Another suitcase, in another airport

No, not me, for heavens sake, I only wish it was, and that I was planning a trip to Los Angeles, or beyond. But unless I find a generous donor, or something, I’m not going anywhere major, before next year, for sure. But yes, earlier today, a Dodgers related baseball thread had me realizing that we are only 6 weeks away from the end of the regular season.

Sadly, this year, I’m not going to get to a live game anywhere, and I’m not going to be able to relax, and watch the play off matches at all, in a comfy little apartment in Hollywood. I know, someone could donate me a large sum of money, and it might happen yet, or some wealthy soul might decide to make me the latest version of Marion Davies, and set me up in luxury, in that wonderful city. But yes, the odds on that happening are only slightly less than me hitting the winning home run in the World Series! Yes, I’m 58, female, and never played baseball in my life, so the chances of that happening, well…!

What the thread was about, was the now fast impending retirement of Vin Scully, as the spokesman of the Dodgers, in a TV sense at least. I know, its his 67th season, the guy is in his late 80’s, and never leaves California nowadays, but its not going to be the same without him. Yes, much though in a sense, it would be my dream job, calling every Dodgers game, every season (I could manage about 30 years before I reach his age), but lets face it, its going to be the job from hell, trying to replace him. Still, if someone wants to offer it to me, I’d give it a go, I guess, but I couldnt hope to match the legend. But I’m sure I’ll say more than that, when the Dodgers season is over, hopefully at the end of the World Series, either way.

But what struck me this week, was the amount of travel that these baseball people have to do. I know a lot are ridiculously well paid, but when you see what they have to put up with, travel, and play wise, for 6 months of the year, eek!

Take the Red Sox, who I got to see their Monday matinee game this week, as an example. Sunday, they played in Boston, the last game of the series with Arizona. From there, they flew to Cleveland, for said Monday game, a make up of a postponed fixture from April. After that, they flew back to Baltimore, for 2 games, being delayed on Wednesday night, by the weather. From there, they had to fly back to Detroit, for 4 more games, including an afternoon game on Thursday afternoon! When that series ends on Sunday, they then need to fly all the way down to Tampa Bay, before Monday evening. Then finally, for the Friday, they are allowed back home to Boston!

I know, if I was doing it, in the Vin Scully role, I probably would find it hard, but survivable. But given that on top of all that, they have to play a game of top level baseball, each day, wow! As I say, I know some earn millions in a year, but the beating their bodies must take, earning it, eek!

Oh fine, if the Dodgers came calling, as the commentator, would I say no? No chance!

Right, video time. What these baseball players must feel their lives consist of. I will say, this gorgeous song from Evita never got the kudos it deserved

Answer me…please!

Oh fine, to the shock of no one, I didnt get that job. And yes, the number of unshocked people does include myself. I even got that classic line again, about having done really well, but not getting the position. So having screamed, beaten my head against my laptop (I may be exaggerating here), and everything else, I decided that I was going to get that sanity break after all. So yes, I checked all the figures again, and 4 weeks would work, or should do, as much as I can tell with pen and paper. In reality, we will see, but the deed is done, I’m going! And that was the moment that the next frustrating snag kicked in.

I had looked at apartments, and had found one, at a reasonable price, that fitted my needs. Fine, it wasnt in Hollywood, but it wasnt that far away, so I enquired. Yes, fine, even pre approved for my booking, when I was ready. Snag was, by the time I got to try and book it, someone had beaten me to it. Still, not to be defeated, I had somewhere else in mind. Just on the edge of Hollywood, a nicer cottage in fact, but a bit more pricey, and I was trying to keep costs down, but anyway…I applied. Now, according to Airbnb, this guy had a 100% reply rate (which could be 1 of 1, of course), within a day. Approaching a day and a half, I’ve had no reply. No fine, no, I dont want you, just nothing. So therefore, after 24 hours, my request expired. I have dropped him an email, in case he’s been away, or busy, or something, to keep up my interest, but still not a word.

So I looked again! New renter, even nicer apartment than his place, so I’ve applied. 4 hours later, I’m still waiting to hear! Still, hopefully before her 24 hours are up, I will! And yes, I spotted a couple of others that would be nice, a bit further out of town, but not drastically so, and made note. If need be, one of those will be next, but I hope it doesnt come to that!

Anyway, now you know!

Right, the video. I would dearly have loved to have found a live version of the original David Whitfield version, but given that was 1953, not surprisingly, I hit a blank. Still, it must be said that Barbara Dickson did a pretty good cover version of it.