Call centre amusement

Well yes, yesterday at work we had a moment that for me at least, was unintentional irony! Being Grand National day, in a betting related call centre, we had a sweepatake on the big race. Normally with these things, you draw a piece of paper, with a horses name written on it. Yesterday, we were reduced to numbers! Yes, just like a machine, we were mere numbers lol! Mind, there are many that would say that was quite apt for call centre workers somehow. I did make a joke about the silver suit and helmet with my number on it, but it went over my supervisors head lol!

No, my number wasnt a winning one, and for those who know me from my writing, and my old identity there, it wasnt number 8!

We might actually have even more fun there tomorrow, as we are changing email systems then, and given the chaos in the setting up process, I’m not expecting the changeover to be smooth. Unfortunately for this, I’m on the escalated desk tomorrow, so suspect I will get inundated with queries about it, though that is just as unlikely to have email service as anybody else. As I havent been on it for a few days, I have no idea if the trial run worked for it, or not, but given no one was able to send, or receive emails during that period, the trial run didnt tell people much anyway!

Fingers crossed, but…

Oh, and our call centre is nothing like the first one here, even if some of our shop staff might think otherwise. What we think of the intelligence levels of some of them, is pretty unrepeatable, though the word bimbo could easily come to mind with some!