They think its all over…it is now!

Yes, finally, very finally, the latest story is complete. Its ‘only’ been 3 months since I wrote chapter 4, but at long last, chapter 5 has appeared, and thats definitely it. I could say I’d write more, I’ve certainly left it open enough that it could happen, but I’m pretty sure it wont, at least while I’m in my current job, which is all I’ve got, so…

Its funny how things work out, the original idea I had for chapter 5 of ‘Never A Wise Move’ got thrown out a long time ago, at least 2 months back. I couldnt get the idea to work out, so when I finally came up with a (hopefully) better one, I decided to run with that instead. Snag was, finding time to write it up, and yes, today really was the first chance I’ve had to do that. Well unless you count when I was on holiday, and I think someone might have killed me if I’d spent my holiday doing that lol!

Said person actually appears in chapter 5 btw, my beloved editor, without whom, my stories would probably be more of a mess. Funny thing is, its different. Different even to how I saw it all playing out, but I’ve always been one to let my muse have her head, maybe MIB3 has secretly influenced me in some way lol? Not that I’ve seen the movie, just trailers, and posters, but…

But to be honest, its not only the story that is all over, I think its the end of major story writing efforts while in my current job. Time to myself is just so limited nowadays, that if I didnt write it today, I have absolutely no idea when it might have happened. And now, because I’ve forced myself to sit down and write this afternoon and evening (short gap for chiropodist visit, and dinner), my head is buzzing no end. Dont get me wrong, putting down the words was fun, but the recoil afterwards, when you finally stop, isnt.

I know, I’ve said it before, but this time I’m sure I mean it. Thats all folks, until by whatever means, I have more time to write again. Ironic isnt it, there was a time when I had time to write, and didnt want to. Now I’ve started to enjoy it again, I’ve got no time! But I’m glad I was finally able to tie things up with this story, it was so much fun writing it.

For those of you who are members of the Garden, it will be up very shortly, within the next hour. For others, it will be up on EMCSA in the next update, all things permitting, 9th June. I know, it will be a heavy update, and might get missed, but I’ll take my chance. To be honest, beyond Garden folk, its got hardly any feedback anyway, far too in-house I suspect, for those who dont know the people.

Well, there are no crowds on the pitch that I can see, but I think the writing is all over, and it is now. Enjoy…

Its that time of year

Yes, its that time of year (well, one of them at least) when the Master of the EMCSA disappears from view for a few weeks, presumably to go on holiday, though it might just be to top up his collection of mind controlled slaves lol! What this means, is that we actually get a break between updates, not the regular weekly basis. In fact, the next one is 3 weeks away, the weekend of June 8.

Good news, bad news for me. Good news, I can get on and do other things, more on that shortly. Bad news, the first couple of updates when he gets back are usually large, a nightmare for people like me who try to review as many stories as possible. I know, some would say, just read the authors, and stories you know, but I know what will happen, I’ll miss a new writing gem that way, so…I know, I’m silly, but I try all the same.

Ah, the good news, well even if I’m not going to try and blast through everything in 1 week under these circumstances (this weeks update is slightly larger than most of late), but even so, 3 days reading (normally I get 2) will see me through. All of which means, with a bit of luck, I should get time to do other things in the interval. And much though I probably will do a bit of studying up on hotels and the like for next year, that wont take that long in all honesty.

What it will enable me to do, is get back to writing my latest story, which in theory at least, only has 1 chapter to go. Snag is, its had one chapter to go now for about 3 months! And before anyone says the last chapter was posted only in March, as my editor will back me up, it was written well before then! In all honesty, I was struggling to get Chapter 5 right in my head, I had an idea all planned out, and then took a dislike to it. So much so, that when I did have a 2 hour writing opening, I couldnt get it done. Shortly after that I had a massive rethink, worked out a plan that I do like, but since then, havent had the chance to commit a word to the laptop. Now, in the next 2 weeks, I should get the opportunity to put that right.

Oh, and if anyone is wondering what I’m talking about, this is the story

Some might note the setting for the first few chapters, and spot the Louise Brooks connection, absolutely right. And no, I’ve never been to Cherryvale in my life, Google (especially maps) and local websites have helped a lot in that sense. I would love to visit, but given its a public transport black hole, its hard to see it happening. The thing is, the next (and probably final) chapter is being set somewhere else, albeit another place with a well known Brooksie connection, and one I will get to visit next April, God willing. Where, oh, Rochester, NY if you really want to know. And another LB landmark is the target for September next year, that being Wichita, but have no plans to feature that in the story.

I have been to Rochester before, but given it was nearly 25 years ago, I dont remember much about it. In fact, in all honesty, the only thing I remember is us going down to the lake, and looking out over it for a few hours, and thats it. This time I plan to discover a lot more about it in a week, and pay tribute at a certain special graveside as well. But thats all nearly a year off, and the story will be finished long before then lol!

