Until the next time, signing off from the US

Mind, thats not as dramatic as it sounds, all things permitting, that next time will be in September, though a long way east from here! Tomorrow morning is a fine example of why I hate travelling home from the West Coast, the flight leaves Seattle at 8.35 am, so you can imagine the time I have to be up, etc… Mind, apart from packing, and a quick round up, I’m ready to go now.

Its been a lovely trip, seen again a few old sights, seen a few new ones too, and indeed the Amtrak station in the midst of a much needed makeover. One really good point, it wasnt work, I needed the break! I’m not saying I’m ready, or willing to go back there, but all the same… I did see some really nice looking apartments en route to Seattle from the light rail, but was good, and didnt make an appointment to look at them, in case the temptation was too great.

I’m not looking forward to the flight back for several reasons, though they say lightning doesnt strike twice in the same place lol! Unfortunately the knee has stiffened up again, and I know that a pair of long flights (even with decent leg space) arent going to do it any favours! Its my own fault, I’ve done too much walking lol! But all matters, its not hard to see why this will be my last West Coast trip for a while, its just too much for the body, at my age. I know, but all these injuries I’ve had dont enjoy long distance travel.

So thats it, until September at least. I know roughly where I’m going then, though I’m sure Kate will happily keep most details top secret until much nearer the time, or later lol! And there I will stop, need to start packing, then one last round up, then bed. Need to be up by about 5 in the morning (10 pm now), so…

See you all, God willing, back in England very soon.

A first today

After the Space Needle today, I went on to the Science Museum in Seattle, only just around the corner. In terms of science museums that I’ve visited, its not the greatest, but still warrants mention for one reason.

Because my visit there was part of the City 6 pack, I automatically got a choice of IMAX film, and even that wasnt easy to do! The one I missed out on, was Tornado Alley, which tempted me, because I suspected that at least some of it would be from Kansas. But the other one was set in the Arctic, and Alaska, so alright, that won out.

What I didnt notice at the time of making my choice (I’m blonde, for heavens sake!) was that the Arctic one was one of those 3D films, something I’ve never seen before. Its weird, and not just the glasses, though wearing them, in front of your own, is definitely an experience in itself. The sensation is amazing, they had snow seeming to come out of the screen in the opening credits, and then all the words of said credits, turned to ice, broke up, and seemed to come flying towards you as well. And yes, at one point, I ducked out of the way lol!

Seeing a film in 3D for the first time is quite something, I was most impressed. How I looked, might be another matter entirely though! Also, I have to say it, I’m not sure I would like to watch sport in 3D, seeing a ball literally flying towards me would probably put me off more than any extra enjoyment I might get! Lets just say its something I’m glad I’ve done, but wont be rushing to repeat. But I suppose its like a lot of things, you get used to it in time, probably just me showing my age?

Tomorrow, while the weather holds up (though about 10 degrees lower than today), I intend to do the harbour cruise, and see Seattle from a different perspective. I also plan to visit the Aquarium, something I enjoy doing in places, though I have never quite worked out why? Soothing effect maybe, otherwise, not a clue.

Sorry for those who enjoy them, no video tonight, I just couldnt find anything suitable.

And here’s what I’m doing tomorrow!

Well I am, unless the weather forecasters get it truly wrong, big time! Principally, its a weather thing, its forecast to be lovely again tomorrow here in Seattle, but go downhill to some degree after that! So as its one of those things that truly needs a good view, tomorrow is the perfect day to go up the Space Needle, and view Seattle.

Yes, I’ve done it once before, the last time I was over here, but the visibilty was overcast, and it was windy enough that you werent allowed on the gantry outside. Both things should be fine on that front tomorrow, but dont quote me on that! Oh, and I get to try the light rail for the first time tomorrow, but you’ve heard about that already!

Whats that you say, didnt she plan on doing that today? Well yes, I did, but unfortunately various events with American Airlines, and punctuality, meant that I didnt actually get to Seattle until midday today, instead of yesterday evening.¬† And no, unless you already do, you really dont want to know! I would say something about not travelling with them again this year, but I wasnt planning to anyway, lol! ūüėõ

So yes, I’m jinxed not to see the Mariners play live, yet again! They lost (again), but all the same, its annoying when that was one of the big aims of the week, and that was the only home game this week as well! Thats life and all that, but glad I didnt buy the ticket in advance!

So, the video tonight is what can be seen from the Space Needle, or at least could be seen in 1992. Yes, that big domed sports stadium you see a couple of times, King Dome, demolished in 2000. In its place, both the Mariners, and the Seahawks have their own stadiums. Sonics, who also played there for a while, well they moved out of town a few years ago.

Irony is, its been in the 70’s here today, and will be again tomorrow, whereas where I will be next April (all things permitting) is forecast to get 5-8 inches of snow! Crazy, or what?

So yes, this is what the Space Needle is like


Happy Birthday, Fenway Park!

There cant be many major sports stadiums that get used for 100 years, but here, now at least, we have one! Yes, today marked the centenary of Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox, quite something.

I suspect things, and the stadium looked different way back then, though beyond one grainy black and white picture, I dont really know. And as Chicago folk would tell me, Wrigley Field is only 2 years away from joining the centenary club as well. I’m fortunate, I’ve been to both, and so glad I have. Just dont ask me to pick between them, OK? Both are wonderful in their own ways.

My next baseball stop, that relative baby, Safeco Field, only around since 1999 lol!

I’d heard a lot about Fenway, long before I got there. Indeed, I got to see it, from the observation deck of the John Hancock Tower 23 years before I finally got to visit it. Also, I was once quoted on a sports¬†forum that getting to a game at Fenway was an impossibility, proved them wrong, but as it was about 8 years before, I didnt go chasing off to tell him so, lol! I guess what is also amazing about the place, given the setting for modern stadiums, its in the centre of Boston!

