The forgotten LA song

A dear Facebook friend started a 10 day, musical one hit wonder challenge, just under a week ago, and it appealed to me totally, to join in. Alright, before my Facebook friends start looking for it on the account this blog its publicized on, give up, its on my personal account. Sorry, and all that, but anyway, you’re getting one of the greatest of them tonight, anyway.

The thing with one hit wonders, is that the list here in the UK would look very different to a US list, or as in my friend, Diane’s case, an Australian one. For example, for my US friends, would you believe Journey were a one hit wonder over here? I know, stunning, but yes, it was the obvious one that was the big hit over here, ‘Dont Stop Believing’. ‘Send Her My Love’ and ‘Who’s Crying Now?’ for example, sunk without trace, over here!

Equally, there are numerous very successful groups over here (Slade, as an example) who were massive over here, but had minimal success in the US. The intriguing thing was, Diane posted a John Kongos song, as his one Australian hit, and it was a different song to his one UK hit!

Oh, right, the blog title. Yes, there are a good number of California related songs, either about the state in general, or a specific city. Unsurprisingly, Hollywood has more than a few of them. My pick, probably the one most wouldnt have heard of, Gerry Rafferty, and ‘Welcome To Hollywood’. Well, if you’ve followed this blog for just over a year or so, you know it, but anyway!

But there is one song, about a certain LA park, that was a one hit wonder, just about everywhere, the original (and best) version of Macarthur Park, by Richard Harris. I’m ashamed to say that the closest I have got so far, in 2 visits, is the Metro station close by, at train level. I know, but even in 5 and a half weeks, I havent got close to seeing everywhere I want to see in that amazing city. But the title means, that anyone that doesnt know, doesnt think of it as a California song, which is a shame.

Oh, fine, the video isnt the Richard Harris original, as I cant find a full length version of him performing it, hardly surprising, given it was nearly 50 years ago, and all that. But this is a live version, sung by someone named Will Lee (may mean more to Americans, than me) is a pretty stunning version of it. Oh, and it includes Jimmy Webb. You could say its so good, they play it twice, so you dont need as much video time as it looks.