We get a heroine!

One thing that most actors, and actresses cry out for, is a little bit of good publicity, and the chance to advertise ourselves, and thankfully, we have one of our own, a certain wonderful Kate Davies-Speak, who every so often initiates a Showreel Share Day on Twitter, and people take the opportunity to sell their talents to prospective employers, in the form of a showreel of their talents. Now me, if I was 30-40 years younger, or even if I was into clever technology, like making your own videos, or the like, I might have got involved. Nowadays, with an aging, and seemingly failing body, I’m going to pass on it, sadly. There is also the fact that apart from the hypno-film shoot, I have no idea if there is any film of me acting at all, and if there was, it would probably be from a while back anyway. And no, I have no idea how to edit 90 minutes of said film, into about 3 minutes for myself, anyway.

Previous times, I have, sort of hopefully put up a request to see if anyone could help me put up a brief piece, but this time around, I’ve been so busy with various LGBT matters, I didnt even do that! But yes, I’m delighted to say that lots and lots of people have given Kate the support she deserves by posting showreels of themselves.

Fine, in truth, I’d probably be a bit limited for roles now, anyway, given my back issues, standing for long periods for a role, even with my back brace on, might be challenging. Of course, if anyone is in need of a mature person, in a disabled role, well…? Oh, and I suspect for roles involving robots, aliens, or weird sci-fi stuff, I could probably bear a little bit of pain too.

But yes, any actors, or actresses reading this, now, or in the future, who are on Twitter, go and post a reel of your stuff, under the hashtag of #showreelshareday and say Harlean sent you! Thanks, Kate, for doing this, I only wish I was in a position to benefit, but more than happy to do promotion stuff!

Fine, video time. No, not Bonnie Tyler, but the version from Shrek 2. Fine, it might have been better to use Bonnie’s version, but anyway…