Hanging On The Telephone

I’m not sure how many of my readers will remember the good old pre-internet days, when if you wanted to purchase something, you either had to go into a shop, send a payment by mail order (no, I dont expect people to remember that!), or phone up! Nowadays, its possible to do nearly everything online, and fine, despite my love of all things 1920’s and 30’s, I’m as guilty of doing that as everyone else nowadays!

However, on Friday, I was trying to order things online, but couldnt get the credit card to work, was getting some strange error message, truth be told. Mind, they were railways sites, which are being bombarded by visitors at that time, because of the weather over here, so that might have had something to do with it. Card company said it wasnt them, anyway, havent needed to make any purchases since, so who knows?

So, I gave one of them a call, given I need my new Senior Railcard in a fortnight (yes, still 60 over here, unlike pension age), I rang up, and got them ordered that way. Now, I didnt need to book the rail tickets immediately, but while I was in the mood, and had the time, seeing I was indoors, hiding from the snow and ice, protecting my back, I did the same with them, having had the same issue online. Rare kudos to Trans Pennine Express, I ordered the tickets early Friday afternoon, they arrived Saturday morning! Now, if only their trains were as prompt lol…?

Oh fine, I’d rather get to Blackpool by flying saucer/space craft, or by a 1920’s suitable steam train, but modern diesel trains will have to do, I guess? Mind, knowing me, I’d want an alien costume/body suit to do that. Oh, if anyone wants to get me one, especially friendly aliens, I wouldnt say no! Mind, whether I would ever get back out of one provided by aliens…?

But yes, fine, I’ll happily get back to being a ‘Modern Millie’ and booking stuff online again, I must admit.

Fine, video time. Two songs for the price of one! One is the obvious one, the other is Blondie’s comeback hit of 1999! All live!


One way, or another, you’ll be a bunny girl!

I guess it depends on your opinion of the matter as to whether Hugh Hefner used the young women he put into Bunny Girl outfits, or whether they used him by using his fame to get their faces (and tails) noticed by people to help boost their fame. Which is correct, who knows? my opinion, six of one, half dozen of the other, but anyway… it worked out well for both!

Yes, the Bunny Girl outfit was sexy, was aimed at men, but it has to be noted, that unless you know otherwise, all the girls who wore it, wore it willingly! Mind, some of us might have enjoyed being mind controlled into becoming a sexy Bunny Girl, but thats beside the point, I doubt it happened! There might have been a few ‘convinced’ into wearing it, though I suspect most of that was friends, rather than Hefner himself. I have to say that one of my stories, ‘Of an innocence divine’ could be accused of turning girls into similar sex objects, but that was mind control, and that was fiction, so…

Oh, for those curious? https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/342258

What people conveniently forget when condescending Hefner for the whole Bunny Girl, and Playboy Club thing for women, was that this was the 60’s, when liberation for women, both sexual, and in the job market was just starting to develop. Oh, and I suspect the pay was pretty good by the standard of those days too! So, good looking, confident young women, who wanted to get themselves noticed, by the right people, this was one of the better job outlets going! I’m not saying Hefner didnt get something out of it himself, as over the years, most of the playmates were younger, or much younger than himself (more recent times), and these girls probably thought they owed him something. So in those days of sexual liberation, and early birth control, I’m sure the inevitable happened!

Would I have become a Bunny Girl, given the chance? Who knows, a young actress, who maybe wasnt going to become a star, who could dress up sexily, and might ‘pull’ a rich man as a husband because of it, well, just maybe…? No, by the time I reached that age, the peak of its fame was gone, and besides, I was never that pretty anyway lol!

But let me say one thing. If someone offered me the chance to dress up, just once, as a Bunny Girl, I’d do it, and probably parade wearing it too, but that maybe the actress in me talking, who knows? Equally, all the same, if someone wants to ‘brainwash’ me into thinking I’m really a bunny girl, then go for it, though I would definitely want the outfit in that case.

So, RIP, Hugh Hefner, and thanks for all the memories of youth, and so much more.

The video, big clue in blog title. However this live, very raw version of the Blondie song is a bit different to the single version. For better, for worse, your call only.

Walking among equals

So fine, this author was on my ‘to be publicized’ list at some point, but given I’ve got nothing significantly now to talk about, beyond politics, and I’m sick of that subject, lets bring him to your notice a little sooner than planned. The best place to find his stories

Yes, thats right, he’s only been about since June, but quickly caught my eye. In truth, before I got in on the in joke, the early Master/Mistress stuff between what seemed like 2 submissives playing off each other started to annoy. However, as I read on, I caught up with the significance of it, and fine, its grown on me. Yes, it was just Julie, and Troy back then, but then things developed, new characters appeared, and they all grew on me.

