Going to the chapel, but not me being married!

Actually, in truth, I have no idea if it will be chapel, church, or registry office (or whatever the US equivalent is?), but it looks like I’m going to a wedding this year. And yes, as you might have guessed from one comment, it will be in the US, definitely a first. No, not me, not yet at least, and unless anyone is crazy, probably not me, ever! But who knows, there might be someone that fancies a challenge, or wants to turn me into a Stepford type wife (which I’d enjoy far too much!), but logic says not!

To be fair, even when I saw the announcement on Facebook, and congratulated her accordingly, I wasnt expecting to be invited to the wedding. Lets face it, I’m a few thousand miles from New York State, and we’ve never actually met yet, though its fair to say like I feel I have known Stacie for years. In a sense, I have, but in real life, not yet!

So when it gets mentioned in messages that she wanted to know when I would be in her corner of the US later this year, and that she wants me to be at the wedding, well, I was honored, flattered, but fine, amazed. Admittedly, as it stands, given I’m flying in 1 Saturday, flying out the next one, its not going to work like that. A midweek wedding might suit me, but not going to suit anyone else, lets face it. So I might have to beg a holiday extension at work, but I can live with that!

Finding a suitable dress, hmm? I have a few that would more than do, but a new one, doubtful, but we will see. Where’s that Harlow type gown when I need it lol? Couldnt afford it, even if I found one! But if anyone is offering …? No, I might need a slightly larger size than Jean would have done!

I’ll be honest, if she cant make those dates I’m in the area, for whatever reason, and that does seem a rushed arrangement to me, I’ll be doing everything possible to get there, whenever it happens. Who knows, I might catch the bouquet, when she throws it, and then…No, I dont think any man, or woman is that crazy regardless!

So Stacie, thank you, invite accepted, whenever it actually happens!

The video, big clue in the blog title! I assumed that 25 years after the hit, this might not be a good idea, going for a live version, but no concerns on that front!