All In A Name?

The irony is, the main people I would like to see this, cant! In truth, Facebook might have done me a favor with their dastardly deed, though dont quote me on that. Well, I’d been thinking of separating from it, but instead, they walked out on me. Well, on one of my accounts at least.

I have, for sometime, had 2 accounts on Facebook, one for friends, and work contacts and the like, and another for the publishing side of things, the dormant acting stuff, and generally anything LA, or movie related. Yes, there is stuff on the latter that its probably better some friends didnt know, but anyway, no more!

Sometime last year, someone objected to the latter account, because of my name, and because I used a picture of the original Harlean Carpenter, instead of me, as the profile pic. Fine, the cover pictures were me, but anyway… At the time, I sent Passport evidence to Facebook to prove it was my name, and that was it, account reinstated, and a promise that the issue wouldnt arise again.

So yes, when I arrived home Wednesday night, to find out the account had been disabled again, despite all this, I was not amused. So fine, I went through the same ID protocol as before, only this time I’ve come across a ‘Mr Jobsworth’ who because my passport picture doesnt match the avatar one, he wont reinstate the account. So thats it, short of major cosmetic surgery, what can I do? The fact that I used Jean’s birth date as well might play a part, which is 13 days different to mine (Yes, I used the correct year), but in all truth, my name really is Harlean Carpenter, as proved by ID, but they wont let me in. The irony, as a friend from there pointed out, is that there are about 20 other Harlean Carpenter profiles over there, and numerous Jean Harlow ones too, and they arent even using their legal name!

Fine, I will admit it, I was getting tired of Facebook, and therefore cutting it right back, or totally over isnt going to be that hard. I was tempted at one point to shut the other account completely, but now I’ve toned that down to leaving it open for contact purposes, via their message system, and to publicize my blogs.

I know, its not Facebook as such, they are just acting on the whims of some pedantic vintage movie folk, who dont like someone posting under the name, even if its my real one. Lets face it, there is no chance its the real Jean Harlow posting, lets face it! Oh, agreed, if I ever find out who did it, I’d look for my chance of vengeance, but for now, I’ll settle for not wasting too much time on Facebook any more. So if anyone wants me, on my Facebook account, message me. If anyone wants me to see something specific there, message, or tag me! Because otherwise, I probably wont see it!

OK, video time. A song for whoever, because seemingly now, Facebook wont let you have an account in your own name. I only hope ‘Mr Jobsworth’ is happy in his life!…rolls eyes…

They dont need to know

Yes, first of 2 blogs today, special treat.

I discovered this morning, care of my ‘friends’ at Facebook, that it was one year ago today, that Harlean Stephanie Carpenter entered the world. Not the first time a Harlean Carpenter had entered the world (3.3.1911), but she had a different middle name! And yes, to keep things easy on people who knew me as Steph, or Stephanie, I kept that as my middle name. Fine, without that, Clara, for Miss Johnson would have been tempting, but anyway…I know, deed poll job, not an actual birth, though it felt like a rebirth, so…

Thats right, it took a whole 9 days after arriving back in the UK to get the matter sorted out, what took me so long lol? A couple of months later, I got the passport sorted out, and… Yes, that was not fun, one identity in life, and applying for jobs in my old name, but given you have to have ID for those matters…

Still hoping to find someone who can transform my looks so that I look like the other, more famous Harlean Carpenter, but mad scientists seem to be in short supply at present!

So yes, if anyone wants to buy Harlean a ‘birthday’ present, I wouldnt mind, but in truth, I’m just glad I can really be me, cut off all ties from my past self, and just enjoy life. Yes, thats right, I still have to remember the old name, in case I need it for references, or anything, but beyond that, Stevie Nicholls, who was she? 😉

The video. Not a version of this song most will remember, because the Tracey Ullman version is the famous one. But this is the original, which for me at least, is the better one. Sadly I cant find a live version of Kirsty singing it, video, or otherwise, so this is the best I can do.

Oh, officially, the first appearance of Harlean Stephanie Carpenter was before the deed poll, due to one lovely friend in Hollywood. Thanks to Eden for that. Yes, Harlean went to the Magic Castle, not Stevie!

