The adventures of Jean (not Thelma) and Louise

Though to be fair, Kate and I have absolutely no plans to end up as the pair in the film did. But given that in just over 2 weeks time, the 2 of us will get together in Kansas City, and have fun (well, as much as 2 ladies who wont see 40 again can do), the title seems apt, for a good reason.

Over the weekend, I got an email from Kate, with a few details, and more interestingly, a picture of her, after her last visit to her stylist. No, I’m not posting it, but lets just say that if Brooksie had lightened her hair, then Kate would be a pretty good match, her hair was styled in the perfect bob.

And given that after my visit to my stylist, a fortnight today, and her plans to turn my hair into Jean Harlow blonde curls, I thought where’s the harm in a play on the film title?

I have few clues as to what Jean and Louise will get up to, other than allowing both a much needed break from work. But for sure, we will have good company (well, I assume Kate feels the same way, or she wouldnt keep teaming up with me), and a good time, whatever we get up to. Will be kind of ironic mind, that when we visit Cherryvale, she will probably look more like Louise than me! And no, I have no idea if Harlow ever visited Cherryvale, but logic says she didnt. Equally, unless she visited it on a movie star tour, there is no great evidence of Brooks visiting Kansas City.

But this time around, ‘Jean’ and ‘Louise’ will visit both!

The video. Well, Harlow and Brooks never appeared in a film together, Louise’s US career was pretty much done before Harlow became a name. But, in a sense, they did work together…I’ll explain

In 1928, Louise made a film called ‘A Girl In Every Port’, a silent movie. In 1931, they remade it, as a talkie, called ‘Goldie’, and you guessed it, in the Brooks role, was a young actress named Jean Harlow! Irony is, that though both films survive, there are very few copies of either. To say the quality of the film here is poor, is putting it mildly. But, its the best connection between Jean, and Louise that I can find.

In the heat of the night

Just a little fyi for all my North American readers (and the stats suggest I have a few), I should point out that today was the last bank holiday in the UK before Christmas. Yes, my US readers have a few before then, including one for which I will be in their country, Thanksgiving, for my very first time, really looking forward to that. Even if it might be slightly cooler (especially where I’m going) by then.

Yes, today, as is seemingly traditional in this country, the weather has been awful, rain for much (if not more) of the day. Hey, one big cricket match was abandoned without a ball being bowled due to rain, and the only surprising thing was how late they made the decision to do so.

Whereas, in Kansas City, there are heat advisory notices! Hey, it was 84 in the middle of the night last night, which is over 25 degrees higher than its reached here all day! And another fyi, as I type this, its 94! Heck, Cherryvale hit the century mark yesterday! Seriously Kansas, a few degrees lower in 3 weeks time, I really dont mind lol! Daytime round the 80’s will be fine by me! Honest, you dont want to see me in shorts, or short skirts, you really dont!

I’m not saying summer is gone over here, as September has a habit of providing decent weather, so we will see. But in terms of traditional summer holidays, this is it, as wet as ever.

Irony, Jean Harlow hated the sun, and heat, she was so fair that she burnt badly if she was out in it too long. I’m pretty fair, and do tend to burn, rather than tan, so just maybe…? As long as it doesnt put her ‘spirit’ off visiting me in KC lol!

The video, well, the title is apt. The song, hmm? But it should hold sex appeal for most at least.

US Airways, take on me

Yesterday was progressing just as a Saturday generally does at work, in a sports related industry, it was busy! But I was getting by, waiting for 10.00 to come around, especially as I had the next 2 days off, when an email arrived in my box, from home.

Seemingly, in their wisdom, US Airways had decided that the plane scheduled to bring me back in November, from Albany to Philadelphia, was no more, so Expedia were desperately trying to contact me about this. Fine, even in these times, on a Saturday afternoon, there is a good chance that people will be at home when they call, not slogging themselves silly at work. But in my case…

Thankfully, calm logic is a good point with me, even with news like this, so I dived onto US Airways website, to check for myself, and yes, it was gone. At this point I had 2 lines of thought. One, the serious one, was that there was a lunchtime plane on the same route, with vacancies, so there had to be a good chance of getting on that. The less serious one was the thought that would US Airways be duty bound to offer me a job in the area, if they couldnt get me home?

