You know how to please me?

Let me say that I’m currently on a bit of a subject drought for these, now I’m doing 3 a week, instead of 2, so if anyone has any suitable ideas for subjects they’d like me to discuss (excluding anything UK politics related), feel free to either post in comments here, or send them to , and if they appeal, I might just go with them!

This morning I got to see last nights baseball game between LA Angels, and Kansas City in the latter city. To say the weather was interesting for baseball would be putting it mildly. It would be fair to say that the second half of the game was played, quite literally in a snowstorm! Mind, its not exceptional, as apparently recently, a game there at the beginning of May had the same issue! They did get through, but you couldnt see a lot of anyone’s faces, shall we say? πŸ˜‰

In truth, only a matter of just over a fortnight into the season, and lots of games have been postponed due to the weather. To say this hasnt been helped by the fact that the season started even earlier this year, to try and give more rest days for the players during the season, but in truth, a good number of these have come after the season would normally have started too. Snag is, now all these extra built in rest days for some teams arent going to happen, because of making up all their lost games in the future.

Of course, if sanity had prevailed, the MLB should have scheduled most of the games for the first couple of weeks away from the ‘frozen north’, though I guess that would have then caused issues late in the season for the warmer weather teams in having no home game revenues later in the season as they tried to compensate. But yes, seriously, games in Detroit, Minneapolis and Cleveland at the beginning of April, oops! You may have noticed Toronto missing from this list, which is even colder, but of course has a stadium that can shut a roof, and solve climate issues that way!

But yes, believe me, you wouldnt get me at a baseball game in a snow storm! Only once have I been to a game where the temperatures couldnt get out of the low 40’s, but that was minor league, in Rochester, in April! That was more than enough. Oh, 4 of their first 5 games, cancelled due to the weather!

Ah well, Seattle will hopefully be warmer, and besides, they have a retractable roof, so I should be fine this year. Famous last words!

Right, video time. Some live glam rock from the 70’s! Yes, its hard to find film from those days, has to be said. So who wants to Skweeze me, lol?


An apt winter coat

Oh fine, I took a look at the title of the blog, and I thought that, just for once, I should write something with relevance to that. Hopefully the levity will amuse some, though if anyone wants to design me a winter coat like this, I wouldnt say no!

A coat I’ve always fancied owning, but have never bought (only once saw one in a charity shop, and that was 3 sizes too small for me), unsurprisingly, is one of those puffa/puffer (both spellings work on Google) jackets in metallic silver. I know, pay the proper price, and just buy one, but thats not really my style, when you can get a pretty new, winter coat in a charity shop for a fraction of the real price!

In truth, of course, said jacket wouldnt be long enough for a robot wannabee like me, if I was being honest. I’d ideally love one that was full length, or at least went down to knee area, instead of waist. No, as far as I know, they dont exist! Oh, and of course, with a full head hood as well! πŸ˜‰

Currently I’d prefer it either thermally lined, or electrically warmed, but maybe thats just getting greedy? Oh, and gloves to match, of course, as an added extra! Maybe a matching silver mask might be a little over the top lol? Fun though, all the same!

But yes, if anyone knows of a nice warm, full length, metallic silver coat, please let me know. Even Miss Miserly of Yorkshire might add to her budget for that, within reason! πŸ˜‰ Mind, I suppose now, by the time I get it, winter might be over, but even so…?

OK, video time. Well, in truth, I couldnt think of anything apt. So lets roll with something silly, that I’m never, ever going to fit into a blog in the normal fashion. It shows my age that I remember when this first came out. Let me add that neither the singer, or the guy miming here (they were different people) were named Jack Smith. The guy miming, is Bill Moeller. The person who whistled the song, take your choice from about half a dozen people, but none was Moeller!

I believed in Father Christmas?

Indeed, if you believed the idiots doing the long range weather forecasts 2 months ago, we should now be in the middle of continuous snow, from mid November, until mid March. Yes, we had a little bit of snow, briefly, but that was it! The irony is that this is about the 4th winter in a row that they have forecast Arctic conditions for months on end. We could still have some yet, but I wont hold my breath!

So this is it, the last post before Christmas Day. The rest of the week will include the traditional review of the year, though it might get a bit unbalanced, as a lot more happened in the last 4 months, than in the first 8, so it will probably end up being split that way. There will also be the traditional look forward piece, all the things I’m expecting to happen, a few that could happen (some more unlikely than others), and a few that would be fun, but almost certainly wont happen! So yes, a dreamed of, alien abduction might just appear in that last section lol!

