Respect yourself, Miss Harlow

I seem to be fast becoming the Diversity Queen of the DWP, which has to be a good thing, and I’m proud of anything I can do to help with this matter, for sure. I’m not quite in movie star mode for interviews, in that I still have to get to them by bus, definitely so sign of a chauffeured car at present, ah well…So no, not quite in the Harlow class just yet. Maybe the film studios are saving that for May, in Hollywood, but I very much doubt it! But a lady can dream, for at least 2 more months, so…?

On Tuesday, I was enhancing my Harlow look, with the semi perm make up top up session, though it didnt involve me being shrunk to a mere 5 ft 2 ins tall, or anything dramatic like that. Sadly, it didnt involve me becoming 20 something again either! But the eyebrows are now even more 30’s style (though with a saner width to them), and I have the Harlow rosebud look on my lips, so, playing Mama Jean at least, absolute piece of cake! So, if some studio wants to call, and discuss the part? Yes, I wish!

The intriguing thing about being a stats loving type, is that I do tend to look at the stats for my 2 blogs more than I probably need to. The main thing that interests me, is what blogs, other than the most recent ones, are attracting a lot of interest. As I’ve mentioned before, there are 4 regular candidates who appear a lot, but of late, in just the last few days, this one has rocketed back up the viewing charts!

Yes, the one I did when I was looking for assistance with the last story, that ECT one. No, I never got an offer, not even a placebo one. I mean, dont get me wrong, I wasnt seriously expecting anyone to offer me a full voltage session, but I thought that maybe, if nothing else, I might have got an offer of a look at a suite, and maybe experience a non voltage session, but no. But the last few days, someone, or a lot of someone’s in the US (yes, you get country location in your stats) have been looking intently at this blog. No, no one has actually offered yet, I might add.

I know what you’re saying, the books written, even sold a few copies, so I dont need to do the research any more? Maybe you’re right, but all the same, yes, if given the opportunity, to any degree, I’d definitely take it. Hey, I can edit the story if needed lol! 😛 Oh, that story, for those who wish to be reminded…

As if an actress would ever do anything like that? 😀

Right, video time. Resisting the temptation to avoid Bruce Willis quite easily lol. Something that all LGBT people, and indeed all people need to do! Folks, let me introduce most of you (I suspect) to the Staple Singers!

You’ve got the power

So fine, I thought I’d break the news, I’m writing again. Yes, new story time, for better, or worse, depending on how you feel about them! Talking of which I made a sale yesterday, on Amazon, of one of the old stories, made a nice change. Anyone wanting a link to them, comment with which ebook provider you’d prefer the link to, and I will reply back. Its not a fortune, but I still get some joy when it happens. Practically, I’ve got until Saturday evening to get it done, hopefully I make it.

The one difference this time, is that its not relatively light hearted fluff, set in the past. This is going to be a modern day setting, definitely with some grittiness, and a dark(ish) storyline, mixed in with the other stuff. Yes, inspired by my ECT videos, and dreams, mentioned a few blogs back, I’m bringing that into the story, as a main part of the plot.

Thats not to say that I cant write light hearted involving ECT, because I did. Lets just say that the result of that kind of ECT doesnt actually carry close resemblance to the real thing, as that involved intelligence enhancement, and mind control, so, yes, in my dreams! The longer story focuses more on what I would term genuine ECT treatment, and all the surrounding factors. Thats not to say that it wont have a relatively happy ending, because it probably will, but its going to get dark before it gets to that point.

Yes, fine, at this moment I am sort of planning on a bit of a feelgood ending, but I can never guarantee if I get there, or not, 30% of the way in! Of course, there is one scene I’m not looking forward to writing, because beyond this video

which I’m pretty sure is what I would call a placebo treatment (not real), I have no idea whats involved in a genuine modern day treatment, because lets face it, the movie ones are cranked up beyond reality, so not a lot of help. And fine, because the commentary in this is, I believe, Dutch, I have to go more by the images, than the words, anyway.

