Happy birthday, ‘Dot’

Well, alright, its not strictly Dot, from the Animaniacs birthday tomorrow, but it is for someone who uses her as her avatar at the Garden. Yes, that wonderful woman, known better as Kate, or Kbug has her birthday tomorrow. No, I’m not telling on her age though, but if you’re a member at the Garden, you could find out!

Happy birthday, honey, I’ll see you in just over 14 weeks, really looking forward to it, I hope you have a marvellous day. See you soon, in Virginia.

The perfect celebration, 5 minutes of pure cuteness from Kate, err Dot, for your delight.

Folks, sorry for the brief posting, but I’m away, and my time seems taken up by other matters, just wanted to put up something, for my dear friend, and also for my readers