Walking among equals

So fine, this author was on my ‘to be publicized’ list at some point, but given I’ve got nothing significantly now to talk about, beyond politics, and I’m sick of that subject, lets bring him to your notice a little sooner than planned. The best place to find his stories

Yes, thats right, he’s only been about since June, but quickly caught my eye. In truth, before I got in on the in joke, the early Master/Mistress stuff between what seemed like 2 submissives playing off each other started to annoy. However, as I read on, I caught up with the significance of it, and fine, its grown on me. Yes, it was just Julie, and Troy back then, but then things developed, new characters appeared, and they all grew on me.

Possibly because Helen is such a wonderfully manipulative person, perhaps because Maria was so sweet, and put upon, and as for Susan, well, she’s just Susan! Seriously, go read some of this stuff, you’ll love it. But in truth, the big thing its got is that the characters are well developed, play off each other brilliantly, and have fun! The scene at the end of ‘As Day Follows Night’, as the Mastercard ads used to say, priceless!

Oh, and fine, the latest story, ‘Night Brings The Hunter’ has a maid, called Jeanne. Yes, she’s French, but not that sort of French maid, believe me! Well, I assume not, but…? Yes, Jeanne is a French version of Jean, so yes, put two and two together, if you wish? 😉 No, as far as I know, she doesnt look like Harlow, doesnt wear silver, or have any desire to be like a robot, but thats not for me to say, only the author can comment on that!

But yes, give something here a try, if you havent already, you’ll be in for a treat.

The main video tonight is what I jokingly call the perfect piece of 4 minute pop. And yes, its about one of the names mentioned here before

As for two others mentioned here, a more tenuous link. Sadly I cannot find a live version, or video of this