The Heat Is On

Oh, and anyone putting money on Glenn Frey, or Agnetha Faltskog being the video singer tonight, pay up, because you’re all wrong! This is the song sung more famously by one of that duo, but this is this versions original singer. So…?

Despite what numerous cranks, and a certainly ghastly, orange, bewigged person might say, we are experiencing climate change! This summer we are, especially. Not that in many senses I’m not complaining, because heat, and dry weather are far better for my thoroughly busted back than cold, damp, or heaven forbid, both. But yes, sometimes it can get a little too much. For example, some parts of Spain, and Portugal have been hitting 50C, which is over 120F! It hasnt got quite that hot here in the UK, but topping 30C/86F has become pretty much a regular occurrence this summer, even here!

Ironically, as I have discovered this week, even with all this glorious heat, if I try and overdo it, my back still complains way too much! Thats why I’m starting Physiotherapy on my back in Tuesday, even if I cant really afford it until my bonus finally gets paid at end of this month. But yes, needs to be done. It is my fault of sorts, I tried to do 3 days of travelling, and working in a row, and I’m now paying the price.

Oh, and agreed, I’ll be wishing for all this heat during the winter, for sure! If anyone wants to buy me a heat lamp for winter…? No, I dont mean the tanning type, just heat! Yes, I know, lottery win, lol!

But yes, thankfully my nice strong painkillers help me to sleep at night, despite the heat! But yes, honest, Mother Nature, if it dropped into the 70’s, I really wouldnt mind, honest!

OK, I’m not going to ask how many remember Noosha Fox, aka Susan Traynor from the 1970’s? But yes, the first person to record the song that helped Agnetha’s solo career, post Abba, this was it!

Early In The Morning

So fine, lets do a bit of reminiscing about this weekend last year, and events surrounding it.

The main thing was, it was my last weekend of my Hollywood stay, and it was also the weekend that Europe moved the clocks back, at the end of summertime. This year, because of the way dates split, next weekend is the last in October, so that will be when I get my extra hour of sleep, which I missed out on last year. Why? Because I was still in the US, obviously, and they change the clocks back later than we do! So, all in all, I missed out on it! I know, technically the time I landed in Manchester, on return was an hour earlier than normal, but due to ‘fun’ meeting up with the taxi, I missed out all ways around!

Oh, the other funny thing about this weekend last year? Well, on the Friday night, I never went to bed! No, only on a technical, but it was about 2.00 on Saturday morning before I got to bed that night. And yes, funnily enough, the next morning was the latest I got up all holiday, about 8.30! Me, I am normally in bed soon after 11, and definitely before midnight, but, for one night only…

I had a good reason. That was the night I met 2 lovely people for the first time, and went to the incredible place that is the Magic Castle. Yes, unless you know a magician, who is a member, its tricky to get in! Fortunately for me, one of those lovely ladies, who I only knew through Facebook at that time, got me in. Yes, I had to put on a dress to go there, but I love doing that anyway. In truth, I spent much of the break in summer dresses anyway. Yes, I know it was October, but this was LA, and it was 80, or above, pretty much all of my stay!

We didnt even meet up until about 9.15 (we had planned on 9, but all had traffic issues!), so it was never going to be an early night, lets face it. I had a wonderful evening with her, and her friend (no, no names without their permission, and I havent had time to ask!), seeing numerous talented magicians, having a great time, with lovely company. Eventually we decided to call it a night, and I checked my watch, it was about 1.30 in the morning! By the time they had taken me back to near my place (I got dropped off on the corner, of Beachwood, at my request, as roads are narrow after that), and I’d got in, it was nearly 2.00 in the morning! So I put on my nightwear, crawled (quite literally) into bed, and went to sleep. And yes, I was late up the next morning lol!

And unlike so many of these things, all things permitting, we will meet again! Yes, next May, when I go back to Hollywood, I need to pack a nice dress! And yes, looking forward to meeting them again!

Lastly, the other element of early mornings is actually about next week. Yes, its the last week of training hours, so its the last week when I will have to keep getting up about 6.15 in the morning! After that, my weekday hours will mean a noon start, so I can get up, err, a little later! Well, about 7.30/7.45, at least!

OK, video time, a real vintage number! Thing is, it might seem vintage to you, but its a song of my childhood, so…

Summer (not quite the first time)

Yes, I know, gives away the song title to those of you old enough to remember it, and given thats it a classic, a lot more beside, I hope.

No, before you ask, I didnt take away the boyhood of any young man this summer, or indeed give a girl her first lesbian thrill. Hey, I’ve been asexual for 13 years, so that was hardly likely to be the case! And even if I was a sex driven creature, I’d prefer the company of someone closer to my age anyway. The irony of the song, my only long term love in my life was a fair bit older than me, just not saying how much. But no, I have no ‘cougar’ inspirations, it has to be said.

But yes, next weekend, British Summer Time officially comes to an end, though I know my North American friends wait another week before the clocks go back. Mind, weather wise, summer is already over anyway lol! Crazy, isnt it, we spend more time of the year in ‘summer time’ than we do in our natural time zone! I’m sure there is reasoning there, I just cant see it!

