Bouncing back with update

So fine, lets catch up on news at last, as promised. I know, been a while, but believe me, you dont want to find out just how hard the aftermath of radiotherapy is, as your body, and in my case, the brain finds the change from all of that, to none of that is quite an experience. But yes, generally, things are slowly beginning to come back on line, hence this. Some of the things that are coming back on line are not for posting in blogs, mind, lol.

So, 6th December marked the last session of radiotherapy of the 6 week session, and my next planned trip to Leeds is not until 6th January, which is already booked for the afternoon for my follow up visit. Believe me, if I see Leeds again before then, it will be too soon, lol. My friend, Angie did come across for the last day of treatment bell ringing, and at some point I will save, and post the picture of that, promise. The funny thing was the fact I had to wait for her, as I was picked up early by hospital taxi transport, there was a gap, so I got treated early, but having had a lot of late ones recently, that was a nice bonus.

In fact I’ve been out twice since then, firstly a visit to be pampered at Linda’s workplace, and make me respectable for the second trip out, the following evening for the work dinner. In truth, I had no idea how easy I would find the whole event, but found it relevantly doable, so bonus there. Oh, and had a good evening too.

Yes, I have to say I was warned the first couple of weeks after I stopped treatments, I was warned about the tiredness, and I can confirm that fact, believe me. Still, hopefully it will ease off more in the next week or so, before the trip ‘down south’ for Christmas, but I’ll get through that, I’m sure.

My only comment on the Election is that I was sort of hoping it might all calm down on Social Media after Thursday, but seemingly not. One side gloating, one side refusing to accept the result, and all that. I dread to think how long this will all take to heal, if it ever does, in my lifetime at least. Ah well…

OK, video time. To think, nearly 50 years ago, I was part of a ‘tribute’ group to this act, and in truth, you’re about as likely to find film of me performing live, as of them performing live! Mind, one of those things, you should probably be grateful for



It, the time warp version

Well, this wasnt the planned blog, but this will be far more fun, so…

Its funny, I went to post the other blog on Social Media, as per normal, which includes that pit of insanity known as Twitter. I know, I love it really (seriously?), but all the same… One of the things trending there tonight was Tim Curry, and my natural reaction, as was seemingly the one of several others was to hope he hadnt passed away. No, dont panic, he hasnt, its his birthday today, thats all. 73 today, Happy birthday, good sir.

So, yes, given I’ve mentioned him, you think its just a boring birthday blog about him. Now would I ever do a thing like that? No, this is one of those ‘be grateful to Stacie’ moments in fact. The afternoon after her wedding, I was relaxing at the hotel where I was staying, watching a bit of NFL when I got a call, asking if I fancied going to the cinema in the evening. I agreed to that, and asked her what movie we were going to see.

“It.” was the reply. Now for 98% (or more) of the population, that would clearly mean the Stephen King horror movie, right? Being unique in that sense, the only film that came to my mind with that name was the 1927 silent movie starring Clara Bow. Now I suspected it wasnt that, as neither Stacie, or Eric had struck me as the type who would be into 1920’s silent movies, nor was a local cinema likely to be showing it.

As you’ve worked out I’m sure, it was the horror movie (I gather the sequel is released soon?), with the scary clown, played by ‘you know who’. And yes, the other ‘It’ is still on my list of movies to see at this time. The only Bow movie I have seen in full, being the Oscar winning ‘Wings’.

But yes, for me, the archetypal Tim Curry movie in my life, is naturally ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’, and hopefully always will be. Yes, I would have loved to have acted (and would still love to act in) in a production of that, believe me! So yes, thats where I’ve gone for the video tonight, the famous Time Warp song. So all together now…


Lets Make A Movie?

(Firstly, let me offer thanks to my friend, Michelle, on Twitter, because without her, I wouldnt have even known this had happened, so appreciative.)

It seems that British pensioners might retire, but it also seems that not all said pensioners wish to stay on the right side of the law, as my friend showed me this morning

I do realise that my US friends may not be able to use this link (just as we cant see some US article links), if so, there’s a big clue to the storyline, and I’m sure you’ll find it through a search engine somewhere!

Well, I must admit I admire their cheek, if not their motives, as I’ve never used any drugs in my life. Never smoked anything, in fact, but anyway… Fine what amused me the most, was Michelle’s twitter comment relating to this

Meanwhile, somewhere in London, someone is already pitching this as a script idea… I spy a Brit flick in the offing..

And given that in the past we have made films like Buster (see later in blog), she may well be right! And of course, being a cruise, said film would require lots of ‘senior’ actors, and actresses, and I could certainly do with a cruise somewhere warm at present. Lets face it, I wouldnt care if it was a big part, a small part, or whatever, I’d get an acting break, and get to go somewhere hot into the bargain.

