We wont need no education!

But no, before you ask, the video isnt Pink Floyd! Lol!

Beyond a few special people, most of my finds on Facebook, and Twitter nowadays tend to come down to pot luck! Those near the top when I look in, or on those ‘you may have missed’ feeds on Twitter, which I guess play to my favorites anyway? So yes, nowadays, the random ones tend to be the ‘pot luck’ factor, of being near the top when I log in, and yes, the Tweet that led me to this was one of those.


Yes, I would love to have that done to me, but I guess that will surprise no one? Yes, wouldnt it be so much easier if we could learn new information in life, by a method like this? I know, there are plenty who would say no, but me, I couldnt learn enough that way, believe me!

And for people like me, its not just the complex stuff (though it would be very handy for that) that I’d love to learn that way, but yes, maybe I could get my head around the metric measurement system used generally here in Europe now, as opposed to the good old Imperial system that I grew up with, and thankfully the US still uses! I can cope when they are all in the same unit, but when you get questions, and one measurement is in millimeters, another in centimeters, and others in meters, yes, my brain goes to mush! I know, feet, yards, and miles are more complex, but at least I’ve grown up with them all my life.

So, if something could upload this knowledge into my mind, by brain stimulation, using electricity, yes, win, win for me! So yes, if those scientists want someone they can try all that out on, and they can even make it a lengthy process if they wish, feel free to let me know! Oh fine, the longer the process, the better, but… 😉

Right, video time. They say this is rare, and they’re right, Gary Numan smiles, thats rare! Oh, and a very young Billy Currie trying to look cool too!

A new way of learning languages

Yes, a blog inspired by a Facebook passing of words, with a company I’ve followed for a while, where whoever does their social media, seems a good person. Hager Group, stand up, and be proud.

They are a group who design and create equipment for electrical installations, a subject matter of no interest to me whatsoever. Yes, that comment is very tongue in cheek, though maybe the type of electrical installation I’d like to be connected up to, isnt one that they design lol!

In the last few days, they’ve actually been advertising for staff on Facebook, the snag for me being that none at present are available in the UK. Plenty in France, and Germany, but I’ve never learnt German in my life, and its about 40 years since I used French on any sort of basis. Frustrating, I know, but such is life at present, I guess? But yes, wouldnt it so appeal to me, in so many ways, if I could just get a neural download, in either, or both languages, and get a job that way? I know, give it another 20 years or so, and you probably will, but for now…

Oh, and fine, I might be one of very few people in the world who would really enjoy that being downloaded into their mind, but besides all that…As they told me, I dont have to go ‘into the Matrix’ to get a job with them, though I wouldnt mind doing so, all the same. Fine, I’ve sent my CV to them, on a chance basis, in case any UK jobs come up, but for now…

Also, given the current imbalance in what jobs people can do, and what jobs people are needed to do, wouldnt it be great if I could be trained in that way for a new career? 😉

Oh, I’ve got an interview on Thursday, another call centre job, hopefully, assuming I get it, it works out better than the last one, which I’m trying to forget! No, I’m sure its not my dream job, but I’m not sure what is at the moment. Well, mad scientist’s guinea pig, but beyond that…

Oh fine, you know me, any excuse to play some OMD. I guess this fits in more with forgetting the last awful job, but its fair to say that the same machine that makes you forget everything, would be the one to reeducate you as well. Interesting combo, the extended Part 1, the normal length Part 2, and the much less heard parts 3 and 4, far shorter than the others. Just listen to as little, or as much as you wish.

And yes, if anyone does know of a way to brainwash, upgrade my thoughts, or both, let me know, I’d love the whole journey! 😉

(Part 1 is the best, but part 3 especially sounds like a brainwashing machine being used, so…)

Never too old to study?

Its fair to say, that at 57, I had assumed my days as a student were well and truly over. Given the last examination I took, was in 1976 ( An A grade in Accounts O Level), a reasonable conclusion, you might say. Yes, I am that old, and it has been that long!

Thats right, GCE (as they were back then) O Levels is as high a standard of education as I own, as I had to go out to work as soon as I’d finished my O Levels at school, in 1974 (the last one was at a local college, night course), as my mother was a single parent, so it was fait accompli.

Its why it took me 29 years to do what most do in their gap year after school to travel, and see a bit of the world (several months in the US), because it was only at that point (after her death) that I was able to take some time out, and do it! Apart from a Christmas seasonal job, I’d had to stop work for a while, so it seemed the obvious time to do it.

But study again, at my age (even then I was 45), seriously, no! Until now!

Its fair to say that while I was working, any thoughts of studying were put on the back burner, as I was earning money, had a settled life, and all that, until recently, when I was made redundant. A friend posted about an open evening, at a seminary, in the US, and studying there. I joked I was too old, but he disagreed. And yes, it struck me what a wonderful move that would be, both personally, and religiously. But the complexities of needing degrees, and the acceptance of me being allowed to study in the US made that all a bit of a step too far.

As people also know, I have a bit of an interest in science matters, especially anything involving electrics, though most of what I’ve written about until now has been purely fiction, though I suspect that in the next 20 years or so, some of it will become science fact! But when a Twitter contact mentioned an open day, at his university, for courses on Electrical Engineering, I again said I’d love to do that, if I was younger. Again I get told that you’re never too old for these things!

So now I’m considering going to an open day, in a fortnights time, and signing up for a foundation course in Electrical Engineering. Who knows, even at my age, maybe I can really make something of myself? Wouldnt that be something?

Well, it would certainly be something different, which is what I wanted, for sure! And no problems with working, and living in the UK either! Fine, I’ll check the trains! 😉

The video, a live version of a very obvious song! (To say, video includes strobe lighting)