Well, I know of 2 presents, one that I specifically requested when asked for, and one because we were expected to open our ‘Secret Santa’ presents at work. Beyond that, no idea! Nothing dramatic, I’m sure. Definitely safe to say no alcohol this year. A maxi length flapper style dress would be fun, but given that no one has asked my clothes sizing, I’m pretty sure thats not coming. Not that flappers did maxi length dresses, but I’m not 20 something any more! Was I ever, lol? Oh well, maybe I should just go for it, and not care?

So yes, Santa, if you want to arrange for me to wake up in the morning, as a young lady, with a cute figure, looking just like Clara Johnson in her twenties, it would be much appreciated

Oh, and lastly, it seems that I’m going to reprise the Elf role quite quickly, tomorrow in fact, for a young lady visiting here at present. Wasnt my planned outfit for tomorrow, but will sure be fun, all the same.

So, at this point, I’ll take the opportunity to wish all my readers, a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or Seasons Greetings, whichever you prefer. Yes, thats definitely the Civil Service neutrality option lol. Tonights video is probably my favorite Christmas song, probably because its not your usual saccharine effort, just the opposite in fact. Sadly, Greg Lake is no longer with us, but thats no reason not to play this live version, all the same.

I hope you get the Christmas you deserve! πŸ˜‰

A Winter Wonderland?

Yes, I know a few people who were hit by the snow storm over the weekend, on the East Coast of the US. Thankfully, as far as I know at least, all are fine. As an added treat, Storm Jonas is now heading for the UK, but thankfully (I think?) by the time it gets here, having crossed the Atlantic and all, it wont be snow that hits us, it will be rain. Mind, given how flooded some areas have been in Yorkshire, I’m not sure that a possible 4 inch dump of rain is necessarily a good thing?

I have seen several feet of snow on the ground before. Thankfully, I was on a nice warm train, crossing the Rockies in the winter of 2003. And by the time I got off the train briefly, in North Dakota, it wasnt snowing, but was exceedingly cold! Minus 25F, dont ask me what that is in centigrade, but its cold. But of course, much of the snow had been swept off the platform, so all was fine.

Thats not to say I havent been out in a snow storm, because I have. November 2014, in Albany, I experienced a snow storm where 11 inches of the stuff was dumped on the city. Do you know what, the buses kept running, though admittedly, that was down a main road, I’m not sure if it was the same on lesser routes, but…they were used to it, nothing ground to a halt, unlike when we have more than an inch over here, probably less!

I’ve seen pictures of New York, I’ve also seen pictures of more rural areas, and the way the snow built up, is quite amazing. Yes, I know, public transit was stopped in places, roads were closed in a few too, but I do think that was wise on the whole.

Who, me, I prefer California weather, I think. Last night I was watching the golf, from Palm Springs, much more my kind of weather lol!

Given that one dear friend on Long Island, said he would do nasty things to anyone singing ‘Let It Snow’, I thought I’d better choose something else for the video tonight, so you can have this Doris Day track instead.

Shopping with ‘Jean’, and other tales of the last 2 days

So fine, picking up from where I left off last time around.

Yesterday morning, at 11.00, I was picked up from my hotel by S, and whisked back to Worcester, to catch the bus back to Albany. Another entertaining chat en route, which led to me discovering that in fact ‘Jean’ was still in my head, and just needed releasing, to make a show. First S did it, just to sort things out between him, her, and me. More correctly, him, my sub concious and me, but that’s just nit picking. Next thing I know, I’m told to do it for myself, and lo and behold, here’s Jeannie!

But before anyone gets any ideas, there are only 2 people that can wake her up, S, and me! Carla is safely tucked away though, before anyone thinks otherwise.

So fine, I’ve quickly discovered that there is a firm that makes Trans Pennine Express look punctual, and that’s Greyhound buses! Anyway, we finally get away from Worcester about 20 minutes late, and head for the Mass Pike, and the journey home. Big snag, accident on the Mass Pike, was a crawl (or slower) for the first 10 miles, and we finally reached Albany 2.5 hours late! Consolation, the most wonderfully sweet taxi driver on the way home, lovely guy, got a better tip than I normally would give, for sure!

Fine, it was well publicised on the news, and on websites that Albany was going to get hit by a big snow storm about the middle of today. So fine, I went out early, and not far, to a nearby Mall. Alright, time for a little fun, I let ‘Jean’ go shopping instead. Now, that was fun! Main moment of amusement, well it seems that Jean possesses quite a Kansas accent. Slightly combined with my own, but predominantly…

Fun moment, when I mentioned about flying back to the UK to one of the cashiers, given my Kansas accent, she asked me when I moved to the UK. I muttered some random year, and just left it at that! Alright, I did think about getting my sub concious to swap me back, change accents totally, (and huskiness of voice) and confuse her, but I’m a good girl, so I didnt.

