If I Could Turn Back Time

Yes, at least half of the planned story postings have happened this weekend, the 2 short pieces have appeared on the latest EMCSA update. The 2 for ebooks that require far more work to get them posted, doesnt look like it will happen at this point. 😦 I think I’ve got most things done apart from that though (3 more stories on the update, and I’ll be relatively happy), so not a total blowout.

Oh, and why am I trying to plough through so much reading, simple, am having my hair done Tuesday morning, and my nails done in the afternoon, so that will kill off my free time for the day pretty well. No, nothing dramatic, just a lot more blonde than at present after highlights done, and a bit shorter, but not Louise Brooks short, I’m too butch for that look! I get one or two comments/sniggers about looking like a guy with shoulder length hair as it is. If I got a short bob look…! facepalm!

Funnily enough, both sets of stories include one that involves a genre thats rarely used in mind control stories, time travel. No, I dont know why, and time stop doesnt seem to be used either, but lets face it, neither are more fictional than mind controlled sex slaves, and people being turned into robots! Oh, what?…Ah well, lol! 😛

And yes, alright, both pieces of time travel involve the 1920’s, though the ebook version is only travel in a dream, not reality. The EMCSA one, thats for real lol! One I used as a play on history, the serum run to Nome in 1925, the other was simply to give me an option to play with someone who might be Louise Brooks! Thats the one you can find here

Yes, well alright, sue me, but its fun to imagine… 😉 Mind, I have no idea of the reality of life in the 20’s, just gaining my knowledge from words and images of that era, thats all. No, I dont think anyone from now could really fit that seamlessly into a 1920’s lifestyle, but who knows until you try it?

Me, I’d love to find a hypnotist who could put me in a trance like state where I am a 20’s flapper girl, but lets face it, not likely to happen. Maybe not to stay that way, but…might not be too bad if I could still have internet lol!

Right, the video, clue is in the title, though many may not know the song,

A beautiful day

Mainly related to the fact that its been my one day off, in an eleven day period stretching from last Wednesday, until this Saturday, this is it! But yes, it has been a beautiful day weather wise, even if I havent had any real time to enjoy it. Trying to catch up on things, including my blogs, as you may well have noticed!

Right, lets start with the depressing stuff, what I still havent managed to achieve, despite these few hours of freedom. I havent got my nails done, which is only annoying in the sense that 3 nails have snapped off, taking the gel with them. Only blessing, given they are shimmering silver nowadays, its not as obvious as they would be if pink, or red, or a colour like that. But given I cant get them done on a Sunday, it will now be next Tuesday, but appointment is now booked at least. Nor have I got my hair coloured or cut, which is needed, but just at the moment, unless I can achieve miracles (or forego most of next Tuesday), I have no idea when I can get it done. The other thing I know isnt done, is to get the 2 ebooks ready for publishing, though they are now ready to go, even got the covers to go up too. 🙂 Hopefully I can dig into that on Sunday (though no idea when I can find the time) and get them through the checker thing at Smashwords, and get them posted up. But please, dont quote me on a date for that, all the same.

What I have got done, among many things, is plenty of reading, which hopefully opens up some time for next week, even more so if I can get through a few more tonight, fingers crossed. I’ve also sent the 2 shorts off to Simon tonight, so hopefully they should get posted up to the Archive at the weekend, the first stuff I will have posted there in quite a while, due to those blessed time issues! Probably the last for quite a while too!

Oh, and I’ve written a blog, just for you. But yes, the weather forecast tonight, as provided by U2, is

Next one, Sunday…hopefully!

Walking in the rain

About the only good thing to come out of a pretty soggy Saturday in Belfast, is that I gave up on the cricket by about 3 pm, and headed back into town. This enabled me to have a walk around a city that hasnt always been as peaceful as it is now. Not that it doesnt occasionally have its moments, but compared to that period known as ‘The Troubles’, its very quiet now. Yes, even on a Saturday afternoon with all those shoppers about!

