A home suitable for here, or outer space.

Back in the early 1970’s, someone in Finland decided that the current design we were using to live in, had got a bit dull, and needed shaking up. So, he came up with this, and called it the Futuro home

my dream home

In truth, this is either a very old photo, a very well restored one, or someone has created a modern reconstruction of one. Why? Because they werent made of the best possible material, and of the few still surviving now, most arent in a good condition, let alone almost mint condition, like this one!

Yes, I’d love to live in one, at least for a short time, just because they look amazing, and fine, look just like a UFO. Not coincidence in the design, given the name, I’m sure? I suspect that to do so, I’d either need to find a very reconditioned one (maybe like this one is?), or get someone to customize me one from scratch! I know, I havent got any money, so I either need to get someone to buy me one, or even better, get a friendly alien to deliver a proper flying saucer for me to live in!

Sadly, despite looking like they should, as far as I know, they dont fly at all, let alone at fantastic speeds as a UFO would surely do. Yes, I wouldnt mind having an Earthbound one as home, but one that could fly off into outer space might just be better? 😉

Fine, I wouldnt actually need to wear a silver body suit to live there, but it might be a whole lot more fun to do so! Yes, you could just imagine people’s reactions, if you lowered the steps, and walked out of there, in a silver suit! 😀

So please, if someone has one suitable, even as an overnight stay, I’d love to do it. And yes, I would wear silver in there, believe me!

Right, the video. You have a choice of 2 tonight. The original version of the song

Or one that appeals to me far more, as a jazzed up version of said song.

In Memory of those who gave their lives

This is one of those rare events, a bank holiday weekend, both sides of the pond. Over here, in the UK, its simply called the Whitsun Bank Holiday, but in the US, its something considered far more important, that being Memorial weekend. And yes, today is actually Memorial Day.

Its fair to say, I think, that over here, beyond 2 days in November, remembrance of those who died in the various wars, arent a general thing. In the US, its a whole different thing. Without wishing to get political, the forces in the US are more respected, and have a better reputation than over here. I must admit, the amount of times I’ve come across forces, from either country are limited, but yes, I’ve never seen US force people behaving badly, and I only wish I could say the same for ours. I know, I’m an Ameriphile, so may be biased, but I dont think so.

Of course, there is the thing that the American’s have been in a few more wars over the years, both recent, and in the past, so maybe thats why they need to be remembered more? But in truth, in my opinion, all those people gave their lives, so we could be here today, in relative safety, so they should all be remembered.

Of course, the saddest ones are where families, for whatever reason, have no one to bury. Indeed in some cases, we dont even know how, or where they died, they just disappear, and we assume in time, that they died, somewhere, fighting for us.

Lets all pay our due respects. Yes, there were a number of movie stars who died, either in the actual war, or serving their country in other ways, lest it be forgotten.

OK, the video. This is one of those gentlemen who disappeared during the war, assumed dead, when he never arrived in France. We can only assume his plane crashed, or was attacked over the English Channel, in December 1944, we will never know the full story now, I’m sure.

Cruel To be Kind? (Adult Nature)

Hopefully at least some of my readers will understand what I’m getting at, if I mention the pain v pleasure conundrum?

For many with the pain, and pleasure kink, it seems to involve getting smacked, whacked, or something even worse. I know its each to their own, but I really have to admit, thats not my scene. Me, I like my pain to be intense, in a different sort of way.

I suspect thats the robot play thing, for me, because lets face it, robots are obedient creatures, so dont need to be punished by spankings, of any kind! So yes, the areas I like to feel intensity revolve around my nipples, because lets face it, its one of the big charging points, in any scene that you see. Ideally, it involves a ‘little bit’ of electricity being applied, through electrodes, generally a Tens machine, or something like it. Fine, I quite enjoy similar, though lower voltage intensity through the head, and neck as well, very much the robot brainwashing/programming thing, I guess?

But there is a non electrical way to get the nipples tingling as well, any variation of nipple clamps. In some ways, they are more delicious, because though the electricity pulses (more apt for a robot), these little babies stay tightly clipped, until removed. Fine, the really serious ones, I cant take for very long, but the slightly (and I mean only slightly) less intense ones, yes, I can take them, and enjoy them, for a while. Indeed, nowadays, pretty much the only way I can get really aroused, involves a little bit (or more) of pain.

