Panic in the offices of the NFL, and their teams

Strictly, we are just over a week into the new NFL season, and we already have our first sacking, clearly the signs of panic in the offices of the Buffalo Bills, who unfortunately I support! Admittedly, they are the only team to have lost 2 games already, which isnt saying a lot, but given I rate the coach as highly as I rate Trump (not at all), in truth, I’m not surprised.

What is ironic though, is that its the offensive coordinator who paid the price, even though they scored 31 points on Thursday. Its just that the incompetent defense gave up 37 points, but oh, the defensive coordinator is the brother of the head coach, so he couldnt possibly be blamed for that lol!

Dont get me wrong, if there are long term issues, then changes do have to be made, but 1 week into the season isnt long term! Sadly, and probably why I’m going off so many sports nowadays, is the demand that win now, or be gone, is becoming the attitude of both team management, and the fans! Not that it only happens in the NFL, happens in a lot of sports nowadays, I’m afraid.

Fine, I’d be tempted to change my affiliation to the L.A team, but they look as bad as Buffalo, though they havent sacked anyone yet. Mind, given they dont play their second game until tomorrow…give them time?

Sadly, the NFL head office hasnt looked a lot better so far this season, to be honest. After all the fuss made about protecting players, and concussion protocols being talked up in the summer, that didnt even last through the first game, last Thursday. Cam Newton was battered by the Denver defense, and near the end of the game, took a hit that really should have seen him taken from the pitch, and checked out. But because it was near the end of the game, and on a potential winning drive (it didnt in the end), somehow he stayed on the pitch!

I know, prime time TV, and an exciting finish, but if you are going to say that these are the rules, you have to stick to them!

Now, they have the kick off issues too, which they are making a joke of. They changed the rules, to try and eliminate kick off returns, the most dangerous part of the game collision wise, but if the first week is anything to go by, it hasnt worked. Maybe because kickers are now trying to drop the ball into the field of play, so teams have to return it, rather than just starting with a touch back, ah well…

So yes, we have panic in the NFL offices, and team offices, not a good thing for a game desperately seeking respect, as more parents decide they dont want their children to play Football, because of the dangers involved!

OK, the video. No idea why, because its more about politics, than sport, but this came to mind