Even more so on a Sunday morning about 10, when its very quiet, to say the least, most shops dont seem to open for as many hours over there on a Sunday as over here. In fact, all I could find open were a couple of souvenir shops, and a number of coffee houses, one of which I retired to, for my last drink before heading out to the airport, and home.

No, I never actually walked around Belfast during the Troubles, I wasnt that crazy! All I saw were the pictures on the news, and the advice of not to go into the city centre, at any time. So I didnt! Whereas now, the whole idea of this trip was to stay downtown, thats how much its all changed for the better.

Oh, of course, there is a new tourist attraction in Belfast, though it is just outside the city centre. It concerns something that happened just over 100 years ago, when a ship was the only way to cross the Atlantic, and it took forever. Yes, the Titanic exhibition, if you hadnt worked that out already. No, I dont know how good it is, I only saw the outside of the buildings from the bus heading out to the airport. Hopefully I can get back next year, and hopefully the weather will be good enough that I dont spend Saturday afternoon walking around Belfast city centre!

The video, well it sums up what I was doing on Saturday

Its got to be…


No, not the weather, you must be joking! Yesterday we got in most of the days cricket before the rain came down, today it was a mere 16 overs play due to the rain. No wonder Ireland is so green lol! A great shame, but its been a nice break from work all the same.

Seriously, I’m talking about the hotel I’ve stayed at, the Days Hotel in Central Belfast. Let me add that this is a comparative matter. If you’re used to the Hilton, or 5 star luxury, it wouldnt be perfect. If like me, you’re used to budget hotels, and some of the delights related to them, then this place is exceedingly good value for your money.

Being honest, the only fault I’ve found so far, is that the internet connection can be patchy and temperamental at times. Not in the sense of losing service (other than the daily code renewal), just occasional non connections, thats all. The room is comfortable and spacious, and would be even if there were 2 of us in here, as its designed for.

Really good reception service too, but the main delight for me with a budget hotel was the restaurant, the food being really good when I ate there on my first night. Oh, alright, the breakfast coffee is out of a machine, but otherwise… as I said, its not perfect for the price, just very good.

Its actually been nice staying downtown in Belfast this time around, allowed me to see a bit of the city. Oh, and to be entertained tonight by some marching bands too, presumably a parade for the Queens birthday today? Tomorrow, back to England, hopefully without cancellations this time around. Yes, Flybe let me down coming out, thankfully only made me 2 hours late, but enough to mess up Thursday evening plans all the same.

The video, well, this place is almost it, in terms of value…

Happy birthday, ‘Dot’

Well, alright, its not strictly Dot, from the Animaniacs birthday tomorrow, but it is for someone who uses her as her avatar at the Garden. Yes, that wonderful woman, known better as Kate, or Kbug has her birthday tomorrow. No, I’m not telling on her age though, but if you’re a member at the Garden, you could find out!

Happy birthday, honey, I’ll see you in just over 14 weeks, really looking forward to it, I hope you have a marvellous day. See you soon, in Virginia.

The perfect celebration, 5 minutes of pure cuteness from Kate, err Dot, for your delight.

Folks, sorry for the brief posting, but I’m away, and my time seems taken up by other matters, just wanted to put up something, for my dear friend, and also for my readers

Cricket at Stormont, and other summer issues.

Yes, tomorrow I set off for Belfast, and hopefully a couple of days of watching Ireland play cricket. Yes, its been downgraded to hopefully, given the fact that the brief British summer seems to have ended just in time for my trip. Yes, its still warm enough, but unfortunately, its also supposed to be getting wet as well, aargh!

Maybe its not the weather, maybe its the concept of playing cricket at Stormont, just on the edge of Belfast, that brings on the rain. Seriously, yes, I did catch the sun a bit one day while watching cricket there, but even on that day, we had a short, but sharp rain shower during the morning! Most other days there, its been more of a challenge to see the sun, than miss the rain!

The weather has actually been quite nice of late, and today, not for the first time, I went to work without any jacket whatsoever. And this was leaving home before 7.30, and it was already 60 out there! When I first saw the 10 day forecasts for the next few days for Belfast, they didnt look too bad at all. But then terms like showers, and rain started to enter the reports, and now…well hopefully I get a decent amount of cricket to watch, all the same.

