The hypocrisy in the US

Right, I’ll make the offer loud and clear, and see if anyone will take me up on it. I am off work this week, and I hereby pledge to fill the usual blog spaces for you. Given that I’m not planning on anything more than a relaxing week until Friday (more on that Thursday) other than treatments, I’ve got the time to do more blogs. But if you want them to appear, I need some suitable subject matter, thats all. No UK/Europe politics, but other than that…? No, I dont expect to hear from anyone, but I can hope. for emails will be fine, if you dont want to join on here.

I’m sure many will remember the fuss, and furore that Trump, and his friends made when NFL players took a knee for the US National Anthem? Thats right, all the fuss about being disrespectful to veteran soldiers, and all that.

Well, according to a group of Trump worshipping men from Kentucky, thats only an issue if the veterans are white, seemingly. I’m not going to tell the whole story, because lets face it, its only just happened in Washington, and its been over the news all over the weekend. Well, maybe Fox News covered it up, but otherwise…?

Thankfully, apart from a few White Supremacists, and their kin, especially from Kentucky, the whole event has been met with horror from others. So much so that the school has locked, or deleted all its social media outlets, the reaction was so bad. Sadly, the only (unsurprising, I guess?) reaction from the family of the ghastly youth who threatened the Native American Vietnam veteran was to defend what he did. Apparently, one of the senior staff at the school has called for Kentucky to secede from the union, and was doing that before this social media disaster, its just come out now, because the school has come under investigation!

Given Kentucky is one of the poorest, most impoverished states in the US, I have no idea how they think they would survive for long if they did secede! But anyway…

Part of the issue does indeed lay with Trump, and his friends, and their racist attitudes. The snag is, others have seen this, and think they can get away with it too. The difference is, he has money, and doesnt care how hated he is. Most in Kentucky have barely 2 dollar coins to rub together, let alone anything more. And fine, that corner of the country has a reputation for being racist, homophobic, and a few other awful things too. Might be why, beyond Atlanta Airport, I’ve avoided that corner of the South in all my US travels.

I’d love to think these young men will be dealt with properly, but given that another from that school has issues with a rape case, I’m not going to hold my breath on that. I’m also going to say that though Kentucky is the culprit this time around, its not the only state in that corner of the world with these issues that need looking into.

Maybe they need to change those MAGA caps to MARA, for that corner of the world at least. R for racist, naturally.

OK, video time. Native American related songs, well… This song originally is nearly as old as me, though this version is far more recent than that!

My Old Kentucky Home

Fine, I know, I normally try and avoid politics here, because we can all vary in opinions, and given mine are slightly left of centre (or centrist), I’m sure I could upset some of my more right wing followers quite easily lol. But yes, earlier this week I saw something that I found rather depressing, and had to comment on it, even if not too radically!

One night this week, I caught the news programming over here, and it included a report on the US election, featuring on Kentucky! Specifically, Lee County, which is regarded as one of the poorest counties in the whole of the US! I know, somewhere has to be, regardless, but fine this was depressing.

Not just in the sense of the way people were living there, though yes, that does play a major part in my view. I know, we people who only visit places like Hollywood, and Boston, and the like have no idea how bad things are in some parts of the country! But no, I wont be rushing to add Lee County to my tourism trail, not that they’d probably want me there, but anyway…

For those who dont know, it what used to be mining country, but of course those days are pretty much gone, Leaving behind people suffering, both in terms of employment, and general lifestyle. Most, if not all are on the Food Stamp system in the US, just to simply survive!

Fine, the sad irony, and where I get political, is that in terms of the forthcoming Presidential election, they, pretty much to a person, are going to vote for Trump, a man who wouldnt care about them in the slightest, and would probably take away their food stamps, if he could work out a way to do it, just so he could give the money to his rich buddies. They seem to think that when he promises jobs for Americans, he means them, but somehow I have my doubts, at least while they stay in their home county.

I know, Clinton probably doesnt care an awful lot more about them, but I cant understand why in their situation they want to support Trump? Fine, Kentucky seems a fairly Republican leaning state in recent times, so that might play a part, but…?

But yes, the political views depressed me, but what really saddened me was the way that people living in the US, one of the supposedly leading countries in the world, could have people living as impoverished as them.

OK, rant over. And before anyone says anything, I wouldnt rank as a fan of either Trump, or Clinton, but if I had a vote, I’d bite the bullet, and vote for her! But fan of her, no, I’m not!

The video, well, I picked the obvious one that mentions Kentucky, I guess?