Yes, I would dearly love to do a placebo treatment myself, so I know what its like to experience it, or even better, a genuine treatment, though a lower voltage might be nicer than the full blast, but fine, I’d risk it, given the choice of that, or nothing! Fine, I might well enjoy it, anyway! I did consider writing to the 2 local units doing ECT, and seeing if they would let me do at least a placebo treatment, ideally more, but given that it really needs to be written before I go back to work again, next week, I’ve passed for now. But yes, I would love to do that, at least, sometime in the future. Ideally a small shock would be nicer, but…if anyone from the Yorkshire NHS units should read this, feel free to contact me at , and let me know whats possible.

At this moment in time, I’m assuming its going to go to ebook, and I then have to decide whether to release under the same name, or use a different nom de plume, given the very different nature of the story, which seemingly you can do, on the one account. Dont worry, for those who care, it will be advertised on here, when it happens! Who knows, something like this might just prove to be my writing breakthrough? I know, stop laughing now!

Right, the music video. A bit naughty, given the subject matter, but hey, ECT messes with the brain, so…

And words are all I have

Some of you who are up with these modern, trendy things (Yes, I’m doing my best 30’s girl impression here!) may have heard of something called Patreon. Less than world famous writers, and musicians use it as a method to support their career, by having patrons donate money on a regular basis, so they dont have to worry about earning it in other ways. Hey, one of my favourite groups, Post Modern Jukebox (now quite famous) started off down this route.

No, dont worry, I’m not going to request money to support my story writing, despite what some tell me, I’m really not in that league, and I know it! And believe me, my singing is as good as Jean Harlow’s, and thats not a good thing! And lastly, unlike CJ, I have no plans to break into the movies either at present.

But one thing I do lots of, as some will know, is story reviewing. Now me, I cant see why anyone would be prepared to pay me to produce story reviews, but it seems, there might be some. And yes, a few extra pennies would be handy, I must admit. My primary area would remain the EMCSA, but I have realised that ebook writers, looking for reviews to post on Amazon, and the like, might be prepared to pay small amounts to get a guaranteed story review?

To show how little I know about the concept, I was asked tonight how much a review would cost, for a book on Amazon, and I hadnt got a clue! Has anyone got any idea on this? I guess it depends on how many words you have to read (fee, per 1,000 words?), but I wouldnt have a clue as to how much.

Yes, I’m not sure how much this could possibly raise, anyway, but I guess that unless I add a lot of extra words to my reading week, anything is a bonus? Though in truth, unless I can raise a reasonable amount (though I have no idea just how much?), I’m not sure how much of a benefit it really would be? I suppose book publishing companies need readers, to decide how good stories are, but breaking into that field, at my age, and with only having online experience?

Anyone able to offer advice, either through here, or to my email, at would be appreciated.

Right, the video, a double delight, of the same song. Firstly, the famous group version,

Secondly, an ‘old friend’, Gary Simmons, and his Bee Gees tribute group, Jive Talkin’. I do wish he would make more solo videos, or even better, with Kirsty Marr, but anyway…

A writing retreat

As many of my blog readers will know, I write stories, and have done for about 15 years now. All the early stuff, plus a few more recent ones can be found here

Warning, some of the early stuff isnt all that great, unsurprisingly my writing skills have developed over the years. As have my tastes. Most of my recent stuff, the mind control level is either so minimal to be negligible, or not even there at all. And to be honest, nowadays I write far less sci fi, and far more stuff written in the 1920’s or 30’s. Though occasionally, as with my latest piece, which I finished today, I have been known to connect both.

In this case though, the story is actually set in the current day (or strictly, about a year from now), as a follow up to my latest piece, “A Hollywood Happening”, which you can find here,*Version*=1&*entries*=0

Though strictly, the modern day actress who stars at the end of this, and entirely in the new story, is loosely based on a 1920’s and 30’s bit part actress, who I discovered under hypnotic regression, was me, in a previous life! But of course, the modern day Clara Johnson is just a personal view on how her life would be today. I suspect this piece will appear on that Archive you see at the top in good time, though it may go out as an ebook as well.

But enough of that, though it sets up this blog, its not the main reason for it.

