I wonder how people see me?

As in the people I have had contact with, purely through word, over the internet? So alright, they might have a clue how I look, from the few pictures I’ve posted, but actually me, as a person, hmm?

2 people from the Garden definitely know, I’ve met them on a couple of occasions in the past, and not only have they survived the experience, they want to meet me again later this year, so hey, I must make a good impression on some at least. I’ve also, of course met Lex, for an entirely different purpose though. Any late comers, the video is still available for $7.99 btw. No harm mentioning that, as pay day beckons for most about now.

But agreed, the most interesting ones are the ones you ‘sort of’ know quite well, through word alone, or an odd picture, but have never met. As I say, these people have seen my image (at least one has seen the hypnosis video), but they only really know the ‘me’ who posts on the Forums. To be fair, what I post, is what I am, pretty much, but anyway… Equally I’ve seen pictures of a few others, but know no true depth about them, again other than what they say in their postings, or in emails.

And of course, I have no idea who reads the blogs, beyond a few, and given the number of hits they get, that might be quite a small percentage, especially with this blog, even more than my ‘personal’ one.

But yes, I wonder what some make of this fifty something asexual, some how?

I doubt anyone dreams of me (nightmares, more like), but its a great excuse to slip in an OMD video!

Baseball is back!

Seriously, it hardly seems yesterday that the Boston Red Sox were winning the World Series, celebrations commenced, and Baseball went into slumber for the winter. Well, its back! Today marked the start of the pre season matches, albeit 2 teams (New York Yankees (swear words) and Detroit Tigers) playing against college teams, before the ‘more serious’ pre season matches get under way. I know, I know, pre season cant be taken too seriously, and doesnt count for anything in just over a month, but…

To prove just how international baseball has become, this season doesnt start in the US, or even in Canada (just to prove I know there is a team in Toronto), but in Australia of all places, with 2 games between the LA Dodgers, and the Arizona Diamondbacks taking place about a week before the ‘normal’ start of the regular season! Boston Red Sox, and the Seattle Mariners, in the UK would be nice, but hardly practical at the end of March lol!

As to who will win the leagues, and more importantly, the World Series, your guess is as good as mine. Though no, I dont expect Seattle to do so! Kansas City, well maybe, but I suspect they, like Pittsburgh (first time in over 20 years) last year, would just love to make the play offs, having got so close last season, we will see.

Given the frozen tundra that most of the US has been this winter, its hard to believe that in just over 4 weeks, the regular season gets under way, but it does. Incredibly, this year looks like a rare event of late for me, no live baseball. I will only be in the US once during the season this summer (September) and on the planned dates, Kansas City (the only team in any range) is away most of the week, ah well…Alright, last year all I got was a minor league game, in Rochester, in freezing temperatures, but I braved it, because it was my only chance!

Next year, hopefully normal service will resume, though I have little idea where at present, if it does.

The video, well, a sort of tenuous connection, no more. A song, and a video not much younger than me! I wanted to get a Seekers version, but couldnt find a live version, so settled for this American ‘2 hit wonder’ group instead.

Get ready to race!

Yes, that time of year has come around again, its time for that short sprint known as the Iditarod dog race, just over 1000 miles! In fact this year, given that it traditionally now starts on the first Saturday in March, its as early as its possible for it to be. Yes, the big event really gets under way next Sunday, from Willow, but the people of Anchorage (and the Committee) would tell you that the grand start is in Anchorage next Saturday.

The funny thing is, given all the freezing cold weather, and snow that has hit the ‘main 48’ states this year in the US, the race committee had the opposite problem, a lack of snow on the trails! Indeed, it was only decided about a week ago that it was fine for the race to take its normal ‘even year’ (Northern) route, and not have to move the restart to Fairbanks, just to ensure enough snow for the dogs to race on. So Iditarod gets to remain a ghost town this year.

One sad omission from the race this year, that my regular readers will know about already, is Lance Mackey. Sadly, his health issues mean that he cant join the race this year. Oh, and in case you have a few spare dollars, the link to the fundraising campaign, and a better explanation of matters, is at


I would truly love to get to Nome, or even Anchorage some day, but its such a complicated (and immensely long) journey from here, that I’m not sure when it will happen. By the time I retire, and have the time to split the journey up, I probably wont be able to afford it, or the medical insurance to go to the US! But hopefully, some day…

Anyway, this is supposedly a piece about Anchorage, from the tourist people, but I dont see many shots of Anchorage itself lol! But a few dogs, pulling a sled, yes!