So in one sense, thanks to Simon, for the writing gap. In the other sense, aargh for all the reading I will have when he gets back. Should he be one of my readers, have a great break, but I doubt he is somehow.

The song in the video is one I’ve used before, but the version is a different, live one. Guess where the venue might be, and its not Cherryvale lol!


The cheerleader thing

Its funny, its one of those remaining Americanism’s that has never really taken off in the same way over here, not quite sure why? Rugby league has picked up on the idea to a small degree, but that really is about it. In cricket, it has caught on in some parts of the world (thinking mainly India, and their hideous Premier League) but not over here.

And also, lets face it, in terms of mind control stories, the cheerleader girls do seem a popular target to be the victims of mind control. Most in the stories are portrayed as narcissistic in nature, I have no idea how true that is in real life? I suspect if truth is known, some are, some arent! But story wise, they do seem to be the ultimate lust target for the nerds of the world, thats for sure.

Given my lack of rhythm, and co-ordination, I’d never have made a cheerleader. Besides which, they are meant to look cute, so… But I guess a lot of girls grow up dreaming of being one, cute or not?

Ah, the video, anyone would think this posting was just an excuse to squeeze this in, and they may even be right, lol! But truly, in pop music terms, the ultimate pop video just has to be…

A classic piece of 3 and a half minute pop! One hit wonder, what a shame.

Baseball changes

Its been nice tonight, been able to watch (care of ESPN America over here) the baseball tonight, quite literally a very local derby. Yes, its that strange time of year, when teams from the same cities, but different leagues, get together and play baseball. Yes, and I’ve had the chance to watch it from one of the oldest, and one of the nicest stadiums in baseball, Wrigley Field.

Yes Kate, I know, its younger than Fenway Park, but not by much. And its a place that also has plenty of old world charm too.

What is different this year, is that this, at least for now, is the last year that this will be a big event happening. With the realignments next year (and hopefully when in the division, Houston still underperform the Mariners lol), next year will have all season long inter league baseball, taking away some of the fascination I’m sure.

Dont ask me why the American league, and the National league play to different rules (pitcher bats in one, not in the other is the obvious one I know, might be the only one?), but I suspect its steeped in long distant history, before they got together? I’m sure batting practice for those poor pitchers who never normally need to bat is quite entertaining! Next year, they will have to practice more lol! And NL teams will have to get the hang of this designated hitter thing too!

The video shows bits of, and around Wrigley Field, and yes, I’ve been there, and literally got the t-shirt too! Its an amazing place, and I hope I get back there sometime in the future as well. Apologies, the sound quality of this is poor, but lets face it, Wrigley is about the look and feel, not the sound

Computer control

Its funny how the mind wanders in strange ways while you’re waiting for things to happen. And yes, while waiting for various things to happen, my mind took to wandering today. Not helped possibly by the fact I’m going back to New England this autumn, the home of MIT.

Yes, robots rear their head here lol!

In recent times, with the use of electrode caps, its been possible for people to use computers by thought, enabling them to use computers, when for reasons before they wouldnt have been able to. Its a marvellous achievement, though I have no idea how well it works. And yes, people have been trying to create robots who can move within their own AI capability, albeit with programming thrown in for good measure. Not great success so far, but I’m sure it will happen. As far as I know though, no one has yet got to a point where they try to operate a robot through the control of a human mind.

Maybe its a signal thing? I guess that you cant just send brainwaves to a robot, the signal would have to be digitised into programming first, and maybe thats just too tricky, or too expensive?  But feasible, who knows? I guess its fair to say, that just because we havent heard about it, doesnt mean it hasnt happened, I suppose?

And no, I’m not going to suggest a possible backload, where the robot takes control of the human mind lol! I think its safe to say at present that robots arent that clever, but give them 20 years or so…

Yes, of course I’d love to help out in such an experiment, would be quite interesting having my mind linked into controlling a robot, even if nothing else was going to happen. But…

Thirty years ago, at a time when genetic engineering was a new thing, and highly touted, OMD came up with this song. Lets just say I dont think they were totally in favour of the future back then, though its interesting how little this subject matter has moved on since then. No, not the official video, something including a look into the future, a long time ago.

Use her, and turn away

Yes, I promised a mind control related piece, and this is it.

There are some songs where the lyrics just seem so apt for an mc related scenario, and La Femme Accident just happens to be one of them. I doubt Andy and Paul were even considering such a matter when they wrote the song, I suspect judging by the video, its more related at the modelling industry, or simply the throwaway nature of life nowadays.

Or indeed, in so many stories, the throwaway nature of mind controlled victims, who the controller has sex with, then virtually tosses away, deed done. I know, sometimes they are returned to normal, but how often are they just discarded, with no thought about where their life will go from there? I know, I know, its only fiction, but…probably a good thing at times that it is only fiction!