On Twitter (I’m lurking there as @harleanlook, if you want to link), one of the groups I follow is a writing retreat, somewhere near Seattle, called Hedgebrook. And every year seemingly, they invite female writers to apply for a stay at their delightful retreat on Whidbey Island, and write in seclusion. You can also enjoy the scenery, good company, and everything else, sounds amazing. And from what I’ve seen, and read, some amazing writers have spent time there, and loved it. The link to their site

Yes, a humble writer like me would love to do something like that, but me, beat off the competition, cant see it. But a bit like a delightful man at Loughborough University, for some reason, they think I should apply, and give it a go. Why not, you say, its not like I’m working at present or anything, after all? Well, actually that was part of my reason for not considering applying, there’s a fee involved with application, and I really ought to be preserving my funds. Oh fine, shot down, someone like me, the fee would be waived.

So now, what the hell, I’m going to go for it, though with no great expectations of winning. But yes, it would be an amazing place to go, if I won, I must say, so fingers crossed. Thing is, this wouldnt be a short, so I guess I’m either going to write the Jean Harlow biography I’m told I should do, turn “No Place Like Nome” into the full length story I’m told it should be, or do a crazy piece of sci fi, probably involving robots, and transformation! Realistically, it has to be the “Nome” story, I have been looking for a reason for years to develop that, and I should do that. But… Maybe I need to be hypnotically regressed, and write the unique Clara Johnson (auto)biography, though I can see much of a market for that!

The video. Its about writing songs, not novels, but its close enough!

Follow up to latest book?

Lets see how good the memories of some of my readers is, and more importantly, the state of their wallet! Recently, I posted my first new book for a while, giving it a try on Amazon unlimited, to see if that improved sales, though the effect seems to have been minimal.*Version*=1&*entries*=0

Feel free to give it a try, us poor out of work authors need all the love we can get. if you prefer Barnes and Noble, or Smashwords, it will be on sale in those places from September, but anyway…Better still, go have a look here

Donate anything over £5, let me know an email address, and I’ll send you a free copy, with grateful thanks. Hows that? I’ll even attach a photograph of the cover as well.

Anyway, at the end of that story, our heroine makes a big decision, and sets out on her new life, as…? Well now, I’m writing a new piece, taking her life on a year or so, and though it will stand up on its own (I think?), it might be better if you know the first story, so…

Someone gets to spice up her life, indirectly, though secretly, its fair to say she’ll enjoy every moment of it… maybe? Especially as I’m pretty sure she’ll be restored to her natural self before the story is over. Oh yes, and fine, its fun for me, as its fair to say that she is very special to me, in a past life sort of way.

Its something I’m writing for a challenge at the Garden, but I’m pretty sure that in time, it will get exposed to a wider audience. Given she is definitely going to get mind controlled at some point, it might even hit the Archive at some point, or I might just sell it, and see.

At least I’m (finally) getting something positive done while not working! Mind, I’d rather be working, but anyway…

OK, the video. I guess its the fact this is mainly filmed in black and white that makes me think of vintage movies. Plus what the two ‘actors’ look like. Besides that, its a much under rated song

Merry Brooks, the slightly famous author has a new book out!

And before you query matters, for those who don’t remember, and it has been a while, that’s my author name, for publishing purposes.

I know, its been a while, but thats what work will do for you! But while I was taking it (relatively) easy, before I headed to Hollywood, I wrote this. Yes, I know, I write this before I get to see the city, but on the whole, I made a good premise of it. Yes, Google maps helps in that sense, but anyway…

If you want an idea what its about, before you buy, there’s a guide in the synopsis. All I will say, is that there are 2 very famous actresses mentioned here, 1 of whom gets to try life in a modern era too (technically, she also appears as a ghost, but…). There is also 1 less well known actress, who gets to live 2 lives as well, for whom I have a special affection.

As I say, think the tale of Christmas Carol, hitting Hollywood, only the visitation is not just the sight of things, you get to experience the whole thing.

Oh, and it features a couple of guys as well, who might be a bit sinister, but have a dry sense of humour too, purely fictional.

No, I dont expect to sell enough copies to give up the job hunting lark, but hopefully enough to boost my sagging funds, pretty please!

