Will they be waiting for me?

Well fine, I doubt very much that Clara Johnson, or Jean Harlow among others are waiting for me in heaven, though I must admit, it would be quite something to be greeted by them, when my time is up, I must admit. The others who would be at the top of my list, well, as a Haworth girl, I guess at least one of the Bronte sisters might be fun! Knowing me, if it is, it will be one of the 2 unknown ones, lol! Not that I would mind, but…

41 years ago, the day that Elvis died, is etched in my heart as one of those places I know where I was, when I heard the news. A hotel in Arrochar, on a coach holiday, in fact. Someone was crying, and spreading the news outside the hotel when I got up that morning. Today, Aretha Franklin left this world, but its fair to say I’m not going to be around in 41 years to remember being at home in Huddersfield when I heard the news, hopefully I will be with them all by then.

But anyway…thats not what I really wrote this blog title for.

You see, a large number of weeks ago, I booked an hour off the phones next Wednesday, for a Pride meeting I need to cover at work as a rep, at 11 in the morning. At the time, no great issue, I thought, cover that for however long it lasts (normally booked for an hour, but usually runs less), as there will be plenty of others to cover the desks at work.

So why do I feel guilty, guilty as a girl can be (and no, thats not the video), well because of course now, next Wednesday is Eid, and given our office is in Bradford, we are going to be pretty short handed that day, to put it mildly! So now I’ll feel guilty at deserting my colleagues if I do my call, or feel guilty for not doing my D&I work if I dont desert them! Strictly, yes, I declared the event, I booked the time, so I’m entitled to do it. But at the same time, should I just say I’m not now available for the call, and help out?

I know, choices, choices…?

Under any other circumstances, then yes, it probably would have been said Bananarama song, but on this day at least, it has to be Aretha!