The funny thing is, both of my US venues this year were return ones. The first to a place I visited on my very first trip across the pond in 1987, the latter to the first place I went to on a solo visit, in 2000. Been doing it ever since lol, mainly twice a year. Also includes one much longer stay in 2003, but thats beside the point.

Rochester was the place visited back in ’87, on a brief stop, on the way to Niagara. We stopped in a motel near there on the way back, but I dont remember any details. No, didnt see a lot of the city back then, mainly remembered the lake, but it was nice to go back, and see more. Especially to see where Louise Brooks is buried, something I definitely didnt do back then, as I didnt really learn about her until ’91, and that record by OMD.

As I say, the return to Richmond was a repeat of 2000, though this time I was a lot further out from the city than last time. This time I teamed up with Kate, the weather was wonderful, and a nice break from work. Mind, I nearly ended up doing some work, but anyway…

But now, summer is virtually over, and it will soon be darker earlier in the afternoon, and much colder. Ah well…

The video, yes, the clue is in the title

Lazing On A Sunny Afternoon

Yes, today was one of those rare days of late, where I actually did get the chance to laze on a sunny afternoon, no idea what went wrong! I make up for it tomorrow though, 11 hour day at work then, ah well…

So yes, the afternoon was spent watching the Test Match (Cricket) on TV, while dressed in a light summer dress (still warm seeing it was nearly 90, and very humid), drinking a glass of chilled white wine. And before anyone says I was slacking, all the review reading was done, and I cant do any more with the new story posting, as I havent heard back yet about the cover.

I know, the holiday is only 9 weeks away, but the insurance matter is now sorted out, and I cant do the ESTA properly until I know where I’m staying the first night, so…I lazed on a sunny afternoon! Nice pizza for dinner, nice bath afterwards, what more can I ask for?

A photo session, you say? Well, that could well be happening on Monday, vintage style, so should make the perfect profile shots for my author persona too. Sadly, I might have had today off, and 2 days at the beginning of next week too, but after that…you dont want to know! So I’ll enjoy life while I can. If it does, I promise to post one on here.

The video, yes, bit obvious I hope, at least to those of you old enough to know this song, anyway

Having a heatwave

Well, that might be a slight exaggeration, but the temperature did hit 80 here today, for the first time this summer! Hasnt often gone past 70 this year, alone 80, but I’ll enjoy it while I can…which probably wont be long, but hopefully thats famous last words lol! It was hot out, not helped by the fact I had to walk nearly 2 miles in it (no buses due to a road accident on route that passes beauty therapy place), and did I notice it, believe me.

I could get quite used to going out in a t-shirt and trousers, but given the vagaries of British weather, I suspect it wont last for long. Hopefully the net result will be tanned arms, not sunburnt ones though.

Crazy stuff, I got to watch cricket on TV tonight, and they werent mentioning the possibility of rain, probably a first this summer lol. Hopefully, all things permitting, I can get out and enjoy a bit more of this sun tomorrow, before I start 8 days in a row at work! I know, I know…Some minor sporting event down in London, or so I’m told! 😉

Ah, the musical interlude I hear you ask? Yes, you’re getting one, one of my favourite ‘females’. No, sadly I have yet to track down any recording of Brooksie singing, so you will have to put up with the ‘next best thing’ that is Miss Piggy. The song, as so often, the clue is in the title here

An extra hour

Yes, tonight is the night that the clocks go back, signifying the end of summertime, though weather wise I think it might already have been over! Hopefully given my comments of late about lack of sleep, and lousy shift splits, I intend to sleep through my extra hour tonight, I think I need it!

As seems to happen every time of late that we do so, there seems to be all sort of talk about moving our time zone forward one hour, a move I see as the most stupid thing possible. Maybe someone should tell our idiots in government that we are in this time zone for a good reason, it fits in with our longitude, but thats clearly far too sensible for some! They actually tried it back in the 60’s, it didnt work, or last then, and I dont think it would work now. But anyway…

In the ‘old days’ it used to be the case that people rarely left their home area in their whole lives, and I’m feeling a slight deja vu over that. Since the clocks went forward, I’ve left West Yorkshire…4 times! Alright, 2 of those were transatlantic, 1 was Belfast, and the other was all the way to Manchester! A whole 35 minutes by train lol! And given its Trans Pennine Express, that was not a high speed one!

But those 3 longer trips were all good ones, visited 3 wonderful cities, only one new one, but hadnt been to the other 2 (Belfast city centre, that is) for a very long time. Got to meet some really nice people, again some for the first time, but others I’d seen on my previous trip to Belfast (yes, then I went to Stormont ground, but not into town) as well.

Maybe I’m methodical, maybe I’m just too practical, but the 2 big holidays for next year are already settled on, the April one will be booked in the next few days too. The September one will only be a delayed booking because I need to wait for next seasons NFL schedule to sort it out. Is it terrible that I’m already thinking about April 2013 lol?

The video seems apt for tonight, one of this artists lesser songs sales wise, but I do like it. Hopefully, so will you.