Mind Control Game Shows

One of the story settings that I always enjoy, are the game shows. Yes, fine, they tend to be bimbo stories, and therefore have female victims, but hey, some of us like that idea, all the same. Even more so when said female actually deserves to be taken down a level or ten!

The latest to join this fold at the EMCSA is called ‘Bimbo or Billionaire’. Any resemblance to a real life series called ‘Deal or No Deal’ is entirely deliberate, I would imagine! Though it isnt literal, in the TV series, you eliminate cash prizes, until only one is left. In BoB (for convenience) you have 2 columns, one of cash prizes (increasing on each successful turn), and one of, err, bimbofications, 6 physical, and 6 mental transformations, in turn.

Thankfully for me, both victims so far have been women who it was easy to dislike, and thus enjoy their sufferings, as the game plays out against them. Whether I would enjoy it so much if the girl was nice, hard to say, but lets face it, most of these people who appear on game shows are the loud type anyway, so unlikely to be a problem for me! Yes, both so far have lost, to a major degree, but lets face it, it wouldnt be a good mind control story if they didnt! Though the author does give hints, that maybe some day, someone will win the billion, but I’ll believe it when I see it!

Oh, and currently, it is only fiction. Seriously, as far as I know, at present (beyond cosmetic surgery) its impossible to permanently change the colour, and style of someone’s hair, though I wouldnt mind that, if they gave me the perfect bob look. Some of the other changes on offer might hold some appeal too, but I’m sure you could work them out, if you read the stories.

Links and

It has to be said that Chrystal Wind, Wesley King, and Mr Grey have also written some good stuff in this style, amongst others, which you could search out too.

The video, a song almost as old as me, and thats saying something!

Oh, and in more depressing news, it seems that one woman in California (where else?) has decided to quite literally turn herself into a Barbie Doll, including changing her name accordingly. But the awful bit, she is supposedly having hypnosis sessions to make her more stupid, and empty minded, just as a doll would be! Ah well…facepalm!

Reviewers, you have to love them…maybe?

It seems that getting reviews on Amazon, is a bit akin to finding gold dust, unlikely to happen. So when I discovered that one of my stories, No Place Like Nome, had actually got a review there, I had to go and have a look. Now, before we go any further, let me add that this story is tagged as lesbian romantic fiction, so you would not unreasonably assume there’s going to be some lesbian sex involved, wouldnt you?

Well, my reviewer didnt! And clearly he isnt a ‘new man’ as from his comments, he was pretty revolted by all the lesbian sex in the story, and didnt enjoy it in the slightest. Why he bought it, given the tags then, I have no idea!

Anyway, I left a diplomatic comment in reply, pointing out it was tagged as a lesbian romance, and left it at that.

As I say, reviewers, you have to love them!…facepalm!

Oh, and in case you hadnt noticed, that romantic day of the year occurs again tomorrow, and I’m waiting to see if I can take the ‘nothing’ streak up to 16 years. Alright, fine, I’m an asexual lesbian (who could be bisexual?) with no interest in love, but…a card, or something would still be nice. robotunit8@hotmail.com , if you were wondering? No, thought not! 😛

Oh, right, the video. Well, it isnt lesbian sex, but its pretty sexy, and considered downright racy in its time, back in 1968. Now, well, maybe its not so saucy?

But, if any amour wants to say those magic words to me tomorrow… 😉

A child film star, and a diplomat

And yes, this is a brief tribute to one of the former who died today, Shirley Temple, at the ripe old age of 85! A rare event, a child star whose life didnt go off the rails when her career did, or even before that!

I’d love to say that the ‘road crash’ rate amongst young stars is a recent thing, but you only have to look back at the likes of Judy Garland to know thats not true. But in these days of mass media, the internet, social networking and things, it just gets out further, louder, and seemingly more disastrously for some.

Shirley started her career at the ripe old age of 3, and had retired from movies by the time she was 22, although the highs of her career had long since passed by then. Her peak was the mid to late 30’s, including the film that the video is from, interestingly what I assume is a colourised clip, because the film was definitely black and white!

No, not for her, the road haul of marriages, divorces and the like, she remained married for 54 years, until her husband died. Alright, fine, there was one brief marriage (a couple of years or so) a decade earlier, but on the whole, a pretty fine score.