Yes, fine, I know the answer to that!

Anyway, this morning, I took on US Airways, rang Expedia, and sorted out the whole matter, I’m on the lunchtime flight. In a sense, the inconvenience is minimal, as I would have to have been out of my hotel room by 12.00 anyway. Now, for a 1.35 flight, I have to be regardless. I gather the main reason they needed to get hold of me was because the difference in time change was over 3 hours, and I had to authorise it.

But yes, US Airways took me on, and lost of sorts, though some might think that 6 hours at Philadelphia airport (my fate now on the return route) suggests I was the one that lost. Delta Airlines (just 3 weeks), dont get any ideas! Because for you, I will demand being set up as Jean Harlow, or Harlean Carpenter, spinster of Kansas City, complete with job! 😛

The video, a wonderful spoof on the A-Ha video suggested in the title, by the British comedic genius, Harry Hill.

It might not be me talking (but it probably will be)

Well, today I tried something new, for me at least, a spray tanning session. End result, it looks good, definitely looks like I’ve got a tan, but at the same time, its a natural tan colour. Really, really impressed, and yes, I’m certain it will be repeated for Kansas City, and most definitely for Hollywood. Ironically, I am generally very fair (a la Harlow again), and this wont protect against the sun, but it looks like I’ve got some colour on my skin, and others like it, as well as me.

And yes, the spray was definitely flesh colour, not metallic silver, though the latter might have been interesting, but this is for the best. The lightest shade Linda had, which suits me perfectly.

The spray stuff is cool, and you stand in a tent, in my case, just in panties, though I could have also worn a bra, but what the hell…after about 15-20 minutes, I looked tanned, without any health risks whatsoever! It will only last a few days, but thats the aim, to give me some colour before I get the chance to tan sensibly when away.

Really, really glad I gave it a try.

Fine, part 2.

As some may, or may not know, I only wear make up when someone else does it for me. I have a slight tremor in my hands, and doing it on myself just doesnt work. Imagine doing your eyebrows, and trying to get a straight line, for example?

But, nowadays, there is something called semi permanent make up, which takes away the problem for people like me of doing your own every day. And ironically, I do know someone who does a very good job of it, the snag is, she’s 200 miles from me, and I dont drive. And public transport…hmmm…!

But fine, when you get a special offer rate, even adding on the train fare, it looks like a bargain, especially when I dont have to add a hotel bill on top. So, in the New Year, yes, I ‘might’ well be getting this done. No prizes for working out the look, would you expect anyone else?

Jean Harlow2

For once with Jean, sensible eyebrows, and generally a nice look to her face too. I know, I look like her, and this must make that even more so, but turning me into her, that might be too much of a dream come true!

But if she does, this song title would be rather apt!

Looking like that, I might just find my ‘William Powell’ yet!

On the road again

OK, for the second night running, lets start with some depressing news, the death last night of Lauren Bacall, at the age of 89. At least in this case it was natural causes, unlike yesterday’s.

Rest in peace, you will be missed.

On a more light hearted note, a few here will know, in terms of US states visited, I’m quite well travelled. 21 visited in fact, not bad for a Brit. I’m sure there are Americans with a ‘full set’, and plenty of others with more than me, but given that 18 of those have come in the previous 10 years, its not bad. Yes, 3 of the New England states, (Connecticut, Rhode Island and New Hampshire) were only visited in 1988, but the rest have either been visited again, or for the first time since 2003.

