Wouldnt it be good?

Wouldn’t it be good to be in your shoes
Even if it was for just one day

Well, that is a massive hint to tonights video at least, though the blog, in truth, only relates to the first few words of that. But looking at that quote, I’d truly love to spend just one day in the shoes, and body, of Clara Elaine Johnson, and find out what life was like as a dancer in the 1930’s, all the same.

But no, this blog isnt about that, though I might come back to that at some point in the future, who knows? No, tonight’s subject is corsets!

One issue I personally have with corset ownership, is that its not an item I can get myself into, without assistance. Even before the back issue (more shortly), the arthritis in my fingers would make tying a corset behind my back, nigh on impossible, or in truth, just impossible. And being a single woman (no one is crazy enough to want me lol), I have no one else to tie me into one, either. Great shame, because I’d love to be tied into this, for certain.

Yes, supposedly a corset, though hard to tell from that angle. But yes, metallic silver, and all that…

Wouldnt it be good (see I knew I could fit the song title in here) if you could put on a corset, push a button on it, or turn a device so that it could tighten around you, without all that tying issue, which I cant do? I’m only amazed with all this modern technology that no one has ever designed one, ah well… Or maybe they have, but at such a silly price? Though in truth, I suspect for many (with partners, or supple hands), the tying up is part of the, err, fun.

What I found today, while looking for a back brace, to support me through the wedding, as standing still unsupported is going to be an issue for a while, was this


Now in truth, I have no idea how much actual waist reduction this will do, as I cant see zips being able to pull in that tightly, simply because zips tend to just ease open, if you pull them too tightly? But yes, fine, my main aim with this is the back support, and I just see the corset side of it as an added bonus. Lets face it, my face would put potential admirers off, even if I had the perfect hourglass figure! But yes, at that price, I’ve bought one, to see how it goes. I have also bought a more straightforward back brace, which has magnets in it, which are supposedly good for you, but we will see. Thats just one of those velcro fitting things, but that should be fine, fingers crossed.

Yes, we will see…

Right, video time. Yes, you must have worked out the song by now, but this version gives you not just one 80’s legend, but two!

A different kind of gamble

One of the interesting things about checking my stats on here, is that you notice which threads are still popular, long after they should have faded from view. I suspect some of that is down to certain searches being made on Google, and the like, or maybe its just simply how popular they are? One that has taken off over the last year or so (its the most viewed thread over that period, so ignoring home page) is the one I did about the concept of mind control based game shows. Oh, to remind folk, the author responsible for that original thread, and the series of ‘Bimbo Or Billionaire stories’ was this person. Pretty sure its a man, but just to be safe…

He’s written a few more since then, and in fact, someone has won the billion, though little good it did them lol! To be honest, as far as I know, the technology used in these is way beyond anything possible at present, but I only know what ‘they’ allow me to know! So…?

I think the thing that concerns me nowadays, with all the ‘me’ generation, and the thought that nothing bad would ever happen to them, is that people would actually go on a show like this! Or do you think that maybe people would have too much sense to risk becoming a mindless bimbo, for the chance of winning a billion dollars? Because I dont!

Now, if it was risking your humanity, to become a robot, I’d give it a go, but yes, that wouldnt have the same attraction for an audience, lets face it?

But this is the moment to ask yourself, honestly, if the prize was a billion dollars, would you risk your brain, and your body for that? I’m sure there are many that would say no, and mean it, but I bet there are a good number who would say, yes, I would.

Its a concept that would make for an interesting movie script, for sure!

Video time. No, not questions, but riddles! Hard to believe now, but Live Aid was 31 years ago!

The Perfect Call Center Worker?

Yes, hard to believe really, that this time next week, after 15 months (forgetting 2 weeks I want to forget), I will be a working woman again. Put it this way, I know its going to seem strange next Monday, going off to work again, especially as for one day, I will look the classy business woman, dressed in my black dress, though I’m pretty sure high heels will not be part of the outfit, unless someone wants to sponsor me for a large sum of money to do so? Especially if you were to offer it soon enough that I could actually afford a nice day out this week, before I get back to the grind.

In truth, I’d love that, even if I dont really need anything new, or anything, but hey, I could cope with a day at cricket, or a day at the races, or something, if anyone wants to offer? Just not tomorrow though, but the rest of the week, I could manage.

Why not tomorrow, I hear you ask? Simple, because I’m already booked up for the middle of the day. In truth, there are 2 things I really ought to get done before I go back to work, and one is getting my eyebrows trimmed/waxed, or whatever, and the other is getting my hair colored. I’m still working on whether I can afford to get my eyebrows done, on current finances (I think its going to have to happen, regardless), or not, but…Yes, fine, the hair really has to be done! It would have been due to be colored next month, regardless, but now it needs to happen sooner, just so I can look good when I start at work.