Of course, for those of us of my age (and yes, I am getting on now, but not that old!), we dont so much remember the film career, other than on days like today when the news picks up on it, but the brief fling with politics, and her diplomatic career for the US. Thats right, Shirley Temple Black didnt just sit back, comment on the old days, and leave it at that, she developed a second career for herself.

But today, for the last time, the Good Ship Lollipop left port, taking her with it.

Thanks for everything, Shirley, and rest in peace.

Yes, the video is the obvious one, but in colour

The new story is up!

Yes, today marks the first new ebook from me for a while, though it was written late last year. But given that December is the busiest month of the year for my editor (no, he isnt Santa Claus lol), its taken a while to get this far, and then I have to have a gap at work when I can get to post it up! But today, everything came together, and now, at Smashwords, and Amazon at least, the new book is up


Despite the look in the picture, she’s a super heroine, though yes, it is set in the 1920’s. And yes, Belinda is a sassy, young flapper, while also using her chemistry skills to battle against villains, in and around River City. You want links, please say you want links!

Amazon is http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IAPGK6U or co.uk or whatever is Amazon’s tag in your zone, the last segment of the link will take you to the book. Smashwords is https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/406177 . It has also gone to Barnes and Noble, but not published there as yet.

And for those who noticed, all the other books are either back up at Amazon, or will be shortly. There seems to have been a falling out between them, and Draft2Digital, and all the stories posted through them got pulled. But I’ve sent them direct today, and hopefully some might even think they are new, and buy some!

Right, the video tonight, something different. As buyers will discover, Belinda’s home town in the story is Coffeyville, Kansas. Yes, not too distant from another certain famous Kansas born flapper lol! So lets show you Belinda’s home town

I suspect Cherryvale has a similar level of liveliness, hopefully I’ll find out later this year!

Should have gone to Specsavers?

Firstly, for the sake of my many North American readers, let me explain away the title. Over here in the UK, we have a long running series of adverts, by a company of that name, who sell glasses, and eye tests, for those short sighted biddies like myself, who need to wear glasses, in my case now, for about 45 years! Yes, I have been short sighted that long! Basically they spoof situations, where if someone could have seen properly, they wouldnt have tried to resuscitate a fur hat, shear the dog, instead of the sheep, and various other things.

Thankfully, I do go to one of their rivals, so have never done anything as silly as that…yet! But, there is always time, lol 😛

Anyway, this goes back to when I first posted up the photo shoot pictures in various places, including here, somewhere about the turn of the year, shouldnt be hard to find them, I guess? When I did that, someone suggested I looked like Jean Harlow in the pictures, and to say I was flattered, would be putting it mildly, as she was the original (pre Monroe) gorgeous, platinum blonde. And yes, I did suggest they needed to get their sight tested lol!

So, given my curiosity in such matters, I took a closer look at Ms Harlow’s life, and the biggest shock I got was that she died at the age of 26. No, no drugs, or anything else back then, kidney failure in fact. Something which is dealt with far better nowadays, but back in the 1930’s, was a pretty fatal issue, and so it proved for her. All sorts of stories run, her family being Christian Scientist suggest she avoided operations, doctors and the like, and maybe she did, but back then, even if she hadn’t, she may well not have survived.

Reading about her, it hardly sounds like her romantic life was a success, 3 marriages, and divorces, in that very short life. So, in terms of romantic attachments, I guess we have that success rate in common, though as far as I know, she never dabbled with other women! Oh, and she was almost born in Kansas, born in Kansas City, Missouri, but you cant get much closer, without being born in the state lol!

But, I dont know if its the placebo effect, of hearing that suggestion, or just craziness on my part, but the more I look at those pictures of me, and certain shots of her, I start to see a vague resemblance, given I was 30 years older than her, when they were taken, frightening, or what? No, I still suspect said persons need to get their eyesight examined, but a month on from the suggestion, I’m beginning to see their point.

Who, me,Jean Harlow reborn, dont be crazy, darlings, but…she did deserve a longer life, so…! Maybe I should stay blonde, go 30’s style, instead of 20’s, and do the whole Harlow thing, who knows? I could do a lot worse, and her hairstyle is more practical for me though lol! 😛 Might need someone to buy me one of those curling wands though!

Rest in peace, Harlean Harlow Carpenter (her real name), and dont worry about being compared to me, you were far more beautiful, but died far too young. I’m just flattered by the comparison, shall we say?

For those who need a few images for consideration, there are some here