The first flight of Harlean Carpenter

I might actually be wrong, though I havent seen any evidence that Jean ever took to the air to go anywhere, all her longer journeys seem to have been by train, to be honest. But if I’m wrong, apologies. It is also possible that she took to the air while filming ‘Hells Angels’, but given those planes were generally single seater, I very much doubt it!

Yes, thats right, the new passport, in my new name, finally arrived today! I certainly plan that it will be the last name that I use in a passport, and it might even be my last passport, given that I will be nearly 68 when it expires, its argumentative if I will get another one after that. Health permitting, possibly one more, but dont quote me on that! Its a fact of life, that once you hit 70, travel insurance prices rocket, so…?

I know, I could get married, but forgive me if I laugh a lot at the thought of that happening. Besides, nowadays, the woman doesnt always change her name on marriage, and lets face it, being called Harlean Carpenter isnt anything I want to change in a hurry!

Yes, if I could, I’d love to just get up, and fly somewhere tomorrow, just to hand over the passport, in my lovely new name. But yes, you’re right, I cant afford it at present. So, if any generous benefactor, or wealthy person, wants to get a flight ticket for me, as short, or long a distance, I dont care. I just want to be able to check in, hand over that passport, and hear the person behind the desk say, “Thank you, Miss Carpenter” or whatever they say, it will just be so special.

Yes, in a dream world, it would be a journey to Kansas City, or Los Angeles, but to be honest, if it was a flight from Manchester, or Leeds, to anywhere, I just dont care! I know, its not going to happen, until I can afford it, I’m sure, but you never know! Please!

Well, for something like this, it comes down to one of 2 songs. I chose the one you’re less likely to know, because I’m that type of woman!

An English Woman in LA – A brief look back at 2015

Alright, that title is a slight cheat, as I only spent just over 10% of the year in LA (38 days out of 365), but hey, its the second longest period I spent anywhere, so…

Fine, the year started off badly, when in mid January, I was told that I was being made redundant (again, 3rd time) by the company I’d worked for, for 6 years, so this time I decided to take the hint, and take the money and run. No, thats not the video, or the one you might be expecting from the blog title. See, been told lol! I actually left there at the end of March, and if you’d told me that 9 months later I would still be out of work, well…ah well, too late now!

The main thing that allowed me to do, was extend my stay in Hollywood, in April. To be honest, I wondered how I would take to life in ‘Tinsel Town’, but took to it like a duck to water. Fine, 10 days wasnt enough (would have been 7), and I pledged to return. Fine, I wasnt expecting it to be 6 months later, but more on that shortly.

I came back, and started job hunting, with no success. It might be age, but more likely, its the current recruitment infatuation with competency based questions that didnt help. Thankfully, I had the money to help me cope with this. Anyway, by August, I’d reached breaking point with this matter, and was about to snap. So despite having a week in Cape Cod with a US friend booked for mid September, I took a dramatic step! I booked a 4 week stay, in a rented apartment in Hollywood, up in the Hills, best thing I’ve ever done. Oh, and that is so much more fun than a hotel room, even if the place isnt (strictly) your own. Oh, and btw, 38 days in LA still isnt enough, but anyway…enough on that, plans are already in hand, should the chance arise!

The one thing that wonderful trip stopped me doing sooner, was changing my name, as I’d had planned for a couple of months by then. But straight after I got back, the deed was done, and my name is now officially Harlean, even though to some, I will always be Steph, or Stephanie, I guess. Main reason I kept Stephanie as my middle name, rather than Jean lol!

Now, finally (due to needing the passport as ID for job applications) the old passport has gone back, and the last trace of Stevie Nicholls will be no more. Yes, I’m really looking forward to going to the US, as Harlean, when money, and time permit.

So fine, what have I been for a lot of this year? A California girl, just maybe? Yes, its the Katy Perry song, but its not Katy! Its a rather excellent parody by Sarah Gregory, and Mark Douglas, whoever they may be? It is rather good, mind.

I cant remember my old name!

OK, maybe thats a slight exaggeration, as today was the day I could finally abandon the pretense of being Stevie Nicholls, at long last. Yes, the final job interview in that name is done, the CV, job email sites, and NI number are all now, or will soon be, in my new name at long last. The passport will now go off tomorrow, as I couldnt face going out again this afternoon, to send it off. I have to go out, and get a couple of small presents tomorrow, so I will do it all then.

