Making Fay Wray scream?

If Gertrude Olmstead ranks as my 20’s cutie, then its fair to say that when it comes to the 30’s, her equivalent for me is Fay Wray. I know, some might assume it would be Jean Harlow, but in truth, the name thing is more down to a supposed resemblance than anything more. The older Harlow, as I’ve said before, I can see it, but the younger Jean Harlow, I only wish.

To be quite honest, my favourite ‘scream’ film involving Fay would be the Wax Museum one, but lets face it, the one that most people would know her for, is King Kong. In fact, because of all the special effects (quite something in 1933) involved in King Kong, she actually made Wax Museum, and Doctor X in between filming sections of King Kong!

Anyway, this afternoon, I went to check on what options I had on TV, and there I spotted it, King Kong being shown! In truth, beyond the most famous scenes, I dont remember actually seeing the whole movie. Fine, I still havent, as I missed the first 25 minutes before I went looking to see what was on, but 70 minutes or so is still certainly the most I’ve ever seen of it.

By modern standards, the special effects are probably good, but nothing more. But given what they had available to them back in 1933, quite something. Oh, and yes, Fay certainly had a fine pair of lungs when it came to screaming, that is for sure. And yes, she puts them to fine work here, not for the only time, of course. I’m not going to bother telling the story of the film at this point, it should be pretty well known by most, and if you dont, you can probably get a better description on Wikipedia, or IMDB anyway, than I could give you.

But yes, I cant deny it, that having Fay Wray screaming loudly in my living room did amuse me, even if it wasnt me causing her to do so. Oh fine, if you offered me the chance to make the 1933 Fay Wray scream like that in a ‘certain’ way in my living room, I doubt I would decline the opportunity, lol!

To point out, this was the original pre-code version, so there is plenty of violence, and killings, and like in this, which was sanitised for later audiences, and in truth, unnecessary violence really isnt my thing, but fine, I was only really watching for Fay, so… But it was an interesting look at special effects, and what could be done in 1933, thats for sure.

OK, video time. I believe at the time, this was the most expensive video ever made, and its not hard to see why. I suspect inflation has seen it drop down that list, but even now, I suspect its one of the more expensive ones. Of course, Michael Jackson never had financial concerns, so…


A bad day for actresses?

To be fair, I wouldnt even get close to either of these in terms of ability, and I suspect that if you take any date on the calendar that you could find famous actresses passing away, but for me at least, and my tastes, August 8th is not a great date. Still, as long as I get through the next 4 1/2 hours…? 15 years ago today, and covered a lot more in my other blog, Fay Wray passed away. Mind, given she was born in 1907, and survived until 2004, she did pretty well for someone that groped by a gorilla lol. Maybe it was the time in the wax museum that preserved her, lol?

19 years earlier, Louise Brooks also passed away on the 8th August in Rochester, New York. The funny thing was, as got discussed earlier today, until just more than 2 years earlier I’d lived in Rochester, though the UK one, and had lived there for over 20 years, not the one in northern New York state. But now, the most recently visited one is the New York one. The subject came up earlier today in one of the Louise Brooks groups I’m a member of, when a poster from the UK version of Rochester posted about her death, mentioning the town connection.

Of course, in my time, I’ve not only visited the other Rochester (the US one), I’ve also visited Cherryvale too. Not yet got to Wichita (home there is demolished anyway), but other than that, completed the circle.

So yes, if I never post again, then maybe I was the 3rd to die on August 8th, though technically, on the 19 year thing, I’ve got 4 years to go, lol?

OK, video time. No, its not the obvious Pandora’s Box, nor is it Sweet Louise (because I cant find a video version, just audio), but still gone with the New Seekers, all the same.

Just suppose, if those waxworks were real?

Probably to the surprise of myself, and my computer, I’ve just finished writing a piece for one of the writers forums. I know, I said I’d stopped, other than brief 55 word pieces, but seems I was wrong! No, you cant see it just yet, it needs an editor, for 2 good reasons. One, I write in UK English, most of my readers read in US English. Now, despite rumours, in a spelling sense at least, its 2 different languages, lol! Secondly, when I write at speed, grammar tends to go out the window, which is fine for a brief blog, but not so good for a story.

Even then, I’ll see if I think its worthy of an audience beyond the Forums, and if I’m told it is, then I will probably post it on the Archive at least. Given its about 3500 words, the best you’ll get here is a link.

Anyway, I took to a back look at one of my favourite movie eras, the 1930’s. I know, I know, its when Clara Johnson did most of her work (she did extras work, and early musicals at end of 1920’s), but thats besides the point for tonight. Though yes, the story, is very loosely based around her.

But this time at least, its not the musicals I’m looking at, its the horror movies, and in terms of tonights piece, one particular movie, ‘Mystery Of The Wax Museum’. Lets just say it was an opportunity for the ‘Queen of Scream’, also known as Fay Wray, to show just how strong her lungs were, lol.

One of the significant points of this movie, other than that it was one of the last films made in 2 tone technicolor, is that it involved young ladies being turned into waxwork models. Unfortunately, as you would see, if watching the full movie, some of those ladies were less than perfect in not moving when the camera was on them, especially their faces, therefore rather giving the game away that they werent quite wax! Also, unlike Fay, I wouldnt object to being turned into a waxwork model anyway!

But anyway, the thesis of my story is, just suppose there was a method to turn those young ladies actually into waxworks, for the period of filming, then turning them human again afterwards. Now wouldnt that solve a lot of problems, and for some at least, give them an interesting experience too?

I also suggest that maybe those ‘mind controlled’ slaves in the sci-fi films of that era (like Flash Gordon) were mind controlled/brainwashed for real, during the period of filming too, to ensure perfect obedience.

No, neither really happened, but it might have been interesting if they could have been. And yes, I would have volunteered for all that stuff to be done to me, for sure!

OK, no music tonight, just the trailer for the Wax Museum movie. And I’m sure, unlike my story, Fay genuinely had no desire to experience life as a waxwork model, lol.