Of course, lets face facts, if it did get made, I’m not going to be at the top of anyone’s casting list, anyway. But yes, lets face it, if I needed an incentive to sign up to one of these online agencies, then that would rank as a pretty big incentive! I should get it done anyway, I have done everything but pay the fee for one, but for me, spending £25 on a whim, that probably wont produce anything, hard to push the button, lol!

Alright, I know, knowing my luck, it would be filmed in a floating ‘boat’ in a water tank, in some chilly studio, but I can dream!

Right, video time. Yes, I mentioned the movie its coming from already. Though a live performance, not the original video.


We get a heroine!

One thing that most actors, and actresses cry out for, is a little bit of good publicity, and the chance to advertise ourselves, and thankfully, we have one of our own, a certain wonderful Kate Davies-Speak, who every so often initiates a Showreel Share Day on Twitter, and people take the opportunity to sell their talents to prospective employers, in the form of a showreel of their talents. Now me, if I was 30-40 years younger, or even if I was into clever technology, like making your own videos, or the like, I might have got involved. Nowadays, with an aging, and seemingly failing body, I’m going to pass on it, sadly. There is also the fact that apart from the hypno-film shoot, I have no idea if there is any film of me acting at all, and if there was, it would probably be from a while back anyway. And no, I have no idea how to edit 90 minutes of said film, into about 3 minutes for myself, anyway.

Previous times, I have, sort of hopefully put up a request to see if anyone could help me put up a brief piece, but this time around, I’ve been so busy with various LGBT matters, I didnt even do that! But yes, I’m delighted to say that lots and lots of people have given Kate the support she deserves by posting showreels of themselves.

Fine, in truth, I’d probably be a bit limited for roles now, anyway, given my back issues, standing for long periods for a role, even with my back brace on, might be challenging. Of course, if anyone is in need of a mature person, in a disabled role, well…? Oh, and I suspect for roles involving robots, aliens, or weird sci-fi stuff, I could probably bear a little bit of pain too.

But yes, any actors, or actresses reading this, now, or in the future, who are on Twitter, go and post a reel of your stuff, under the hashtag of #showreelshareday and say Harlean sent you! Thanks, Kate, for doing this, I only wish I was in a position to benefit, but more than happy to do promotion stuff!

Fine, video time. No, not Bonnie Tyler, but the version from Shrek 2. Fine, it might have been better to use Bonnie’s version, but anyway…

Facebook, for the common woman?

Its funny, isnt it, social media? Half the time you cant stand what people are posting, you want to disagree with postings from friends whose political views might differ from you, or have read the wrong Harlow biography, or numerous other things, but in truth, you get addicted to it, however much you say you’re not going to.

I tend, on a normal working day to spend a bit of time looking at it in the morning before I leave for work, and then again, do the same after I get home from work, and thats it. I’m in a few interesting vintage movie groups (silent era, and 30’s), which are probably the postings of main interest to me, more so than a lot of the other stuff posted there.

So you would think that, if it went down on a certain Monday evening (yesterday) for a couple of hours, I wouldnt be missing out on much. Hey, as far as I was concerned, it was only Facebook that was down, but…

For once, I’d been tagged in some pictures that a friend wanted me to see, its an amazing home, somewhere in France, and for those who dont know at this time, thats all I’m saying, beyond yes, there was a very good reason she wanted me to see those pictures, and I couldnt!

The other annoyance was that in the morning, before I left, another friend, whose birthday is actually today, posted me a video link which he knew I would love, and he was right. And yes, I wanted to post it somewhere else, which is why I wanted to get at it, but…no go. What was it? Oh, you’ll find out soon!

I’m delighted to say that last night, just before giving up for the night, and going to bed, I gave Facebook one last try, and it worked. Yes, that property is as stunning as I thought it was! Yes, I could grab that link again too!

So fine, I might like to think I’m not addicted to Social Media, for good, or for bad, but in truth, I probably am. Or did I just have a justified cause, for once?

Right, the video. Yes, its the one in the link I wanted to get to. Some might see this as 70’s prog rock pretension, but I just love it! This is the full length version, not the single length version, just saying…

Watching me, watching you

One of things I suspect we all do in these days of social media, is ‘follow’ famous people that we like and admire, or indeed otherwise. Yes, even I do that to some degree, though probably do it with less people than some! In some cases, I’m pretty sure that the person doing the social media posting isnt the celebrity, or if it is, they only post a small percentage of the stuff.

There are others who do post (and in some cases, we wish they didnt!) on Twitter, and Facebook, and you know its them. But normally its a case of you, the fan follows them, and they naturally dont bother to follow you. Fair enough, why would you expect them to show much interest in your average life, lets face it?

