I am who I am!

Alright, by now, I’m beginning to see the funny side of it, but I certainly wasnt feeling the same way when I found this piece of news on Thursday evening, when I got home, and got on my ‘author version’ Facebook account. Though of course, the funniest thing was being able to shoot this ‘smart person’ down in flames, in the best way possible.

What had happened, is that someone had reported the name on the account to Facebook, claiming I was pretending to be someone I wasnt. Yes, thats right, thats the one with a picture of Harlean Carpenter on it, its just that its the more famous lady who was known by that name. Yes, better known to most probably as Jean Harlow!

I’m pretty sure it was someone from one of the numerous number of vintage movie groups I’m on, under that account, who did it, but obviously I have no idea who! Now, whether they just disliked anyone having an account that clearly related to the more famous Harlean, whether it was the fact that I use it as a form of advertising for my books, and stuff, or whether I just use the Harlow sassiness, while posting there, who knows?

Anyway, to cut a long story short, Facebook were asking for evidence that it was either my real name, or for me to change the name on the account, or it would be shut down in 7 days. Unfortunately for Mr (or Miss/Mrs) Clever Clogs who thought I would have to change the name on the account, or lose it, it backfired on them! Why? The obvious reason, my name really is Harlean Carpenter! So all I did was send a scan of my name on my passport to Facebook that evening, and by the time I got home Friday evening, I had confirmation that all was fine, and my account marked accordingly! I’d love to have seen that other persons face when they were told my name was legitimate!

Now, all I have to do is find a mad scientist, who can make me look just like Jean, and it would be perfect. 😀 Fine, that might be slightly harder than solving the issue Facebook laid on me! Still, I can dream…

The video, well, the blog title sort of gives it away!