I had the craziest dream

In hindsight, I probably should have done these blogs the other way round tonight, because though you could make a case for lateral mind control here, in all truth, its probably just a very weird dream. Whereas a piece about escort girls…rolls eyes…?

Tuesday morning, as seems to be more the case nowadays, due to my ‘old lady bladder’, I got up in the middle of the night, to ease a problem, then went back to bed, about 4 in the morning, and thanks to my strong painkillers, back into a deep sleep. Shortly after that, things got weird.

I know you dont always remember dreams, but this one is ingrained on my memories. Clearly I was seeing things through my eyes, as I never saw me once in my dream. Where I was, seemed to be a very large building, and all the rooms were filled with the movie stars of the past. But get this, not as they were in the 1930’s, but more like how they were in the 1970’s, or 80’s. Ginger Rogers was there, William Powell was there, and a few more, but they were old! I had a feeling like I was greeting them, as they arrived somewhere, the obvious answer being the afterlife.

But how on Earth was I doing this, I was young, if not very pretty when they passed away, and definitely still on Earth. I did wonder if it was a foreboding that I’m about to join that ‘Actors Guild’ in the sky, but why would they be waiting to greet a little bit part actress like me? Hey, if they are going to greet me, my time can be nigh, lol.

Then I put my logic hat on, and wondered…? Was I seeing things through Clara Johnson’s eyes, in that celestial home? Was it her greeting her old friends from her dancing days, as they arrived in heaven? Who knows, but it just all seemed so real, that…? And no, I didnt see Jean with Bill, lol! Might have given something away, as she would still have been young, of course?

I’ll probably never dream it again, and lets face it, even if it does happen after I pass away, I’m not going to be able to tell you in a blog, lol! 😛

OK, this song was an obvious choice, but finding a live version of it was far more complex. So, going back to 1942 for this…

Living the American dream?

Yes, guys and girls, there are some awful people out there, trying to get you, on Social Media. Equally, if you get to know the right people, there are an incredible number of lovely people too. This story, you will be delighted to hear, is about 2 of the lovely ones.

On Facebook, there is one really delightful group, who show their appreciation of a Golden Age movie star, who is pretty special to me. Jean? No, Myrna Loy. But given she was one of Jean’s best friends in the industry, and the fact that in many of her films, she starred with Jean’s fiance, at the time of her death, William Powell, makes it a good place for me to visit. Hey, a couple of Jean’s later, lighter movies, they both starred in. If you want to check them out, they are Libeled Lady, and Wife v Secretary. And yes, the first of those has Mr Powell in it too!

There are a couple of lovely guys there, who I have fun with, even more so given thats the account where I have a bit more rein to play literally as Jean, at times. Anyway, yesterday afternoon, on the message thing on there (yes, I know, really technical stuff, not), I was asked if I fancied teaming up with them next summer, in LA, and visiting some of those Jean/Myrna/Bill landmarks around town. Not surprisingly, I think that idea is great, if it can be done.

The snag starts, they thought I was a permanent resident of Hollywood now, I only wish I was! Not only am I not that, I’m not even American, though I suspect I am more so, than some there lol! Not that it therefore becomes impossible, just a little bit more tricky. More tricky at the moment is my lack of funds, but I really hope by then, that things might be better! Doesnt feel like it at times, but I can only hope that we can all make it happen.

Oh, and if a wealthy Myrna Loy lookalike is reading this, wants to team up, and help subsidize the 3 of us, we might appreciate it, in more senses than one! And who knows, maybe ‘middle aged’ Jean can find her man, while she’s there? Fine, stop laughing, I know… But if I could live there for a while, would be great.

The video, what I might be doing for a while, if finances, and time, permit.

Happy birthday, darling.

No, don’t panic, I havent yet found the love of my life, that title is definitely a Jean Harlow moment. And despite my lookalike status, and at least one person thinking I’m Jean reincarnate, lets keep on safe ground for now.

On this day, in 1892, William Powell was born. Yes, thats right, the man who was the love of Jean’s life at the time of her death, the one who bought her that amazing sapphire ring, that Jean at least regarded as an engagement ring, and Powell never to our knowledge minded her thinking of it as that.

The funny thing is, long before they met, and became romantically involved with each other in Hollywood, they lived a mere few blocks apart in Kansas City, Powell’s family having moved close to where the Carpenter family would live, in 1907. There is no record of how much interest the 19 year old Powell took in the birth nearby of a baby, Harlean Carpenter, I suspect little, or none at that point. But in hindsight, its amusing to think how close they were, in one sense, even then.

History shows they never met until Hollywood, 20 years later, but given the age gap, at that point in her life, thats hardly surprising. He might have seen her in her pram, but never imagined what history would have in store. By the time they got together in the 1930’s, she’d been married 3 times, him twice! He was in fact to marry again, and this time around, it lasted 44 years! Would he and Jean have been married that long, who knows, but from all reports it does seem to have been a happy match. Of course, we were never to know.

Its said that Powell paid for the palatial resting place, where Jean has been since she died, and its known that it was built with 3 people in mind, Jean’s mother (who did end up there), and Powell, but of course, in history, he was buried elsewhere, with his 3rd wife, after he died in 1984. Is that space still free, hmm? Kidding, kidding!

As to Powell, and Jean, and the biographies, and films of her life made in the 1960’s, Powell lacked for kind words. To quote, ‘The only things they got right were her birth, her death, and the movies she made’, a pretty damning indictment, I would say.

So, on this day, lets spend a few moments to remember the love of Jean’s life, the one man that she was supposedly truly happy to be with. There are tales of an abortion, after getting pregnant by Powell, but no concrete evidence. The comment she made shortly before her death that she wanted to stop making films, and have children with him, suggest that the opportunity hadnt already arisen, but that may just have been a press thing?

Also, on this date, in 1905, Clara Bow was born, and in 1914, World War 1 officially broke out. 29th July, quite a day.

The video, what Powell and Harlow were, back in Kansas City.

This video just seems so right. Most of it is in black and white, the girl has a beauty spot, so all in all…

Rest in peace, William, Jean’s darling.