As far as I know, no one follows, or in the case of Facebook, friends me, because they think I’m a brilliant actress, who is going to make it big some day. I certainly have friends in the entertainment industry, but I’d have to believe thats a friend thing, not that they think I’m going to make it big, and…I know, Elizabeth, by the way, one day I will, but we’ll still be great friends for sure, anyway! 😉

So fine, when I went on my Twitter page earlier today, and saw I had notifications, I got a real surprise when I saw what one of them was. For those in the US, especially in the Denver area, or who are fans of the craziness that is ‘Around The Horn’ will know the name of Woody Paige. I suspect others will have heard of him too, and I’m certainly a fan of his on Twitter, but even so, when I saw he was following me back, I was absolutely thrilled! I have no idea what I’ve done to deserve that honor, but yes, I’m delighted by it.

Oh fine, if Harvey Weinstein starts following me, I might get concerned, but I think I’m far too old for him! 😛 But yes, when someone who is famous, and who you admire, follows you back, oh wow! So thank you, Woody, very much appreciated.

Right, the video. One of the lesser hits for this group, but very apt for a moment like this.

Yes, when I become a famous actress (stop laughing, all), I must remember to follow my fans, as well as the other way around too.

Living the American dream?

Yes, guys and girls, there are some awful people out there, trying to get you, on Social Media. Equally, if you get to know the right people, there are an incredible number of lovely people too. This story, you will be delighted to hear, is about 2 of the lovely ones.

On Facebook, there is one really delightful group, who show their appreciation of a Golden Age movie star, who is pretty special to me. Jean? No, Myrna Loy. But given she was one of Jean’s best friends in the industry, and the fact that in many of her films, she starred with Jean’s fiance, at the time of her death, William Powell, makes it a good place for me to visit. Hey, a couple of Jean’s later, lighter movies, they both starred in. If you want to check them out, they are Libeled Lady, and Wife v Secretary. And yes, the first of those has Mr Powell in it too!

There are a couple of lovely guys there, who I have fun with, even more so given thats the account where I have a bit more rein to play literally as Jean, at times. Anyway, yesterday afternoon, on the message thing on there (yes, I know, really technical stuff, not), I was asked if I fancied teaming up with them next summer, in LA, and visiting some of those Jean/Myrna/Bill landmarks around town. Not surprisingly, I think that idea is great, if it can be done.

The snag starts, they thought I was a permanent resident of Hollywood now, I only wish I was! Not only am I not that, I’m not even American, though I suspect I am more so, than some there lol! Not that it therefore becomes impossible, just a little bit more tricky. More tricky at the moment is my lack of funds, but I really hope by then, that things might be better! Doesnt feel like it at times, but I can only hope that we can all make it happen.

Oh, and if a wealthy Myrna Loy lookalike is reading this, wants to team up, and help subsidize the 3 of us, we might appreciate it, in more senses than one! And who knows, maybe ‘middle aged’ Jean can find her man, while she’s there? Fine, stop laughing, I know… But if I could live there for a while, would be great.

The video, what I might be doing for a while, if finances, and time, permit.

You really should know better

You know that old saying about, if something looks too good to be true, it probably is? Yes, 999.9 times out of 1000, it will be. Well, in truth, its probably 1000, out of 1000, but lets be kind, someone might have people’s kindness in mind. No, I dont believe that either!

But seemingly, there are a lot of fools out there, in Social Media land. Or people are just so greedy for a rip off deal, they dont realize they’re the one being ripped off!

On Facebook this morning, I noticed that a couple of my friends had fallen for this

Attention Delta Lovers! For 2 day only we will be giving away over 950 First Class Delta Airlines flight tickets to a destination of your choosing for you and up to 10 friends plus $5,000 in cash to each person who Shares & Likes this photo, Comments “Attending” below and Likes our page then Click the “Sign Up” button on our page
Winners will be contacted via inbox message in 24 hours.

Yes, like anybody is going to give every person $5,000 for just liking, and sharing their page, let alone a major airline like Delta. And on top of that, 950 First Class air tickets anywhere, seriously? Oh, fine, the page is fake, carefully calling itself Delta Air, rather than simply Delta, or Delta Airlines, as the actual airline pages are. If you want a good laugh, the fake page link is

The scary bit, in just over a day, over 207,000 people have done as they were told!

A new one has appeared recently, offering this

Great news everyone! We have 250 custom Disneyland/Disneyworld gift boxes! Every gift box will contain 10 tickets to any Disneyland/Disneyworld Theme Park, $5,000 in cash and a Disneyland or Disneyworld t-shirt! Want one? Just follow the rules below to win.

1. Share this photo and Comment “Join” below.
2. Like our page.

All winners will be contacted within 24 hours!

which already has over 1100 people, in about an hour. The same people seemingly have a Disney World page, with the same offer, currently with over 4,000 jumped in. Yes, I know Disney is a big company, which is exactly why they wouldnt need to give away $1.5 million worth of freebies!

My suspicion, all these people are going to receive lots, and lots of spam mail in the very near future, and/or their details will be replicated by people in need of them.

Yes, its amazing how many people switch their rationality off, when they see an offer like this, isnt it?

Fine, the video, a wonderful song, which sums up what nearly a quarter of a million people need to do!