Mind Control is only fiction. Right?

I think its fair to siuspect that most, if not all my readers here know me through either the 2 MC Forums, the EMCSA, or both. There might be a few who click links who dont, but…

Lets face it, in many senses of the idea, its just as well that the ability to control other peoples minds, as in the stories as at the EMCSA is pure fiction. Can you imagine just how crazy the world would be, if horny, undersexed folk could control some unsuspecting person into being their sex slave, temporarily or otherwise? And of course you can throw  in the power mad type of both sexes as well, who might only want obedient slaves, but anyway…. As Simon states,  anyone who thinks its real really should taske a breath, have a think, and…

As I’ve said before, the idea of being turned into a robot appeals to me, hey, thats hardly groundbreaking news around here! But equally as I’ve said before, whether I would feel the same way about it as it was just about to happen, well, who knows? The same theory with those girls who want to be turned into airheaded, big boobed bimbos, would they fancy it as much if it could really happen? I suspect some would still say yes, but a good deal less I suspect somehow?

But as a fantasy, yes, its great fun isnt it…? 😉

As far as I know, mind control is still pure fiction at present. There are rumours of various experiments that have taken place, MK-Ultra (US), and various Russian, Chinese and the like, with talk of brainwashing and mind control, but no real concrete evidence. I suspect that in 25-50 years time, with technological advancements that the situation might be different, but for now at least, nope!

I think its fair to say that most writers of MC Fiction arent thinking about this kind of ‘automatic lover’ when they write their stories, but anyway…those of a nervous disposition towards 70’s disco music may not want to click the link, or at least kill the sound before clicking it.


I have to admit it, I do love her outfit though!