Possibly because Helen is such a wonderfully manipulative person, perhaps because Maria was so sweet, and put upon, and as for Susan, well, she’s just Susan! Seriously, go read some of this stuff, you’ll love it. But in truth, the big thing its got is that the characters are well developed, play off each other brilliantly, and have fun! The scene at the end of ‘As Day Follows Night’, as the Mastercard ads used to say, priceless!

Oh, and fine, the latest story, ‘Night Brings The Hunter’ has a maid, called Jeanne. Yes, she’s French, but not that sort of French maid, believe me! Well, I assume not, but…? Yes, Jeanne is a French version of Jean, so yes, put two and two together, if you wish? 😉 No, as far as I know, she doesnt look like Harlow, doesnt wear silver, or have any desire to be like a robot, but thats not for me to say, only the author can comment on that!

But yes, give something here a try, if you havent already, you’ll be in for a treat.

The main video tonight is what I jokingly call the perfect piece of 4 minute pop. And yes, its about one of the names mentioned here before

As for two others mentioned here, a more tenuous link. Sadly I cannot find a live version, or video of this

There’s An App For That!

One of the things that has changed dramatically in my lifetime, is the phone system. I know, I’m old (58), but even so, if you’d told me that there would be a time when nearly everyone would be more focused on what was happening on their phone, than the world around them, even when I was a teenager, I’d probably have laughed at you. But yes, fine, its true. A few weeks ago, when I was commuting, there were about 15 people on the bus. Out of that number, 2 of us werent intently focused on their phone. One, thankfully was the driver, the other was me! The other 13… rolls eyes!

I know, I know, I’m probably the one thats out of place, especially as during breaks at work, I’m the only one of the training group not glued to their smart phone, mainly because I havent got one! Or indeed, any kind of phone at all! Alright, I’m considering getting one, but it wont be one of those smart phones, its going to be the most basic, cheapest one I can find. Yes, a bit like my US AT&T one lol! Why am I giving in, and getting one? Mainly because in about a month or so, November 7th, to be exact, I’ll be finishing work at 8 in the evening, and its going to be dark, and the area in which I work, should be fine, but a little bit of extra protection…? Oh fine, the fact I remember what the area was like 40, or 50 years ago probably doesnt help, though its changed dramatically, and all seems fine now. But even so, plus, if the buses are ever running late, and its still First, if not their awful train service, so…its a way to let work know.

So I might hate the idea, but I suspect it has to be done.

Anyway, back to smart phones, and these app things. Yes, I really am that technically minded that I have no clue what they are like, or do! I came across this story last week, and well, I wouldnt mind this app being used on me, the main snag being that I dont wear hose/stockings/tights or the like, just about ever!

But fine, if it got me turned into a Fantasy Bot, I guess I could go for both! Chrome look, or a certain 30’s movie star would be my favorite choices, but yes, fine, I could go for most things, I suspect? 😉 Otherwise, I’m pretty sure I can live with a phone with no apps, no camera option, and no internet. As long as it makes calls, I’d be fine. Text messages, well, maybe? But other than that, pass, pass, pass!

Oh, a while back, I cant remember the exact details, but I saw something that enabled you to use a phone displaying on your wrist? Might have been a concept, as I saw it on Twitter, but if anyone knows any details? Yes, the cyborg in me would just adore that!

Right, video time. Well, we’ve been talking about phones, so… A bit of Blondie live

A full set of blondes

I could have told you about an interesting little project that I might be getting involved in, but lets leave that for later in the week!

So yes, lets have a blog full of blondes, including me!

Firstly, one of my favorite actresses/singers of all time, celebrated her birthday yesterday. If you believe some figures, she was 92, if you believe others, she was 94! Yes, Doris Day, movie star, singer, and well known animal lover reached a landmark again yesterday. And just think, but for a car crash, she may well have stuck to dancing, never been a singer, and without that, never a movie star…Yes, its amazing what fate can hold for some. Whichever birthday it was, I hope you had a good one, Doris.

Second one is me. Yes, being honest, I’ll be properly blonde again, after tomorrow. In an ideal world, I’d have had it colored about a month ago, when the dark hair began to show through too much. Understandably, due to the lack of money, I tried to put it off. But yes, fine, last week, it annoyed me too much, so as I can scrape the money together, its getting done! So yes, it will be back to a more Harlowesque sheen, and style, from tomorrow lunchtime on! I wish someone would create a color that made you genuinely permanently that color! It wouldnt be so bad if my hair went grey, a little (I’m in my late 50’s, after all), but no such luck.