By the time I got back out of there, the snow was in free fall, with plenty on the ground. Sadly this morning, I’d lived up to my blonde reputation, and only gone out in shoes, and a medium ‘strength’ coat, instead of boots and anorak. I knew it was coming, so why I did that…no idea?

Its different, seeing so much snow, when its only November. The last time I saw this, was about 2000, in Kirkenes, Norway, and thats the other side of the Arctic Circle! Mind, that was the beginning of November, not the end, so…

Right, you’re now up to date, and no, despite the clearness of the roads at least, I’ve decided to forego the Ice Hockey match in town tonight. I’m not the biggest fan of the sport, but if the weather had been good, I might well have gone. But now…

The video, sums up today’s weather really.

A Somerset island

No, not a genuine one, as in the Arthurian legends, even though many believe that Glastonbury, and the area surrounding it, could have been Arthur territory. But there are other claims for that title, and anyway, that isnt what this is about, so…

To say the weather this winter has been wild, would be putting it mildly. Lets face it, friends in Atlanta, and Alabama are facing snow and ice at present, and thats not normal! Oh, and Atlanta has coped with it even worse than the UK, and thats saying something! Funnily enough, we’ve hardly seen any snow here yet this winter, but even with a day to spare, this is officially the wettest January in the UK, ever! Well, since records have been kept, but besides that…its been wet!

When I lived in, and around Yeovil, in Somerset between ’83, and ’99, I used to go visit a friend in Taunton, about once a month or so. When I moved away, I lost touch, and given (I’m estimating now) that I think he would be 95 by now, if still alive, I suspect he’s dead anyway. To get there, I would catch the hourly bus from Yeovil, winding through the countryside, until we reached Taunton. We passed near to a place called Muchelney, en route, not that you would have heard of it, unless you’re from the area. Its a smallish village on the Somerset levels, or well, normally it is. Currently, and pretty much for the whole of January, its been cut off from the outside world, by flooding. Thorne, another nearby village is pretty much a ghost town, for the same reason.

I suspect I must have been through these places by car, but dont remember them, if I did. But seeing them on the news, as they are, its a strange feeling, even if it has been a long time since I was in the area. The South West really has had it bad this winter, in a rain sense, but those low lying places are really suffering now.

And all the US gets is a Polar Vortex! Seriously, that was horrific too, just glad I wasnt there either, though I suspect (in a sense) thats easier to get through than flooding?

The video, well, I hope Muchelney isnt an island for much longer, though the weather forecast isnt entirely promising yet

Cold for Cats (or Packers at least)

Anyone in the mid west, or the north eastern corner of the US at the moment? Yes, I know its ferociously cold, plenty of snow in places, and you have my sympathies, I know what its like. Thankfully only briefly, about 11 years ago, when I was introduced to the temperature of minus 25, in North Dakota (daytime) and Minneapolis (about 7am) when crossing the US by train. I’ll never say never again, but its not high on my ‘must do’ list, despite my hope to visit Nome some day!

The blessing in both cases, was that shortly after, I could get back on the train, in the warm, and continue the journey. The train journey overnight to Pennsylvania was delayed by about 6 hours, by the time it reached Pittsburgh, I think the line literally froze or something! But anyway, I was warm, and safe on a train, so…

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, with the famous snowfest in Philadelphia, the NFL doesnt stop for bad weather. There is in fact a night game in Philly tonight, and it wont be warm! But even more than that…late tomorrow afternoon, San Francisco are visiting Green Bay, in the first round of the playoffs. The forecast high, is about 1 degree! And no, my European readers, I dont mean Centigrade! The wind chill factor will mean it feels like about minus 18. By the end of the game, that figure will be in the high minus twenties!

Seriously, I dont know how they play sport in those sort of temperatures, but they will. Back in 1967, in a frozen Green Bay, they played a game called the ‘Ice Bowl’, yes, it was that cold! Tomorrow, its suspected will be even colder, eek! But, however sorry I feel for the players, they arent the ones who get the most sympathy from me. At least they get to run around the field, though I doubt that will get them very warm at that temperature. No, the ones who have my true admiration, for their possible insanity, are the fans who will sit in the stadium and watch for several hours! I mean, I went to a Baseball game in Rochester, in April, and was frozen by the end. The temperature then, was 40! Some chill factor (no idea how much), but even so…

Rather you than me, Packer fans!

Oh, and ‘Miss Brooks’ would like me to mention that Kansas City are playing tonight in Indianapolis, and wishes them well. I know, they arent even in Kansas, but…

The video, well, it almost matches the blog title at least. Not just Squeeze, some Kenny Everett lunacy too