Dont get me wrong, there are plenty of stories with well cared for ‘victims’, usually the ones I enjoy more. There are some authors who actually specialise in such things, and yes, McGuy amongst others, I am looking at you here, and very grateful I am too.

But go on, you authors out there, how many think about how life would be beyond that mc, and sex moment, not that many of you, I suspect?

The video, think its pretty obvious really, isnt it. Out of interest, check out the lyrics, and just think how apt they are for an mc story. I suspect this isnt the only story that concept works for, but lets face it, I might be biased towards this group

Its funny how a song makes you think

I promise, sometime soon, I will do a mind control related posting again, honest I will lol! But this wont be it!

Oh, and thanks, Brian for the inspiration to write this, even if that wasnt your plan. I’ve covered this subject matter on my personal blog before, no great surprise in that, as I can to some degree see what made some of them runaway in the first place. Of course, as the intervening years have proved, not all actually ran away, at least some were sadly murdered by others. Equally sadly, only a few of the 36 featured in all US versions of this video were ever seen again by their families, most simply have never been seen again.

I wish I could say that I cant understand what drove them away from home in the first place, but I suspect that to some degree, I have a good idea what did it. Depression, alienation, other issues, I’m sure all played a part with some at least. Of course, the last in the video, the 2 year old, in all likelihood snatched, as in the video, but I dont actually know. Sadly he is one of those that has never been seen again.

Its funny also in the sense that I think it was Soul Asylum’s sole big hit in our country, though of course I suspect they were more successful in the US, but dont really know? But as I wasnt following charts closely by the mid 90’s, I might be totally wrong about that!

The sad fact is, children, and teens are still going missing just like this today, possibly even more so with all the cyber relationship issues of today, not even imagined back then.

Now, lets get positive about one thing, a really good song, and a very thought provoking video

I passed the test, so let me in!

In the last few days, a link was posted at the Garden, to the test that has to be passed to become a US Citizen nowadays, assuming you are otherwise legal to do so. Apparently you have to get 58/96 to pass, and seemingly about 92% of people do so. To be honest, the only thing I want to know, isup in how 8% failed to pass it! The request, mainly aimed at Americans of course, was to do it blind, without studying up in advance, but I took up that challenge anyway. You want to know, I got 83 right. would have been 84 if I hadnt tackled it late at night, and misread one question! And seriously, if I was taking it, to start a new life, I’d study, so probably get one or two more at least, with effort.

So come on US, let me in, to live and work lol! So alright, maybe its not quite as easy as that, but I can keep on hoping. I know there are at least a couple of people trying to help my dream come true, so fingers are crossed, and maybe a few other things as well, lol!

What really amazes me, is the miss rate. Alright, I’m pretty intelligent, but I found more than enough that was ‘pretty easy’, to score at least 58. And 8% couldnt do so, yet wanted to be US Citizens, quite amazing to me.

The music, what could be more apt under the circumstances. than the Star Spangled Banner? And showing total bias, and sucking up to Kate, what better version to use than the one from the Fenway Park 100th Birthday celebrations, played by the Boston Pops. And if that doesnt work, well, I dont know…lol

And so, back in England…

Yes, as many already know, I made it safely back without any great problems. Both flights were a few minutes late, but that was all, nothing to drive me to frustration this time around, thank goodness.

And now, tomorrow, is back to work day, oh joy! Throwing in days off, a weeks holiday has worked out to nearly a fortnight away from there. Thankfully most of the jet lag is now sorted, though its certainly taken a while to get to that point. Blessing is, its a short day tomorrow, with an early afternoon start, so I should cope. The bad news, it means the rest of the week isnt so pretty lol! I’ll survive though, I’m sure.

The blessing is, the next flight to the US is already booked, so I can start counting down to that. I suspect that knowing Kate, I’m not going to get too many details about it before I land at Boston Airport somehow! And yes, I’m happy for her to do that, the only detail I will need beforehand being where I’m staying the first night, US immigration get fussy about such things! If she tells me its the robotisation chamber at MIT, well I might not believe her lol! :p

The jet lag has certainly hit me harder this time, I’m not quite sure why. Possibly because my routine was thrown out on the way across, and its never recovered, or maybe its just that I’m getting too old for trying to jump 8 time zones in one long haul? Not a problem I plan to worry about for a while at least, the next few will be nearly all 5, with one 6 thrown in for good measure, which might just be in Kansas lol! I certainly havent got on as much as I hoped on return.

I’m sure Trans Pennine Express have some delights lined up for me travel wise, having got used to the efficiency of the Seattle Light Rail. Still, I’m not sure even they can manage an 11 hour delay, though dont quote me on that!

The song, a tribute to Gerry Rafferty, though yes, its the ‘silver bird’ thing that made me select this song all the same. Given the weather over here, I may be home, but dry is another matter!