Electric Dreams

Before I go any further, I will say that I’ve never seen the film, all I’ve seen of it is the official video featuring Phil Oakey, and this wonderful take off of it. Yes, I promised more Gary Simmons, and lo and behold, here it is. This features his girlfriend as well, who certainly doesnt lack for talent either, though is seemingly no part of the tribute show he’s in whatsoever.

Together in electric dreams, that so sounds like a plot for a mind control story, doesnt it? Though unlike the film, I suspect for us it might generate images of a whole different means of achieving that? I know it would for me lol! For me, it definitely involves wiring the brain up, and possibly a whole lot more, but that doesnt happenin that sort of Hollywood film.

Funny thing is though, dreams tend to be a singular thing. There may be someone else in it, but technically you’re the director, they are just the actor/actress playing their part. But if you literally shared a dream with someone…I wonder how it would go at times? There are times I’m wondering if I’m sharing a dream with the spirit of Louise Brooks, but anyway…I’ll admit it, in more senses than one, sharing a dream with Fembotheather would be a great, fun experience. Possibly because we are both fembot fans, possibly because we are both LB fans, but either way… I do think sharing with a stranger would be a whole different affair though?

So who do you want to be together in an ‘electric dream’ with? I might as well have just added James as a name to that question, but you never know…

The video, as I say, more Gary Simmons, really like his style of video making, and the music is good too. I’m not saying the Phil Oakey version isnt, just that this is the one I want to plug.