Dont think too much. May not be an option!

Its funny, one of the things they say about job interviews, is to be yourself, and not over think your answers. I mean, clearly for these ‘annoying’ competency based questions, you have to do so, to some degree, but otherwise…be yourself, let the people interviewing you, get to know you.

So fine, when I got the email confirming my attendance for the assessment tomorrow afternoon, it amused me that it came from an address simply called, ‘System Integration’, and telling me that I had to report to them tomorrow. Had me wondering for a few glorious minutes if I’d found a job as part of the Borg project! Sadly, about 5 minutes later I got another email requesting me to report to reception instead, what a let down!

Yes, I know, I’m probably the only person who would enjoy being integrated into a computer system for the assessment period, but even so…I can still hope for tomorrow, but suspect now I’m going to be disappointed on that front at least. Mind, given there is a group exercise, that might truly have been a Borg moment lol!

Of course, at some point in the future, I suspect interview techniques will change, and I suspect that questioning might be done in a way that companies get true answers, instead of whatever story you tell them. Oh, I wish! Especially as the computer could then simply search for the answer to the competency situations that they like to ask you about. Mind, at that point, could they simply ‘refocus’ your mind, to make you the perfect, and very faithful candidate anyway? 😉

But tomorrow, for me to be integrated into the computer system at that workplace, sadly, probably not. But until tomorrow afternoon, a girl can dream at least.

Right, the video. What I suspect you wouldnt be able to do for yourself, after system integration…with any luck!

The Hive Mind scenario

You know how you read in fiction stories about the hive mind, where many people all think the same controlled thoughts? Or indeed, for those who love their Star Trek, you have the beloved Borg, who like to assimilate people to all think just as they do? Well yes, up to now, its pure fiction, but we may be taking the first steps towards making it a reality!

Mind, of course, at the moment the Mind Meld being planned is more to see if many minds can work together, to see if they can get things done, but how long before its the minds being controlled? Or those powerful linked minds, controlling the minds of others? Not going to happen, well read this!

Agreed, this is at a very basic stage, and has only been tested on animals so far, but give it time…human tests must happen at some point! And yes, you’re right, I’d love to be part of that. And yes, is it so far fetched that in the future, a group of powerful minds might just be used to control the thoughts of others?

Mind, once you’re part of the all encompassing mind, will you know, or care?

OK, the other amusing piece of mind controlling amusement I had today, was in an email. I’ve got an assessment thing on Tuesday for a job, and I got an email from ‘System Integration’ telling me I had to report to them on arrival! Could I really be that lucky, getting my mind integrated into their system? Oh please, but I’m sure that sadly, its not going to happen. But a girl can dream.

Right the video. I remember this song still, though it must be nearly 50 years ago that I heard it for the first time, if not more. Amazingly, for a song that old, I found a live show performance

OK, lastly, 2 more things. On Thursday night, I went to a charity fashion show, and the wonderful photographer took a picture of me, after my hair had been styled, and here it is

Me in lacy dress

And very lastly, and I promise, the last request until just before it closes, the fund raiser to help me pay for my name change. Just imagine being able to read the blogs of Stephanie Harlean Carpenter, and give, however small.