he played with Lizzie through several great stories of our childhood. Alright, I suspect he wanted his ‘wicked way’ with Lizzie at some point, though dont quote me on that! Many others have used music in many ways in a story, something I very much approve of. Someone called James has set some very nice stuff in libraries too, I’ll mention that as I know he will be reading this at least!

But when I talk about a song, or music for a mind controller, I’m thinking more of what they might relax to, once their sexual stamina has run out for the night. I suspect tastes would vary from pop to classical, much as the ordinary person would, but somehow you think those with a dry sense of humour might play aptly suitable music?

Maybe some might like to suggest more suitable songs?

As I say, this is an old song, though I think its still incredibly fresh, over 40 years after it was a hit. Even those who know the song may not have heard this, its the fuller version, including 2 verses not in the vast majority of versions of this song to be found on You Tube. Also, seeing the accenting seems to be different to the original, I assume its genuinely live. I loved this song back in the sixties, even if its fair to say that a young child had less comprehension of the lyrics then, than she has now.

I hope others will enjoy this song as much as I do