I know one thing, it will be nice to have a few days off work before the craziness that will be Royal Ascot strikes at work next week.

So, in tribute to the weather, and things, a song from Travis. And no, thats not a skirt he’s wearing, its a kilt, they were a Scottish band lol!

How long!

The thing with many sports over here, is that we can settle for a draw, a team doesnt have to win every time they play. Indeed with football, that can be a blessing at times, as some games I’ve had the misfortune to see at work would probably end up 0-0 if they played for 3 days. Of course in cricket, they do play for 3,4 or even 5 days, and the game still ends up a draw.

But over in the good old USA, they dont go in for draws, or not if they can really help it. Well, alright, in soccer they do, but otherwise…The NFL can have a regular season tie, but only after an extra 15 minute period when neither team scores, and yes, they are pretty rare. In the play offs, they do carry on until there is a winner, but even then, one period of overtime is usually enough.

The NHL has one period of overtime, but after that they go into a sudden death shootout to get a result, they dont go on forever. The NBA does continue with overtime periods until a winner is found, but the nature of scoring here tends to get a result in 1, at most, 2 periods of overtime.

But then we come to Baseball. Last night, just after 6 pm, I got home, and ESPN America were just about to start showing Texas playing at Toronto. When I went to bed, at 10.50 pm, they were still playing, at the end of the 15th innings. At that point I gave up, but its still the most innings of baseball I’ve ever seen in a single game. They finally decided it after 18 innings apparently. The thing is, it wasnt even the longest game of the day, Miami and the NY Mets went a mind numbing 20 innings before a winner was decided. Seriously, is the need for a winner really that great? Both of those are the equivalent of 2 normal games, or more!

And seriously, no, they are nowhere near the record for the longest game, that stands, and will probably always stand at 33 innings, back in 1981, between Pawtucket and Rochester, two teams I actually saw play a normal length game back in April. That did stretch to two nights, but 32 innings were played on the first night, play ending at 4.19 am!

So, in tribute to the MLB, and its desire for a winner in every game, I offer…

Taking The Plunge

For those of us who have written stories in the past, the only outlet for your work, unless you were very lucky, was to post it on the internet, and hope somebody liked it, for no financial gain whatsoever. And yes, I’ve written a good number of stories in the past for the EMCSA, though not a lot in recent times, I just dont have the time any more.

Principally I wrote for that site, under a nom de plume, and they got a mixed reaction. Some people loved them, some people didnt, and a few opinions in between. But to put it bluntly, my writing skills were never going to appear in Waterstones, Barnes and Noble, and the like!

Then along came ebooks, though initially when they did, it was only established authors that appeared even then. Then slowly but surely, more humble writers found this gave them an opportunity to sell their works to the wider world, or at least try to do so. To be honest, I pretty much ignored this development, the one comment that seems to have come out of it, is that you need to post new stuff on a regular basis, and I’m in no position to do that any more. But, in the deep distant past, I have two stories that never got posted on the net, for various reasons. Not that they werent good enough, they both got a decent reception when posted on the Forums, but they didnt qualify for the site, under the rules.

Well now, I’ve decided they deserve that bigger audience (maybe), so I’m going to try to sell them as ebooks. No, I dont expect sales rivalling Jane Eyre and the like, if I sell any, and certainly more than a couple, I will be thrilled. I’ve got a lovely friend known as ‘Pan’ who has bought me a couple of stock images to use as book covers, a present for all the reviews I’ve done, very kind of him, all the same.

So sometime in the next few weeks, I will become an ebook author. If you’re good, or even if you’re not, I’ll probably advertise a link on here when they are up and available. I’m pretty sure my wonderful editor has already checked them over, but I’ve sent them back to him, just in case, before publishing to the world.

If they do OK, I do have a couple of posted stories that dont really fit in with said persona, and I might add them to the collection. But if they sink without trace, probably not!

In the meanwhile, here is a very ancient song that might give half a clue as to the synopsis, and title of one of the stories