OK, you had this video only a couple of months ago, but who’s counting. Its a much under rated Gerry Rafferty gem, that deserves some love, so…

Oh, and this lady might appear in it

Digital Camera

I can get writing done, I really can!

Well, today, I’d sort of had plans to go to the rugby league, over Keighley, but I never made it, thanks to the weather. Most of the morning was wet, part of the afternoon was too, and in between, it was grey, and miserable, so I never bothered. I might regret it, it probably was my best chance this year, but anyway…this early in the season, and all that. Hopefully I can get in some cricket at least, somewhere, when its a bit warmer.

So fine, its enabled me to catch up on things of a writing nature instead. I have a friend over on Twitter (well, contact at least) who runs excellent blogathons on movies of the distant past, usually silent ones, which given her handle of @movies silently is a bit of a give away! I’ve often read them, but never taken part, mainly due to work, and commitments. Well, as I havent got those at present, I volunteered to do one for her next series, which is all about short movies.

Did you know, before she became famous, Jean Harlow worked in a series of small, uncredited parts? Probably not, but she did. Some of those (including the one I’m going to mention), she quickly got added to the credits once she became famous, others she didnt.

Probably the most famous of those bit parts, was in a movie with Laurel and Hardy, called Double Whoopee. Possibly famous, because Jean (with Stan’s help) manages to lose most of her dress in this, and reveal plenty of leg! So despite my friend having reviewed it expertly recently, in a recent readers request thing (yes, it was my request), it was the one she suggested I tackle.

Her expert review can be found at

So, I couldnt compete with that, so I had to do something new with it, and have! I’ve taken a look at the movie from the eyes of Jean Harlow, and what happened during the movie, and afterwards. You can find the movie on You Tube, both the full 20 minutes, and just the section with Jean in, if thats what you prefer?

In addition to this, after far too long, I’ve started work on a new story. First 3 chapters are written, of about 10, I would guess. If you’ve ever read, or seen the movie of ‘A Christmas Carol’, you have an idea of how things play out, though not exactly the same as events in that story, all the same. I’m guessing it will be a few weeks before I release it to the public, especially given the holiday, but it will depend how the writing goes, and how busy my poor editor is.

But sometime soon…

I thought long and hard about a video, and then I thought of this. Were these 2 gentlemen involved in Jean’s big break? Who knows?

So, given its November…

As a few around here might know, or otherwise, there is a sweet little Mind Control Forum, known to its members as The Garden Of MC ( ), of which I’m a moderator (2nd level management), mainly because of all the writing I used to do, and all the story reviews I still do. Having said that, in the next few weeks or so, I should be posting a new, short story, so be warned!

Well, normally, each month of late, we have a writing exhibition, started by one of a pair of lovely gentlemen, but this month, 6 days into the month, neither had appeared to start anything. So yes, I took control of matters, and posted one up myself. I thought at least 10 seconds over the title of the board, before coming up with ‘Harlean’s happenings’. Yes, I know, unoriginal, but with an edge of snappiness, so…

Well, given its November, there is a small celebration held each year in the US (where the majority of members are), called Thanksgiving. So given I was trying to think up a plot point, more or less on the spot, well, I thought that would do!

Quite simple, blog readers, write a short story, 5000 words or less, revolving around Thanksgiving, and related events. So if the NFL is your scene, or Black Friday is shopping heaven for you, then those count as much as the big day festivities. Indeed, if you want to put a historical bent, on the origins of the celebration, feel free.

Yes, fine, if you’re a member at the Garden, just jump in. If not, you have 2 choices. You can join, given we dont bite, you’d be perfectly safe, as mind control is purely fiction. Well, there is hypnosis, but…you cant do anything too naughty with that, unless the victim, sorry, other person is willing lol! The other option, if you want to join in, but not become a member, email me it, at , giving it a title that wont end up in my junk file, and I’ll post it for you!

No, you dont need to include that ‘nasty’ mind control stuff unless you want to, its an open contest in that sense. Clearly given the judge is me, mentions of Hollywood’s golden age, or silent era movie, might, and I do mean might earn bonus points! 😉 There may, or may not be judging, I’m not saying at this point!

