Who shouldnt be writing erotic porn!

Well, me for starters, given I have no interest in sex whatsoever! Well, fair enough, I dont actually write any nowadays, but dont lets get too tight on facts lol! But of course the fact is, all the stories I did write have been written since the last time I had sex with anyone. And yes, before anyone points out the fact that its a long time ago, thats right, 12 years ago last November in fact! Have I missed it, not in the slightest, darlings.

Thankfully Simon was never too tight on the erotic side of things, when it came to posting stories to the Archive, the main influence was always mind control, and yes, I’ve never lost my taste for that at least! But yes, I usually managed to slip just enough sex into a story to keep readers happy, so maybe I got it right, or maybe those that wanted more sex just ignored my stories lol! 😛

Even now, when reviewing, I do tend to skim long sex scenes, so sorry authors if you’re just discovering that fact now, but I think most regulars know anyway. Write decent mind control scenes, you’ll probably get a good mark, just write a sexfest, and sorry, you wont, unless the story was really good too, but they arent 2 things that generally go together in fact. But no, it wasnt my lack of interest in sex that stopped me writing, it was a time issue, one that is about as likely to right itself as me having sex, so no, dont hold your breath!

To be honest, its something I’ve noticed, many of my favourite writers dont write big sex scenes. Coincidence, I doubt it!

Sorry for such a brief post, after so long, but time has been an issue, principally a work one until today, and then a ‘trying to get everything done’ one today! I will try and do better next week, I promise.

But for now, considering what I’ve talked about, a rather apt video. Oh, and it contains what I consider one of the great guitar solos of all time, so there!

All out of love

I probably should post this video at the Garden, and probably will sometime, but think I’ve done my ration there for the night lol!

There is a certain irony in the fact that someone who is totally asexual reads erotic mind control stories. My excuse, if I need one is that I read them more for the mind control than the erotic stuff, something that most of my story writing well and truly proves lol! The irony is, that in all the time since I started writing these stories, I’m not sure I’ve had ‘sexual contact’ with anyone other than myself, and a few toys! And dont miss it either.

Mind, if you’d told me nearly 11 years ago when I decided to give that lifestyle a try, that I’d still be that way now, I probably wouldnt have believed you. Now, I wouldnt want to be any other way! Apart from not missing the whole contact thing, the one thing thats for sure is that I’ve got very independent, and I’d be hell to live with nowadays anyway. I’ve got used to doing what I want, when I want, and wouldnt want to now inflict that on others. I’m hoping a couple of people will understand if I get that way in a few weeks time!

So I could make some comment about dying an ‘old maid’, and having it sound awful, but it isnt, unless something dramatic happens, thats the way I want to be. There might be someone out there for me, but even if there is, they’d be crazy to want to live with me now, I suspect!

No, this isnt Air Supply, yet again shooting down my theory about only liking originals lol! This, I gather from the comments, is actually John Barrowman singing, I knew he had a good voice, this sort of proves it. And of course Torchwood so fits into the whole MC genre so well.

Hope you like,