Is it irony if I say, sadly, its getting done by modern methods? I know, its safer to have your hair curled by modern methods, and todays coloring methods are far better, but anyway, fine, I’d just love, once, to have it curled like this

getting my hair permed

Yes, thats Jean, suffering for her pride, from ‘Libeled Lady’. Cant say she looks like she’s enjoying it, but fine, I wouldnt mind suffering like that, just once. Of course, the other thing that always tickles my imagination at the hairdressers is the hair dryer. Yes, the resemblance to a brainwashing machine is just way too good for me, especially the ones where the visor drops down over your eyes, and… Fine, I’d love it if there was 2 optional settings, one just to dry your hair, the other that did that, and brainwashed you at the same time! Sadly, never happened yet, and I suspect, never will!

Still, my new employers might appreciate the perfectly programmed call center worker, so if anyone knows how to arrange it, I’d love it to happen too! Or if someone just wants a perfectly programmed being, of any kind, then fine, I’d love that to happen as well!

One thing is for sure, I’m going to have to change how much I do online, once I get back to work, thats for sure! How much, not sure, but I suspect a fair bit, but I will see on that.

OK, the video. Its one of those weird, mind control type videos of sort, certainly not your average tame 80’s video, for sure! Much under rated song, I must say

So, whose shoes do you want to wear, just for one day?

Lets just see if I can even tempt out just one or two of my readers to actually comment on this. Probably not, but if you’ve ever wanted to comment, or just have a little audience participation on my blog, then this is it. And I know I there are a good number out there, I look at the stat’s a couple of times a day! 😛

So yes, the burning question, if you could wear someone else’s shoes, for just one day, who would it be? Yes, strictly that does mean wearing their body too, but that doesnt fit in with the song! Besides which, Jean’s feet were quite a bit smaller than mine, so it wouldnt work otherwise lol!

Yes, I cant deny, it would be interesting, just for one day at least, for me to actually be Jean Harlow, though being fussy, I would prefer it if it was the first half of the 1930’s somewhere, but any time, from when she matured, until she fell mortally ill, would probably be a very interesting one.

I know, I know, who controls the body, you, or the original person? Your call, you can either be part of the scene, or just along for the ride. Me, I’d love either, though yes, actually having her body, doing as I wanted it to, for a day, would be fun. Though in that case, preferably not a day of filming! I might have acted at school, but not since then.

So, readers, just for one day, whose shoes do you want to step into? Feel free in era, someone modern is fine, though as with me, any generation is fine. As the song says, wouldn’t it be good? Feel free to sat why, if you want to, equally, if you just want to leave a name, as a comment, equally fine. But please, let me discover one or two of you, if only briefly, just say something!

The video, well, I think I’ve given enough clues. This is a live version from 2008, and definitely is live. Enjoy, and comment

A quick look at the week that was

Yes, I know, been a while. Blame work, and a works dinner, and a total lack of time on my behalf. Not that much has really happened, but anyway…

The works dinner passed with little fuss last Thursday. Meal was nice, so was my hotel for the night, allowing for the fact that the room didnt have a phone in it, not even an internal one! I had to go back to reception, to book a taxi to take me there, and…I know, I’m awkward, no mobile phone and all that, but the first time I’ve ever seen that. But that was the worst complaint I had, so…

Sunday, it dawned on me, that in 4 weeks time, I would be setting off the next day, to get my permanent make up done, and look even more Harlowesque than I do now! No, I am not getting those 30’s eyebrows though! Really looking forward to that, I must admit. Going to still have to learn the skills of doing foundation each day, mind, should be fun!

And lastly, a fun thing. When we finish work at 10.00, we get a taxi provided to take us home. Pure pot luck as to what driver you get. Most times, its a youngish guy, of sub continent origin, playing awful modern music. Last night, I got one of my favourite lady drivers, which meant Radio Leeds, playing 70’s and 80’s stuff! Hopefully I get again this week (3 more late’s), but I should be so lucky!

First record was a Nik kershaw hit from the 80’s, called ‘Wouldnt It Be Good’, one of the lines mentioning about being in ‘your’ shoes, even if it was just for one day. I cant deny, it would be fascinating to spend a day in Jean Harlow’s shoes, thats for sure. Hopefully a day of relaxation (or romance), and not a day being filmed though!

But the album of the night, was one I owned on vinyl (for those of you old enough to remember that), on which, back in the mid 70’s, I would do my best Karen Carpenter impressions, in my room, listening to the LP. Singles, 69-73, if you hadnt guessed! This was one of the tracks played while I was in the cab, one of those rare occasions when I was in no rush to get home!