I actually had a nicely nippy pair, that a friend got me, but they went astray when I changed rooms here, and I havent been able to find them, and yes, I’m missing them! But currently, I’m really not prepared to spend money on something like that, that I can live without, when I have very limited money coming in. Anyway, cut a long story short, the subject of spanking came up on one of my more adult forums, and I commented on my personal preferences, and how I was missing them. Anyway, to cut a long story short, one wonderful guy on there has sent me the money to buy some new ones! So yes, I’m going to be a happy girl again, very soon. Hopefully, before I next feel the need to relieve a few stresses (probably next weekend), getting my motor going might be a bit easier.

Of course, if someone wants to offer to wire me up, and get my motor going electrically, yes please! Or, they can take that electrical control a step further, I really wouldnt mind! 😉

OK, video. Well, you could say a nice pair of nipple clamps, fixed on to my nipples, could be just this?

Starting young

Fine, so sue me, its Los Angeles baseball tonight, I wasnt inspired for much else. Feel free to suggest, believe me.

Tonight, unless something goes wrong in the next few hours, the Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher tonight, will not have even seen his 20th Birthday yet. Yes, Julio Urias will be pitching in the Major League tonight, against the New York Mets, at the grand age of 19 years, and 288 days. For reference point, for baseball fans, thats about 4 months earlier than Clayton Kershaw started his career! Mind, thats turned out pretty well, so…

I cant even remember being 19, to be honest. And fine, obvious issues aside, I’m sure I wasnt at a point, mentally, where I could have even vaguely been prepared for playing in a massive game like this. So, kudos to the kid for this. I hope it all works out for him, I must say.

One thing is for sure, regardless of how tonight goes, its a certainty that before very long, he will be pitching for the Dodgers, earning a sum of money that would just blow my mind! Oh, and Clayton, darling, if you’re reading this, and have $50K or more, you could throw my way, you dont know how grateful I would be, could put so many things right. Oh, and afford to come and watch you pitch again, and have the chance to meet Vin Scully, and … Yeah, yeah, you get the drift!

Talking of Vin, I think everyone, and their army wants him to commentate on the All Star Game, in his last year before retirement. Its only down the road, so was possible. Sadly, for now at least, it wont be happening. Why? Because he feels it would take the limelight off the players if he did so! Vin, honey, I suspect most of the players wouldnt care about that, everyone loves you. Well, maybe Ortiz, in his last year, but even thats only a maybe?

If you, or anyone connected to you should read this, please reconsider, not just for me! Mind, I know there is also a campaign (if practical) for him to do at least some of the World Series, so please…

Fine, the video. Lets go back to Mr Urias, shall we? I have no idea if he is free, or single, but this song came to mind.

Little things mean a lot

Over the last 10 days, over on my ‘other’ Facebook account, I’ve been enjoying a musical challenge, selecting one hit wonders.

Yes, those artists that have 1 song, that reaches the peak (or very nearly the peak) of the charts, and they never have another song enter the charts again. Some of these are deliberate, either being a charity effort, or where a pair of acts get together, to make one record, and never work with each other again. There are others, like The Archies, who were never meant to have a hit record in the first place, but lo, and behold, they did.

Oh PS, for reference of this piece, I’m talking about artists who are one hit wonders in the UK, as they may, like the Archies, have had more than one hit elsewhere, but for my reference, I’m working on UK lists.

But just think of all the other artists, who dreamt of careers, when their record reaches the Top 5 of the charts, and can never follow up that success, ever again, how it must feel? Yes, I must admit, I’ve had nothing all that modern on my list. The most recent, a song from 1994, which I plucked from the depths of anonymity, simply because it was a ‘jazzed up’ version of the Charleston! They were a Dutch group, Doop, and had a number of hits in their own country, but just 1 in the UK, the same name as the group! Most of mine were from the 60’s, and 70’s, unsurprisingly.