I think the one that would amuse most Brit’s that I havent visited, is one of the most popular states with us, Florida. No, never been there, and to be honest, its not at the top of my list, even excluding the 3 I will add to the collection next month. Kansas, and Missouri obviously, and I’m flying via Atlanta, so I can ‘state bag’ Georgia as well! Unless I get to Vermont in November (that state, and Maine are the only 2 in the North East I’m missing), I’m not quite sure when I even get to halfway.

Most of the misses are obvious ones, Alaska (I’d love to) and Hawaii really are too far, and the ‘redneck/deep south’ states really arent on my list, beyond maybe Alabama, due to someone I know online. Funnily enough, the other big miss is the Mid West, and Rockies zone, but at least I can right that a bit.

I’d like to hit 25 clearly, halfway point and all that. In a sense, I’d love to reach 30, but no idea how its going to happen. But for now, I look on it as a challenge, and maybe one day, probably when retired (and before health insurance goes crazy) I can get to Alaska, by splitting the journey both ways.

But for now, in just 4 and a half weeks time, I’ll be on the road again.

No, not Canned Heat, nor Willie Nelson, though I did consider both. But as a 30’s girl, this is probably far more suitable lol

Beyond the bit on the You Tube page, I know nothing about them

Good news, while it lasts

OK, fine, before I get to the main part of today’s blog, I need to mention something else. The death earlier today, or yesterday (depending on your time zone) of Robin Williams, assumed at his own hands, at the age of 63. Depression is an awful thing, been there myself, and know just how bad things can get. I only hope he can find peace now, with his maker. Why I’m not covering it more is sinple, I dont like to double blog on the same subject, on the same day, but maybe tomorrow?

So lets mention something else, indirectly related to Harlow, and definitely related to baseball.

As most regular readers will know by now, Jean Harlow was born in Kansas City. Fine, the main reason for going there was the convenience of getting to Cherryvale, but then I discovered I was a Harlow lookalike (according to many), I looked up her life, and lo and behold…

Alright, on a technicality, the original target for me at least was Wichita, because if Kate couldnt make it, it at least had some connection to Brooks, if not much modern evidence of it. But all things considered, events changed, and Kansas City suited me better anyway, so…

To say its been a while since the local baseball team made the play offs, would be to put it mildly, its the longest streak in the whole of the MLB. Lets face it, Louise Brooks was still alive the last year the Royals made the play offs, though she was dead by the time it happened. Yes, not since 1985 have they reached the play offs, and that year they won the World Series.

No, they arent back there yet, but they are definitely in contention. Last night, they took over from Detroit at the top of the AL Central division, though there is still a way to go. But, maybe the wait could be over?

Yes, and coincidence, every year bar one (and that is about 7), when I have seen a MLB game, one team has reached the playoffs. Next month, I see the Royals play the Red Sox. Coincidence? I hope so!

As I say, I have no evidence that Jean ever showed any interest in baseball, though of course there were no teams that far west, when she was alive, so…?

But maybe, just maybe, Kansas City can put that jinx to rest this year, I hope so.

The video, a very tenuous link, to put it mildly, just think of the franchise name.

A new way to game (for ladies at least!)

Oh, and before I show you this, let me add that my whole gaming thing nowadays revolves around this

and the equivalent 9 ball version, and thats about it. I know, I know, but apart from time issues, I suspect I’m not competitive enough in life to seriously get into gaming anyway!

But for ladies at least, a new style of games controller may be on the scene, and lets just say the climax of any game using this might be exciting for the operator in more than one sense.

Fine, the link only takes you to the video. Go to, search for skea smart kegel exercise aid, if you need more details

Yes girls, you do use this controller where you think you do, hence the comment about climax lol! Hey, lets face it, this controller claims to ‘tickle’ you in the right place if you do well, and lets face it, we all know where that right place is likely to be, oh yes! 😉

Given I have zero knowledge of modern gaming controllers, there isnt a lot more I can say. Given that it is connected to the game by Bluetooth, using it with a Bluetooth headset might give an even more interesting experience, as long as there are no ‘mind controllers’ about, but then again, if there are, you probably wont care for long!

