Go West!

Yes, I know, I will be, in just under 9 weeks time, but thats not the point of this blog, before anyone assumes it is. Oh, and word of warning, if anyone was in any doubt, and is homophobic, this post is very much LGBT related.

What some people today dont realise, is that back in the 60’s and 70’s, we may have had free love, and all that, but it was supposed to be strictly one man, and one woman, and nothing more. Sadly, even if some of us didnt realise it back then (I was still only 21 at the end of the 70’s), life isnt as simple as that for everyone. Back before 1967 it was even illegal in the UK, and even after that, it really wasnt for many years before it gained even reasonable acceptance amongst the general public. Indeed some today still vociferously oppose it, and indeed some ‘so called’ religious groups claim they can cure gays, a sad thing for these groups to suggest, let alone try to change.

And yes, I suspect that my sexual confusion, combined with my mothers stance on the matter is probably the reason I got turned off to sex in the first place, and havent missed it in the slightest over the last 12 years.

Right, back to the story. Before the end of the 70’s, there had been gay pop stars, of both genders, though few, if any had admitted it by then. One of those earlier famous ones appeared in a blog video only a little while ago, Dusty Springfield. But yes, it was certainly not known in the 60’s that she was a lesbian by the public, even if close friends did. But then, towards the end of the 70’s appeared a group who seemingly were proud of being gay men, and stood up for the fact. Yes, the Village People, as some might have guessed. Of course the irony there in time was that it came out that several of the group werent gay after all lol. But they stood up for gay rights and all that, so really, who cares? Video one…

Of course, though strictly not mentioned as being their target, even back then San Francisco had an openly gay population block, and everyone was pretty laid back about the matter. And yes, it was very much west from New York, where the Village People came from. Though did I realise at the time strictly the significance of the song in that sense, no, of course I didnt. I did a few short years later, but…

I have visited SF a couple of times in more recent years, and yes, its a wonderfully laid back city. I swear I could have gone downtown, dressed in a full metallic robot suit, and hardly anyone would blink. If it was tight enough, my boobs might have got checked out, but otherwise…Yes, I love the place, hardly surprising really.

Of course nowadays, we have civil unions, will soon have same sex marriage over here, and everything, it has changed so much, all for the better of course. Hopefully one day the whole of the US will catch up, or at least a greater percentage of it will at least. A few states are ahead of us on same sex marriage, but sadly only a few.

So now, back to the song. And a fine case of how a cover version of a song can bring a whole different meaning to it. Fast forward to 1993, shortly after the fall of the iron Curtain, and the Soviet Empire, and enter the Pet Shop Boys, to give the song a whole different meaning. Given that the Soviet rule of iron had just ended just adds to the irony of this video

Oh, and for anyone interested, the whole history of the song can be found at