Why nothing very vintage, you may be asking? Well, there was no UK chart until 1953, so it wasnt an option. Which is why I rescued Doop, just to get something from my favorite era. Which means that tonights video artist is a one hit wonder in the UK. The fact that she’d been a major star for nearly a dozen years by then, and would have charted many times, if we’d had a chart, is beside the point. So I guess she never fretted too much that she only had one chart hit in the UK, I’m sure.

So its fair to say that the little thing, of 1 UK hit for her, may not have actually meant a lot. I apologize in advance for the quality of the film, but it is over 60 years old, so…

Living the American dream?

Yes, guys and girls, there are some awful people out there, trying to get you, on Social Media. Equally, if you get to know the right people, there are an incredible number of lovely people too. This story, you will be delighted to hear, is about 2 of the lovely ones.

On Facebook, there is one really delightful group, who show their appreciation of a Golden Age movie star, who is pretty special to me. Jean? No, Myrna Loy. But given she was one of Jean’s best friends in the industry, and the fact that in many of her films, she starred with Jean’s fiance, at the time of her death, William Powell, makes it a good place for me to visit. Hey, a couple of Jean’s later, lighter movies, they both starred in. If you want to check them out, they are Libeled Lady, and Wife v Secretary. And yes, the first of those has Mr Powell in it too!

There are a couple of lovely guys there, who I have fun with, even more so given thats the account where I have a bit more rein to play literally as Jean, at times. Anyway, yesterday afternoon, on the message thing on there (yes, I know, really technical stuff, not), I was asked if I fancied teaming up with them next summer, in LA, and visiting some of those Jean/Myrna/Bill landmarks around town. Not surprisingly, I think that idea is great, if it can be done.

The snag starts, they thought I was a permanent resident of Hollywood now, I only wish I was! Not only am I not that, I’m not even American, though I suspect I am more so, than some there lol! Not that it therefore becomes impossible, just a little bit more tricky. More tricky at the moment is my lack of funds, but I really hope by then, that things might be better! Doesnt feel like it at times, but I can only hope that we can all make it happen.

Oh, and if a wealthy Myrna Loy lookalike is reading this, wants to team up, and help subsidize the 3 of us, we might appreciate it, in more senses than one! And who knows, maybe ‘middle aged’ Jean can find her man, while she’s there? Fine, stop laughing, I know… But if I could live there for a while, would be great.

The video, what I might be doing for a while, if finances, and time, permit.

Looks like I’ve been upgraded!

Oh believe me, I wish that was for real! Mind, if anyone out there reading this is saying, it can be easily done, or even trickily done, then yes please, I’d love it to happen! Feel free to shout, if you can!

So, tell a short story, last weekend, I decided I hadnt done any selfies in quite a while, so thought I’d give it a go. I did do a few at Christmas, but they werent great, so that means the last decent ones were in Hollywood, last October. This time though, I decided to have a bit of fun, and play up the whole robot look, while doing it.

Fine, I got a silver dress out, that I havent worn in a very long time, if ever, given its length, as its the perfect silver metallic look. Fine, for a robot, it needs sleeves, and in truth, it needs to be longer, at my age, given its definitely mini length, well above the knees! So fine, discretion, especially given the state of my knees, I put on a pair of silver leggings as well. The end result, this

Digital Camera
Digital Camera

As I say, too much flesh showing, but given I dont have a long pair of silver gloves, not a lot I could do. But fine, there was one bit of flesh that I could cover up for sure, my face. So tracking down my Cyberman helmet, and attempting to take pictures with limited visibility, I took these

Digital Camera
Digital Camera

Or for those who prefer a close up

Digital Camera
Digital Camera

Sadly, when I took the helmet off, I discovered I was still human underneath it, ah well…

Yes, it would be a lot easier if someone else was taking the photos, especially while wearing the helmet, as you really cant see a lot, wearing that, so if anyone wants to take a few for me like that (I have no funds to pay for lots of expensive photos) for whatever reason, then again, shout.

Or ideally, if someone wants to genuinely turn me into a robot, oh please do!

Right, the video. A tribute to the most famous robot ever, just maybe? Yes, fine, maybe I should have gone with the original, Debbie isnt as strong a singer as she used to be, sadly. Hardly surprising, at her age, but anyway, who am I to talk?