No, this little baby may not get me interested in gaming, but for those of us girls who do, it might give you a whole new look on gaming! And as I say, if that headset starts controlling your mind, you might really learn to enjoy it!

The video, well, a play on what this game controller might be doing to you, in the near future. Not Marilyn, I’m assuming Helen Kane, as the illustrious Miss Boop

Oh yes…oh yes…oh…YES! 😉

To Bid You Farewell

To those who know both blogs, unless you want a different video, you only need to read one, bar a few edits to cover the video change, they’re identical.

I know, its been a week since I last posted, and I’m sorry. But today has been my first day off for 10 days, and beyond something exceptional, like last Saturday, I tend to only have time for these when I’m off. But anyway, enough talk…

Talk about a depressing week for anniversaries, mind! The first I want to mention happened on Tuesday, 52 years since the day that Marilyn Monroe died, at the age of 36. Yes, the video is Candle in the wind, quite an easy choice really. To be honest, I dont know an awful lot about her, other than when tragic blonde actresses get mentioned, the 2 most popular names are of course, Jean Harlow, and Monroe.

Whereas we all know what Harlow died of, her kidneys failed, officially due to Scarlet Fever in her teens, but lets face it, all the smoking, drinking, and the like (and maybe, just very maybe, all that bleach on her hair) didnt help her kidney’s to function, lets face it, and thats what killed her. Back then, no dialysis, no replacement organs, so it was fatal.

However, when it comes to Monroe, in all honesty, we really dont know. Officially, its suicide, by barbiturate poisoning, but there are so many other theories to how she met her end, so who knows? One thing is for sure, who she was seeing/dating was giving concern to people in ‘high places’, so her death was handy for them. Or was it arranged? As I say, we will never know for sure.

The other whose death anniversary this week, is of far more significance to me. 29 years ago, yesterday, (Mary) Louise Brooks died, at the grand old age of 78. To be honest, given how much she smoked, how much she drunk, and how she lived her life, its amazing she lasted that long, but anyway…she did! Emphysema, a lot of it caused by her smoking, probably aided the inevitability of dying of a heart attack, but lets face it, she lived a long life, albeit a painful one at the end to some degree, so…

But the grimmest one, and the one with a round number occurred on Monday, 100 years on from Great Britain entering World War 1. Given my recent posting about this, and having given my feelings on those brave men who died, I’ll keep this part brief.

Yes, unoriginal choice, from Elton John

For those who would love to know, the other blog has Brothers in Arms, Dire Straits

Visiting California

Its funny how things play out, no sooner had I decided that next year that I would visit, Los Angeles, most specifically, Hollywood, and someone not in the tourist authority came up with this story

Gee, if someone was trying to put me off going to the place, this would be it! Don’t worry, its pure fiction, or so I’m told! Mind, if the Dreamscape turned me completely into Jean Harlow, would that be a bad thing? 😉

On a more serious note, one of the things that the trip to Hollywood will give me, is the chance to add one (and possibly in theory, two, if I could be bothered to go to Anaheim) more stadium to my growing collection of baseball parks visited. Yes, a trip to Dodgers Stadium, fixture schedule permitting, is a safe bet.

Yes, I’d love to see Clayton Kershaw pitch, the man is amazing. But given I will have to roll with the fixture list, and the fact these guys only pitch every 5 days, my chances of doing so, may be slim. But there is one Dodger legend, named Vin Scully, that I will get to hear at least, as he will be back for an incredible 66th season commentating on Dodgers games next year! Hey, he’s been there so long, that he was with them in Brooklyn, pre 1957!

You could say, that just like Clara Bow, he left Brooklyn, for L.A, and never went back! What else Hollywood has in store for me, well, who knows?

The video, well, I’m old enough to remember this first time around, and thats nearly 50 years ago! Next year, again, for one week, I will be a California girl. Well, if I get invited by a movie star to play the role of Jean’s mother, in a new (and factually correct) biopic of Jean’s life, well, I might not say no!