Oh, and I also know of an adorable dog, named after the park as well. Though obviously that Fenway sees things as being the other way around lol!

So, happy centenary, Fenway Park, thats an amazing achievement, and I toast you, and hope for many more years of baseball there.

Sorry, no music, just a brief report about this event


One big change

No, I havent suddenly developed cleavage that would make a basketball seem tiny or anything, thank goodness lol! Actually I’m talking about Seattle, where I will be flying to on Saturday.

I suspect in fact that there are probably a lot more changes than that, since I was last there, the Sonics scooting out of town for Oklahoma being one obvious one! And the local WHL Ice Hockey team has also scooted out of town, though only to Kent, and still calling themselves Seattle anyway! I suspect a few shops will have disappeared, new ones arrived, and all that, though still plenty of coffee shops I suspect lol!

I remember from my first visit, a massage place in the Pike Place Market which was still there the last time I was in town about 4 years ago, I wonder if its still there? That was my first ever massage, and my back has been grateful for it ever since lol!

But no, the change I’m talking about is my daily route from the hotel (I always stay near the airport, habit, plus the fact they are cheaper than downtown) into central Seattle. Since my last trip, the light railway has been completed, and I’m really looking forward to trying it out. Judging by the film I’ve found, its nothing exciting, just something new for me. And alright, by the end of the week, I’ll probably be longing for the old bus route again lol!

I’m looking forward to seeing the city again, though I suspect it will be a while this time before I go back again after this, as I find it harder year by year to do really long flights, and the West Coast is about 50% or more again as opposed to East Coast destinations, and the body really is beginning to object to matters like that. Add on the flight boredom, and the extra jet lag involved, and you get my drift. Mind, as I can make a case for Wichita, Kansas¬†being East Coast…on the grounds its only an hour or so¬†extra from Chicago, well…thats not until September 2013 anyway lol!

So granted, this film of the light railway will have you saying, been there, done that, and indeed so have I, many times. But it will be a first in Seattle, thats for sure. First journey on it, heading to see the Mariners play, that will be nice. During the rest of the week, downtown, thats for sure.


NFL Bosses, please listen carefully

I’ve read it in a couple of places, so I’m beginning to assume its true. The NFL schedule for next season will seemingly be announced on Tuesday evening at 7 pm ET. Funny thing is, its not on the NFL website yet, but is in a few other places so…fingers crossed it will be, then I can get my Autumn holiday dates sorted out at work before going away next weekend.

Given that the announcement will therefore be at midnight my time, I’ll find out Wednesday morning!

Itrs funny, this year is the first year when I actually care where a fixture is scheduled, namely the Bills at the Patriots, which if all things work out, will be the first regular season NFL game that I will see live, thereby giving me a full set of all 4 major American sports leagues live. Ironically two of the teams I’ve seen have since moved, hope they werent trying to tell me something lol!

So, if any schedulers for the NFL should read this, somewhere between Week 2, and Week 5 ideally, the Bills will play at the Patriots, OK? ūüėČ No, I’m not expecting them to listen, somehow lol. But hopefully, they know, and have… Regardless, I’m looking forward to meeting up with Kate again, and hopefully at least James at one point as well. Maybe more? Hint, hint, especially to one person. ūüėČ

Kate might kill me for posting this, but hopefully I’ll survive, and its the meeting I enjoyed last year, unlike the return fixture!


Go Bills!

These boots are made for walking

No prizes for working out the song, though there might be some for the artist, assuming you dont check the categories of course, lol!

Had a very pleasant surprise this morning, dont worry, I’ll keep the story short.

About 9 years ago, or so, I spent a long while in the US, and obviously I was using credit cards as an easy way of paying for things, though I was paying my bills, as far as I know (given the whims of US bamks) paying all the bills on time. Cant be 100%, someone was feeding me the info,¬† given I couldnt be sent statements in the US as I was moving around. So all fine as far as I’m concerned.

However, when I get back, I get letters saying that for ‘administrative reasons’, my credit cards were being stopped. No other reason given! I assume it was late payments or something, but anyway… Either way, i got by over the years, paying cash for most things, and using friends cards when I needed to, mainly ironically for paying for future holidays lol! The last couple of years I’ve been using these new pre paid currency credit cards when away, well, because hotels like a card imprint more than anything else, but agreed they are handy.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I needed a new pair of boots for the summer, my fleecy winter boots will be far too warm for Seattle, or even August here lol! Got a discount voucher in my email box (yes, I have these things sent, shock horror) this morning for some company called¬† Fifty Plus, rather apt for me. More amazingly I found a pair of ankle boots, in a colour I like (tan), my size (size 8 UK, pretty large in female sizes over here), and at a very reasonable price pre discount, even better when you apply them (just under ¬£10, $15-16 I guess?). And hey, guess, I’ve got just enough left on my Canadian $ pre pay card to buy them.

Yes, the funny thing, a couple of minutes after I type in my details, I’m being offered credit! Hey, I’d forgotten what that was like lol! So anyway, I gave them 5 minutes or so to see sense, but they didnt seem to want to change their mind. Of course, what it might be is that I’ve changed name since then, moved home many years ago, so it probably doesnt tie up. But that means I have no credit history whatsoever at 54! Hey!

No, I’m not going to abuse it, no chance of that. I’ll pay it off straightaway with said card when the statement appears. Nor will I be applying for any mortgages lol! But hey, for the first time in nearly 10 years, I’m getting credit offered again, nice feeling.

Alright, the song is obvious, and relates to the purchase, but no, its not Nancy Sinatra, though some might wish it was lol