A Week On My Own

Well, as from tomorrow morning, this place is going to be quieter for a week, with just me kicking around, at least when I’m not at work. Not strictly true, there will be 2 noisy, always hungry cats to keep me company, but no other people here. Why, the other 3 are off to Cyprus for a week.

No, it wont make a lot of difference to my personal lifestyle, beyond the fact of having to cook, and wash up for myself, as there is no point using the dishwasher for one person, believe me. Oh, and having to remember to set, and unset the alarm every time I go in and out of here!

Much though I live a pretty solitary existence, with my own separate living room and things, I still get to hear other people moving around the house in the background, and if I feel the need for talk, then someone’s there. For the next week, it will just be the cats, and even if they could talk, the chance of intelligent conversation with our two, would be pretty much zero anyway!

But no, nothing exciting or wild is likely to happen, just not my scene. Mind, for the first 4 days there would be no chance of it anyway, working varying silly shifts at work!

Other exciting news? I dont know if it was related to Thursday night, and all that standing for 4 hours, but my right knee decided to give way for a few moments last night, proving just what a frail, middle aged human I am. Yes, both knees have seen a ‘few’ surgeries in their time, a very good reason why I never wear anything that doesnt cover my knees. Yes, I have skirts, shorts and a swimsuit that doesnt fit that bill, but beyond the logic that swimsuits dont cover knees, I have no idea why! At least when I’m in the water, no one can see my knees, I guess?

Dont worry, it seems fine now, seems only to have been a momentary thing, though I will need to keep an eye on it for now. It might have been the pavement (I was jogging for the bus at the time), but it didnt feel that way. Ah well, I’m getting old, but I’m hanging on for cybernetic knee joint replacements lol, so…

The video, no relevance at all, just something you should see, and listen to if you havent already