Third one is Jean. Yes, she had a few quirks, which basically comes down to no nightwear, no bras, and no knickers. The first 2 I cant replicate, because of health issues with the former, and the size of my boobs in the second. The last one, well, I thought it sounded weird, until I tried it. Yes, like Jean, I discovered that my bits quite enjoyed being able to breathe. I only do it indoors, sometimes, never outdoors, mainly because its not as warm here as California!

Lastly, Blondie, aka Debbie Harry. No, nothing sensational about her, just a convenient video of her, at the David Bowie tribute concert.

The next step of enhancing the Harlow look

Its fair to say that there are a number of things that Jean Harlow is said to have done, that I wont be following up on. For one, she’s supposed not to have ever worried about wearing a bra, but its fair to say her assets were a bit smaller than mine! Hardly surprising, she was 5′ 1″ and weighed about 110 lbs, so her boobs were hardly likely to be massive, lets face it. Had to be a good reason she was called ‘Baby’ lol. Me, I’m 5’11” and about 160!

Another strange thing to a modern woman like me, she never wore panties/knickers! Supposedly she liked to allow her ‘bits’ to breathe, though others have suggested it might also have been so that a man, and his cock could always get easy access, she certainly was no angel, from what I’ve read! Rumours abound of a couple of abortions, but as the certainty of facts on that is shadowy, lets not go into it. I have no plans to have sex, and am too old to get pregnant anyway, even if I wanted to, which I dont! Oh, and seemingly, she drunk a lot more than me too, though thats not hard!

Also, having seen childhood pictures of her, seemingly she was blonde, but not the bright, platinum blonde that she was famed for. That was supposedly created using bleach, a route I have no desire to go down. Of course, her hair eventually (supposedly) paid the price for that, as she was supposedly getting it done most weeks, though of course the kidney failure she was suffering would also have led to hair loss too.

Now, what I am prepared to do to enhance the look. As I mentioned recently, I’ve had my eyebrows arched a bit more, a la Harlow, though mine are still natural (what’s left of them), and not just a pencil line! I’m not sure anyone has even noticed, but anyway…

Oh, and the hair. Yes, I am getting it coloured blonde, though probably not as bright as Jean’s used to be. Though even if I did, modern colouring methods are far safer than the ones used back then! But no, I’m thinking a softer blonde, though my hairdresser might think otherwise. Yes, its being done next Thursday, and definitely 30’s style, something my fringe will be grateful for at least! Which hopefully means a few curls, so yes, I need to look for a curling tong, wave brush or the like, very soon! Oh, and I have to get used to longer hair, seen nothing less than shoulder length from that decade!

I will try, though no promises are made, to get a photo done, post hair styling for you. Hopefully it will only be the colour picture that makes you believe it wasnt taken in the 1930’s, but I wont hold my breath on that.

The video, another famous blonde

Oh, and a couple more things. I am now on Twitter, for those of you so inclined to follow me there. Tag (I think thats the term?) is @Harleanlook , and no prizes for working out where that comes from.

Lastly for tonight, the reason I signed up at Twitter, is an almost certainly vain attempt to become the senior (over 45) face of Coco, with the people I had the photo shoot with last summer, those wonderful folk at Cocoture. So if you want to boost me a little, go to https://www.facebook.com/Finestportraits?sk=app_451684954848385&brandloc=DISABLE&app_data=dlt-1 and vote for the Jean Harlow lookalike blonde, or me, at least. I’m the one in red, and the Harlow comment is also a giveaway. I dont expect to win, but a decent show would be nice

One way, or another

I’m going to get that black bob, Louise Brooks look! Well, close enough anyway.

lets face it, as I’ve mentioned before, I could never get that famous fringe naturally nowadays, I’m too old, the hair is a bit gone in the front, and besides which, nowadays I’m blonde! I do actually have my hair styled as a bob, but its slightly longer than hers, and the fringe…forget it!

But there is one way of getting it, even if it is a bit of a cheat, a wig! And guess what, I actually bought one yesterday, though again, its a longer style than she was generally seen with, simply because I have to cover up my own hair! But yes, its got that fringe 😀

No, I dont honestly know when I will wear it, beyond the Christmas do, and if that is the only time, then it counts as a silly purchase. I may well do it again at some other point, and the odds are good that it may well reappear at next years do, and might even get to travel to Kansas in the interim.

In a sense, I want to wear it sooner, but I know that like the dress, it really should wait its turn, shouldnt it? 😉

But yes, I can finally pull off the Brooksie look, even if it is cheating. Who cares?

The video, well, as is so often the case, the clue is in the title!