But go on, if you’re experienced, turn your hand to it. If you’re not, then have some fun, try something, even if its only a few hundred words long.

There, publicity done!

The video, well the best known version of this is by the Monkees, but this is the original Carole King demo version! I’m sure they celebrate Thanksgiving in ‘Pleasant Valley’ lol

Jersey days 2 and 3 – Ma, he’s (not) kissing me

Though despite the title, if my beau had had long enough, who knows!

Last night, I went across the road from where I’m staying just outside St Helier for my evening meal. Whether it was a restaurant, with a few guest rooms attached, or a guest house, with a restaurant attached, no idea! Either way, a fish supper, without a long walk, at a reasonable price, suited me fine.

Now before I go any further, may I remind folk that I’m 56, was wearing no make up (I never do my own due to a slight hand tremor) and was only in top, and slacks, not some wonderful dress, but anyway…

I was sat at my table, looking out on the view of the bay (not the best one, should have sat on other side of table), sipping on my wine, when I heard a man’s voice ask if he could join me. Now, for some reason best known to someone (not me!), I said yes, and he sat down, and started talking to me, I wondered if I’d pulled, without even trying! Now, how far this might have gone, who knows, because about 2 or 3 minutes later, my dinner arrived, and he excused himself, and I never saw him again. Why is it that when you dont mind a few minutes wait for dinner, it arrives promptly!

Please let me add, before any other potential beaus (of either gender) get any ideas, I’m not looking! But it was flattering, and fun, and maybe shows me that there is still life in the old girl yet, if I was interested! I’m wondering if I am carrying some aura of Harlow or something, the way men are charming me this holiday, they’re seeing a vision of her, not plain jane me!

Sorry, but thats the big event of the blog, even if it was last night. I went up to Gorey this morning, didnt climb up to the castle, my knees took one look at the long, and steep set of steps, and just said no, firmly! So after a walk around the harbour, and a coffee, I headed back into St Helier, and had a look around the shops. Apart from a pair of nice charity shops (yes, more vintage style tops!), most of the places were selling clothes way beyond my budget, and that was that.

So eventually this afternoon (after an ice cream) I came back here, and wrote a story, already posted up at the Garden. No, it wont be going to the Archive, not unless I tweak it drastically, there is no mind control in it, I knew I missed something…facepalm!

The video, an absolute oldie, 75 years old! But given the aura of Harlow I seem to be carrying lol, its actually quite young!

Waiting for the train

Lets do a bit of a publicity thing, though unless you’re a member of the MC Garden (, or are willing to join the crowd (we don’t bite, unless thats your kink!), it might be tricky to join in. Saying that, if any budding author wants to give it a go, and for whatever reason, doesnt want to become a member, email it to me at , and I’ll post it for you.

You see, at the Garden, and indeed the Forum too, we have monthly writing contests/exhibitions, and from time to time, I get to host one. And this month, the one that starts in the middle of the month is one of mine! The revival of the Iron Writer series falls into my hands this month, for better, or worse. The normal course, is to provide 2 words, or terms, and let the writers loose from there. And the fun thing is, though its on a Mind Control forum, you dont have to include said form in the stories here, though you’re free to do so, of course.

This month, due to the fact that I commute by train a lot, and a big racing festival was held over here last week, my choice of words were, train, and race. Of course, both words have more than one meaning, and beyond one racially connotated one, anything actually goes! So you could be training for a big race, and something happens, or you could just be running to catch a train, you get my drift.

Despite rumours, and my love of them, and their eras, there are no bonus points for references to Jean Harlow, Louise Brooks, or the 2 decades they are famous from. Of course, I could be lying, but… 😉 Mentions by name, or as subtle as a character name of a film role is equally permitted by the way lol!

So, regular author, or budding novice, pay a visit to the Garden (or as I say, email me) and post up a story, be a devil. As I say, we’re a friendly bunch, its fun, but sadly no reward at the end, other than praise.

The video, well this is one of those rare things, a record that should have been a hit, but never was. Hey, I bought the single, but it still never charted sadly. But its apt for now, and definitely a lost gem, and live to boot.