Yes, for the first time in just over a month, I only have to concern myself with one name, that being Harlean Carpenter. Hey, I’m even going to start letting people call me Harlean now, if they want to, as I’m not trying to keep the 2 names roughly aligned any more. Now, if anyone can do a mind meld for me, so that the 2 Harlean Carpenter’s can be molded into one, yes, I’d love it. Not going to happen though, is it, sadly.

But if anyone fancies erasing all my memories of my old identity, using this, or any other delicious method, feel free to do so. In fact, please do! Would be the best present I could get!

Mind, I say its just over a month, but in truth, its about 3, in all. Pretty much since I came back from New England, I settled into my new identity, other than when I had to use passport ID! Best night was the night, a friend of mine, introduced me as, and called me Harlean all evening, that was heaven! Thanks so much, Eden!
Yes, I’m really looking forward to that first flight, as Harlean, just so much!

Right, the video. Its where the play on the title of the blog comes from. Yes, I can say it, my name is Harlean Carpenter. And all I wanted was a flight, to Hollywood!

Young at heart?

Well, regardless of whether I am, or not, I’m not young in body. I’m 57, for heavens sake, more than twice the age poor Jean Harlow ever reached in this life. But thats not the point of this brief blog, its the amusing job interview I had today.

If I heard the line ‘Its a young office’ at my interview today, I heard it a dozen times, or more. Maybe it was, and judging by the glance I cast round the office post interview, seemingly it is, as I couldnt see anyone much the other side of 30, but as far as I know, strictly, age cant be used as an issue when applying for jobs. In fact, I know it cant, but beside the point, no, I dont expect to get any positive news back from my application somehow.

So, at this point, given it relates to this, I might as well slip the video in, here and now!

Well, looks like the last trip out as Ms Nicholls will now be happening tomorrow, for the medical screening, as I’ve heard nothing more about the job assessment on Wednesday, so… Yes, the next time I apply for any roles, or need to show ID, it will at long last be as Miss Carpenter! Can’t wait! And at some point next year, the first flight as Harlean is going to be something special. Mind, I probably need to get a job, and some money together for that!

Talking of money, if anyone has £75 ($113.52 at time of posting) to spare, I love this corset.

Yes, I know, its a thoroughly submissive look, but I love it all the same. And hey, I switch, and could probably quite happily full time sub if I got to wear that. Oh fine, technicality, I also need someone to tie me (tightly) into it, but thats beside the point!

I know, I love gorgeous corsets, what can I say? 😉

Sign my name. Which one?

For the last month or so, you could say I’ve been living a double life. Officially I’m Harlean Stephanie Carpenter, but when it comes to job applications, I’m still Stevie Lou Nicholls. Why? Simple, you have to show ID, to prove who you are when you go to register for jobs, or at interviews, and of course, I’ve still been operating off my old passport up until now, which is fine, and then you have to sign a form, and I start thinking which name am I signing here?

Thankfully, now I’m reaching a point where I can risk sending off the passport for a few weeks or so, and get the change done, because of the season, and events. Yes, lets face it, no one is going to start you working just before Christmas, or indeed before the New Year, now. So after one assessment next week (when I might need it), and one medical screening (where I will need it) that needs to be arranged tomorrow, for early next week, I can take a chance, and send the old passport away, and await the return of the new one.

Should the latter happen, I’m going to be in a clinic for a few days at the beginning of the New Year anyway, so I wont even need it then. And hey, if its the job, hopefully I can get someone to get an early print of the old passport, or be patient for a few days, and get the new one, which will be wonderful.

Up until now, I’ve been using Stephanie formally, despite the evidence, and no one seems to mind. Whether, once I have the new passport, I really take on the name, Harlean, I’ll wait and see how comfortably it sits with me. But its definitely growing on me, so…I might!

But yes, it will be wonderful when I dont have to think which name I’m going to sign, because I will only have one again, a name I am truly proud of, Harlean Stephanie Carpenter. Sounds wonderful!

The video relates to the issue I’ve been having, which name to sign, but not for much longer.